Total Network Inventory

v. 6.2.1 / 10 April 2024 / All Windows / Free for 60 days
Free for 60-days


Software for Managing Network Inventory

Introducing the latest version of Total Network Inventory 6, a PC inventory system for audits and inventory management. For those looking for a dedicated solution to keep track of network devices, our scan inventory software offers an efficient and systematic approach.

Network scanning

Effortlessly scan computers and servers across Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, and ESX/ESXi-based systems without preinstalled agents. All that is required is the administrator's password. You can target individual nodes, specific network ranges, or the entire Active Directory structure.

Inventory management

In the centralized TNI database, each computer occupies just a few dozen kilobytes. Organize assets into groups, annotate them, and append detailed information. With Total Network Inventory, your network is displayed in full detail, thanks to its robust hardware inventory program.


Generate versatile reports across various data types with this inventory software. Utilize the tool to create detailed table reports with numerous data fields. These reports can be duplicated, exported, or printed, and the instant search function provides results as you type.

Change log

Monitor and track all changes in hardware and software. Be alerted when software is installed, updated, or removed, or when hardware is connected or removed. Observe trends in disk space and other significant metrics.

Task scheduler

Set up automatic tasks for data gathering and exporting. Schedule single or recurring tasks for scanning, reporting, and data input/output. Whether it's daily, every Friday, or the first Monday of each month, you can tailor the schedule to fit your needs and keep your inventory up-to-date.

Additional features

Create a detailed network map, compile a database of network users, and maintain various passwords for different assets and protocols. These features, along with many others from our inventory application, will significantly streamline your network auditing process.


Scan everything

Tab 7

Microsoft Windows-based computers.

Apple macOS-based computers.

Linux-based assets.

FreeBSD assets.

ESX/ESXi servers.

Any network devices that support the SNMP protocol.

What's required?

Only the administrator's password is needed. There is no need to install agents on remote computers or perform any other preliminary actions for a network scan. Simply install Total Network Inventory 6 on one computer, and swiftly gather data from your entire network.

Intelligent scanning

Define your scan requirements and let the program uncover your network. It identifies all nodes within an IP range, detects workgroup computers, and delineates the domain structure. Choose the nodes, provide logins and passwords for individual assets or groups, and initiate the scan.

In moments, the scan completes and the collected information is stored in the TNI database. Your inventory of PCs and Macs is ready for use right away.

Active Directory Synchronization

For domain networks, TNI can align its data with Active Directory, allowing for an immediate reflection of the AD structure within the software and providing a comprehensive list of all users and computers in the domain. Just like scanning, AD synchronization can be scheduled for automatic updates.

Scheduled scanning

Organize a list of assets for future or recurring scans and instruct TNI on the preferred timing. Utilize the scheduler to set up sophisticated time-based triggers:

An unlimited number of scheduled tasks can be established with varied triggers to ensure your data remains current without manual intervention.


Windows Software Inventory

Centralized storage solution

The TNI storage system is designed for simplicity and efficiency. This PC inventory management system uses a standard folder on your hard drive to represent each networked computer as a separate file. Such organization allows for easy management; files can be effortlessly transferred to various storage locations or securely backed up as needed. 

To enhance collaborative efforts, simply share the storage folder with team members, allowing multiple users to access and work with the data from different computers. Security is paramount, so ensure your data's integrity by password-protecting your storage to prevent unauthorized access.

Server Inventory Management

Comprehensive hardware accounting

TNI makes hardware accounting comprehensive yet straightforward. You can easily attach detailed notes, inventory labels, and additional textual descriptions, as well as record price and purchase date information for each computer.

This centralized approach ensures all pertinent data is stored in one easily accessible location, making hardware inventory management both flexible and robust.

Network at a glance

Visualize your network with a tree diagram that shows a range of data: network name, IP address, inventory number, operating system icon and name, online status, and more. Our inventory monitoring system automatically identifies and flags virtual systems. All this information is searchable – just a snippet of knowledge about a computer allows you to quickly locate it among hundreds.


Keeping data organized

Our network inventory application allows you to delve into each scanned computer as though it were physically in front of you.

Access comprehensive details about hardware, operating systems, installed software, antivirus programs, user accounts, and more, all neatly categorized within the reports section.

Incorporate an unlimited array of computers and categories into a single report for thorough analysis.

Table reports

The report builder is designed to display asset inventory data in an easy-to-understand and detailed table format. You have complete control over the data that appears in your reports, tailoring them to meet your specific needs.

Printing, exporting, and automated report generation

Reports can be produced in either a summarized or detailed format, then copied to a spreadsheet processor, or exported to various formats including XLSX, PDF, RTF, CSV, HTML, and others.

For regular report generation, the Task scheduler automates this process. Set it up once, and it will routinely generate reports, export them in the format you select, and then distribute them via email or save them to an FTP server, ensuring you always have the latest data at your fingertips.


Custom barcodes for efficient inventory management

Utilize the power of scanning and printing custom barcodes with our barcode inventory management feature. This practice significantly speeds up the search for assets and minimizes the errors commonly associated with the manual identification of devices.

Total Network Inventory 6 is compatible with a wide array of both linear and two-dimensional barcodes, including QR, PDF417, and Code 93. These diverse types are suitable for various needs and can store varying amounts of information.

Integrate an external hardware or software scanner with Total Network Inventory, which allows you to assign a hotkey to quickly initiate a search for assets via barcode.

Server Software Inventory

Barcodes generation

Record and store manufacturer barcodes, such as those for hardware models and serial numbers, and attach an unlimited number of these identifiers to any asset.

Additionally, Total Network Inventory facilitates the generation of barcodes from predefined templates. This feature empowers the system to automatically produce a barcode embedding unique identifiers or important asset information like inventory numbers, device types, network names, or locations. This automation streamlines the asset management process, making it more efficient and error-resistant.

Inventory Management PC


Network Inventory Checklist

Full oversight of hardware health metrics

Total Network Inventory 6 introduces specialized monitoring capabilities for Windows systems. Each network audit scan checks vital hardware sensors to provide up-to-date information.

Now, you have instant access to data on temperature , fan speed  and power supply  conditions.

Flexible control

Alerts and Assistants are in place to maintain continuous operation of servers and workstations.

Network Inventory Sheet

Monitoring statistics

With TNI 6, you can gather ongoing statistics for hardware components without burdening the system being scanned.

Owners of the Professional version can delve into these statistics for any chosen period through the "Sensors" mode, which offers versatile filtering options and an intuitive display for identifying issues.

All under supervision

Be it an overheating processor or motherboard, diminishing HDD space, or malfunctioning fans, TNI ensures nothing escapes your notice.

The system's Alerts and Assistants feature is designed to detect and highlight issues promptly, allowing for timely interventions to prevent minor issues from escalating into costly problems.

Change log

Structured data management

Every time you perform a rescan of a computer, Total Network Inventory creates a fresh snapshot. The Change Log then compares these snapshots, providing a detailed list of events. It meticulously records additionsremovals or modifications within the system.

Track changes such as software installations, updates, or removals, the application of hotfixes, alterations in services, hardware adjustments, and much more.

The log is designed with immediate search and filtering options for easy navigation and is also available in a format suitable for printing. This ensures you have a clear, accessible record of all changes across your network.

Inventory Services Network

Network map

Network Management Inventory

Visualizing your network

Effortlessly visualize your network's structure in a manner that suits you best with Total Network Inventory 6 Professional's new network map editor.

Shapes and background customization

Import any image into your map or generate preset shapes, then rotate and adjust them as desired. Customize shapes with outlines, fill colors, and transparency levels of your choosing. Should objects overlap, the editor provides functionality to prioritize their layering, allowing some to be brought to the forefront while others are tucked behind.

Craft a comprehensive single map or divide your network into various segments and levels to represent different company sites, office floors, or other organizational units.

Intuitive Asset Arrangement

Easily drag and drop assets and groups from the storage onto your map. Organize them as needed and illustrate the network's structure with links of varying types to provide a clear, visual representation.

Expansive possibilities

Interact with and manage your assets directly on the map for convenience. Utilize functions like pinging, rescanning, or accessing other actions through the context menu. With no limitations on map size, your creativity is the only boundary. Unleash your imagination and create a network map that's both functional and informative.

Use Cases for Total Network Inventory 6

In today’s fast-paced IT environments, managing and maintaining an accurate inventory of hardware and software assets is crucial. Total Network Inventory 6 (TNI 6) offers a robust set of features that cater to a variety of use cases, making it an indispensable tool for IT professionals in different sectors. Here's how various industries can leverage TNI 6 to streamline their operations and enhance productivity.

1. Education Sector: Schools and Universities

In educational institutions, IT administrators are responsible for managing a vast array of computers and devices across classrooms, labs, and offices. TNI 6 simplifies this task by providing comprehensive network scanning and inventory management. Administrators can easily track which software or textbooks are installed on which machines, monitor software license compliance, and plan for upgrades or replacements. The task scheduler ensures that inventory is always up-to-date, and detailed reports help in making informed decisions about IT budgeting and infrastructure improvements.

2. Healthcare Industry: Hospitals and Clinics

Healthcare providers rely on a multitude of devices and software to deliver patient care. TNI 6 helps in maintaining a real-time inventory of all hardware assets and installed medical software. Monitoring features are particularly beneficial in this sector, as they ensure critical systems are running smoothly and alert the IT staff about any potential hardware failures before they affect patient care. The software's ability to manage and track manufacturer barcodes simplifies the process of tracking expensive medical equipment and devices.

3. Manufacturing and Engineering

In manufacturing and engineering firms, keeping production systems operational is a priority. TNI 6's change log and monitoring features allow IT departments to preemptively address issues with systems critical to the production line. The network map feature helps in visualizing the layout of devices across the production floor, making it easier to identify and resolve issues quickly. Scheduled scanning ensures that any changes in the network are reflected promptly, and detailed reports assist in maintaining an optimal balance of software licenses and hardware resources.

4. Retail Businesses

For retail businesses, point-of-sale (POS) systems, inventory management, and customer data handling are vital components. TNI 6 assists in ensuring all retail software is up-to-date and compliant with industry standards. Its barcode scanning feature is particularly useful for tracking individual POS terminals and other devices across multiple store locations. Network monitoring ensures that all systems are running efficiently, especially during high-traffic periods, and alerts staff to any hardware issues that could disrupt sales.

5. Government and Public Sector

Government agencies often manage sensitive data and require strict compliance with various regulations. TNI 6 aids in asset management and ensures software compliance across all departments. The software's robust security features ensure that inventory data is protected and access is controlled. Regular scanning and reporting help in maintaining a clear record for audits and compliance checks. Additionally, the ability to customize reports is particularly useful for meeting specific regulatory requirements.

6. IT Service Providers

For businesses offering IT services, TNI 6 is an invaluable tool for managing clients' networks. Service providers can use it to conduct thorough audits, prepare detailed reports for clients, and schedule regular scans to ensure ongoing service quality. The change log feature helps in tracking any changes or updates made to clients' systems, providing a transparent record of the service provided.

7. Remote Work and Distributed Teams

With the rise of remote work, IT administrators face the challenge of managing devices scattered across various locations. TNI 6 facilitates remote network scanning and inventory management, making it easier to handle a distributed workforce. IT teams can monitor the health of remote systems, manage software updates, and ensure that all remote devices comply with company policies.

Closing Thoughts

Total Network Inventory 6 is not just a tool; it's a versatile solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Whether it's managing thousands of devices in an educational institution, ensuring the operational integrity of healthcare systems, or providing top-notch IT services to clients, TNI 6 stands out as an essential component in the IT toolkit. By harnessing its comprehensive features, organizations can not only save time and reduce costs but also improve the reliability and security of their IT infrastructure.

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