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v. 1.8.1 / 26 September 2023 / All Windows / Free version available
Free version available


Software for a computer, server and network assets monitoring.

Network Olympus is a leading program for network monitoring, offering free software tailored for the meticulous monitoring of computers, servers, and system assets. This software, engineered for the diligent supervision and ongoing tracking of individual computers and local networks, it is ideal for services requiring consistent oversight. As a top-tier computer network monitoring software, it ensures system uptime, promptly identifies potential issues and efficiently resolves them by executing various scenarios and providing detailed reports on any failures.


Network supervision

Network Olympus guarantees system uptime, promptly identifies potential issues and notifies you about them. It efficiently resolves these issues and provides detailed reports on failures, ensuring timely management.

Server monitoring

Utilizing the WMI protocol, Network Olympus offers extensive capabilities for monitoring a wide array of server metrics, encompassing everything from system performance and availability to files and folders’ existence and size. All data is captured and analyzed in real-time, ensuring up-to-date information.


The web mapping feature in Network Olympus graphically illustrates all components of your system, including their interconnections. It automatically updates the status of each sensor, enabling comprehensive device monitoring through an integrated map. Using the network map feature you can easily select any device on it and receive an immediate monitoring report.


Scanning process

Network Olympus features an advanced built-in scanner module, expertly designed for initial data collection. This module meticulously scans every device within the network, gathering essential data. Each device it identifies is seamlessly integrated into your database, setting the stage for continuous monitoring and management.

Streamlined workflows

The intuitive interface of Network Olympus simplifies the complex task of system management. It provides a clear and comprehensive view of your entire networking environment. The software includes user-friendly web maps and hierarchical trees, which are instrumental in achieving streamlined automation and effective visualization. These tools not only simplify the workflow but also enhance the efficiency of network management, making it accessible even to those with minimal technical expertise.



Network Olympus harnesses a variety of monitoring sensors to establish connections with devices and gather essential data. These sensors delve into a wide array of system aspects through various protocols. The software is programmed to execute a series of predefined actions in response to detected abnormalities, making it an efficient network viewing software. Offering over 30 types of indicators categorized into System, WinBase, NetBase, and FileSystem, Network Olympus ensures comprehensive monitoring.

System sensors

With Network Olympus, monitoring your Windows OS for potential threats is straightforward. The WinBase and System sensors facilitate smooth OS operation by tracking:

CPU load: obtain detailed insights into processor load to prevent it from reaching critical levels

Memory usage: these sensors are highly adaptable and easy to configure, allowing you to monitor both physical and virtual memory usage effectively.

User & Process count: keep track of the number of processes running and users logged in on any remote computer.

NetBase sensors

Monitoring resources within and beyond the local network is crucial. NetBase sensors enable tracking of a broad spectrum of ports and website content accessibility, covering protocols like TCP, ICMP, FTP, HTTP, POP3, SMTP, Telnet, IMAP, and more.

FileSystem sensors

Network Olympus offers extensive file system monitoring capabilities. It ensures not just the operating system but every file is under surveillance. You can monitor and compare various parameters such as file size, existence, CRC32, count, comparison, disk space, and content.


Actions & Notifications

Network Olympus can execute a series of predefined actions in response to any detected abnormalities. The software promptly notifies you of issues and initiates immediate measures to mitigate their impact. Depending on your customized settings, it is able to execute scripts, reboot remote computers, restart services, launch specific applications, or log event data for future analysis. In emergency scenarios, the program reacts based on sensor feedback and operational outcomes.

Efficient functionality combinations

The Scenario Builder feature in Olympus allows for the configuration of action sequences triggered by abnormalities. This tool enables the creation of intricate combinations of sensor actions and notifications with ease, thanks to its user-friendly interface. All systems activities, including these actions, are meticulously logged in the Activity Log and detailed in special reports, ensuring no event is overlooked.

Enhanced monitoring with notifications

Integrating notifications with actions significantly enhances the efficiency of monitoring. These notifications serve as informative alerts, keeping administrators updated on every deviation in system status. Network Olympus provides a wide array of notification options, allowing for a fully customized monitoring experience.

Automated Actions & Notifications

Network Olympus offers an extensive range of automated actions and alerts to help reduce system downtime. The software's intuitive interface facilitates the setting of various actions, including:

Alerts: Message box, Popup window, Play sound, Write to file, E-mail notification, Jabber, and more.

As far as the actions are concerned, here are just a few that Olympus performs: Launch application, Run the script, Reload service, Reboot computer...

All executed actions and observed parameter changes are continuously logged, providing a comprehensive and clear overview of the network's status over time.


Monitoring scenarios

The Scenario Builder in Network Olympus is a powerful instrument designed for automating system workflows. This powerful tool is essential for creating and managing various monitoring scenarios, streamlining the process of web management.

Integrated approach to monitoring workflow management

Scenario Builder brings a comprehensive approach to management automation. It not only schedules monitoring processes but also offers extensive capabilities for responding to network emergencies and diagnosing problems effectively.

Branching scenarios

With the ability to create complex, multi-branch scenarios, Scenario Builder ensures a consistent and thorough monitoring experience. Each branch within these scenarios can be easily managed and customized with notifications, sensors, and actions, allowing for precise control and flexibility.

User-friendly snterface

The intuitive interface of Scenario Builder simplifies the creation of complex scripts and links monitoring scenarios to specific devices or groups, enhancing the overall efficiency of network management.

Flexible monitoring schemes

Scenario Builder's functionality is highly adaptable. It allows for complete management of all added sensors, actions, and notifications, enabling users to tailor their monitoring processes to their specific needs.

Robust system for reliable monitoring

Network Olympus boasts a robust and secure monitoring structure that promptly detects malfunctions and averts potential disasters. Its sensor technology forms a logic chain that triggers system responses, ensuring timely notifications about the state of your devices. The software comprehensively logs the entire monitoring process, facilitating easy tracking of issues and understanding their origins.

Implementing Scenario Builder

Scenario Builder can be utilized in various ways to automate IT workflow scenarios:

Server Availability Check. Regularly verifies server and website stability, alerting you immediately if any issues are detected.

Registry Key Value Check. Monitors and restores key values on remote devices if deviations are observed.

Online Status Check. Keeps track of the status of all devices in a group, logging sensor data, and notifying administrators if a device goes offline, with detailed logs for each checking iteration.


Activity log

Olympus diligently tracks the status of all sensors and records every action taken, maintaining a comprehensive Activity Log. This networking tracking software allows you to access data via the Activity Log widget to analyze processes and identify performance issues.

Log display modes

Monitoring data in Network Olympus can be viewed in two modes: Live and History. The Live mode displays real-time events of the current session, while the History mode archives all past monitoring data, enhancing the efficiency of data analysis.


The software's advanced search filters facilitate quick and precise data collection. Users can filter events by success rate to identify failed actions, sort sensors by type for specific information, or assess the efficiency of individual devices. These powerful filters are designed to maximize productivity in data analysis.

Network map

One mapping software – universal abilities

The system mapping feature in Olympus graphically illustrates all components of your network, including their interconnections, making it a comprehensive network tool freeware. The advanced built-in scanner module, a key part of this tracking software, is expertly designed for initial data collection, scanning every device within the network and integrating them into your database for continuous monitoring and management.

Network visualization

The mapping editor is divided into two key sections:

Network tree. This module scans and automatically adds devices to a hierarchical tree, offering comprehensive supervisory capabilities like structure group implementation.

Network map. The primary section for map editing and visual representation, allowing the creation of multiple independent maps with real-time sensor status indicators.

These features enrich the user experience by offering a wide range of visual elements, diagrams, and other graphical tools.

Diverse mapping possibilities

Understanding the complexity of networking mapping tools, Olympus simplifies network management. It allows for the division of complex system maps into smaller, manageable segments, easing the workload for web managers. This approach ensures that employees can efficiently access the devices they manage, streamlining operations.

Use cases

This monitoring tool for network is designed for versatility. Typical use cases include:

Uptime monitoring for business-critical servers.
Tracking health metrics like CPU usage, disk space, etc.
Monitoring network assets’ performance.
Automating responses to IT infrastructure issues.
Regular reporting on overall systems reliability.

Experience the efficiency of Network Olympus, a comprehensive solution for web monitoring, and elevate the facility of your system management.

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