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v. 1.8.1 / 26 September 2023 / All Windows / Free version available
Free version available


Free software for a computer, server and network assets monitoring.

Olympus is designed for supervising and continuous tracking of individual computers, local networks, and other services that need constant management.

Network Supervising

Olympus takes care of the system uptime, spots potential issues, and alerts you about them. It eliminates the issues in a timely matter and provides logs on the failure in the form of a detailed report.

Server Monitoring

Using the WMI protocol, the program provides numerous possibilities for monitoring a full range of server figures, from network performance and availability to traffic flow. Everything is recorded in real-time and constantly analyzed.


Network mapping is a way to graphically represent all the elements of your project, as well as the connections between them. It automatically displays the status of any sensor allowing you to monitor devices from a comprehensive map.


Scanning process

The built-in scanner module is specialized in the initial data gathering. It goes through all devices in the network and collects valuable data. Each discovered device will be automatically added to your database for further operation.

No-Brainer Workflows

An intuitive software interface helps Olympus to deliver a comprehensive understanding of the networking environment. User-friendly network maps and trees are powerful tools for setting and achieving the goals of automation and visualization.



Olympus relies on the monitoring indicators to get a connection with the devices and receive the necessary data. It collects and analyzes a broad variety of facts about your network via its protocols. Our software uses sensors to get information about services, event logs, files, etc on a remote device. Any other similar data gets easily extracted as well. Our app offers over 30 of these indicators in 4 categories: System, WinBase, NetBase, and FileSystem.

System Sensors

You can easily monitor your Windows OS to discover potential threats and eliminate them before any damage is done. Here are the WinBase sensors for smooth OS runtime:

CPU Load
  • Get detailed information about the processor load and make sure it isn’t running at a critical level.
Memory Usage
  • These are highly flexible and easy to configure. Set the needed parameters and monitor the amount of physical or virtual memory consumed.
User & Process Count
  • These indicators are capable of tracking and keeping under control the number of processes running and users logged in on any remote computer.

NetBase Sensors

Various resources both inside and outside of the local network often need supervising. They allow tracking of a wide range of ports, as well as the accessibility of website content. Here’s the protocol coverage of the NetBase sensors: TCP, ICMP, FTP, HTTP, POP3, SMTP, Telnet, IMAP, and many others.

FileSystem Sensors

Olympus provides full access to file system monitoring. Not only your OS is under control, but each and every one of your files. Parameters that you can check and compare: File size, File existence, File CRC32, File count, File compare, Disk space, File content, and so on.


Actions & Notifications

Olympus executes a set of predefined actions in case of an abnormality. Our software makes sure to notify you about the issue quickly and perform the first aid to neutralize the consequences. Depending on your settings, it will run a script, reboot the remote computer, restart the service, launch the specified application, or log all the event data to study the problem in the future. If you set an emergency action, the program will act depending on the sensor reaction and operation results.

Efficient Functionality Combinations

Using the Scenario Builder functionality, you can configure a set of actions executed in case of an abnormality. Creating complex combinations of sensors actions and notifications with just a few clicks is possible thanks to the powerful and convenient Scenario Builder interface. All network activity is tracked in the Activity Log and the special reports, so you won’t miss any point in the action history.


When combined with actions, notifications significantly boost the monitoring efficiency. They provide an informative value, reporting to network system administrators about every state deviation. Olympus gives you access to numerous types of notifications to completely customize your experience.

Actions & Notifications: Automation

Olympus offers a broad variety of automated actions and alerts, which you can use to minimize your network downtime. The user-friendly interface allows you to set the following actions:

Alerts: Message box, Popup window, Play sound, Write to file, E-mail notification, Jabber, etc.

As far as the actions are concerned, here are just a few that Olympus performs: Launch application, Run the script, Reload service, Reboot computer...

All of the performed actions and changes to the observed parameters are logged continuously, forming a clear picture of the network status over time.


Monitoring Scenarios

Scenario Builder, a readymade solution for network workflow automation. It's a powerful tool for creating and managing monitoring scenarios.

Integrated Approach to Monitoring Workflow Management

Scenario Builder offers comprehensive functionality for network management automation. It schedules monitoring processes and provides immense possibilities for network emergency issue responses and problem diagnosis.

Branching Scenarios

Scenario Builder can create complex multi-branch scenarios for a consistent monitoring experience. Each branch is easily managed by adding notifications, sensors, and actions.

The intuitive interface makes it convenient to create complicated scripts. Scenario Builder allows you to link your monitoring scenarios to a device or a group of devices.

Monitoring Schemes

The Scenario Builder functionality is truly flexible. You can manage all the sensors you've added and all the actions and notifications you've connected to them. Adjustable components are the essential part of optimizing your monitoring processes. Just choose whatever you find suitable and opt out of everything unnecessary.

Robust System

The reliable and secure monitoring structure detects malfunctions and prevents their disastrous consequences. Sensor elements build a logic chain that generates system responses. This technology makes sure you'll be notified about your device state in a timely manner. The software logs the whole monitoring process and makes it convenient to track issues and identify their nature, as Olympus continually records all alerts it receives from sensors.

How Can I Implement This Functionality?

There are many ways to use Scenario Builder to create IT-workflow scenarios to automate your monitoring processes:

Server Availability Check
  • The software consistently checks the server and website stability. If these tests return an error, the notifying feature sends an immediate alert to you as the server restarts.
Registry Key Value Check
  • The script verifies a key on a remote device and restores it in case of deviation.
Online Status Check
  • The system monitors the status of every device in the group and logs data from sensors. In case any device goes offline, an administrator of the system receives a notification. It's easy to understand how and why it happened, as the monitoring logs depict every single checking iteration.


Activity Log

Network Olympus tracks the status of all sensors and maintains a detailed log of the performed actions. You can access any piece of this data via the Activity Log widget to analyze processes and find what causes your performance issues. You can include the retrieved data in monitoring data reports as well.

Log Display Modes

There are two ways to observe monitoring data: Live, or in History mode.

While the “Live” interface shows events in the current session only, the History segment stores all the monitoring data from the past. This displaying division makes data moderation much more efficient.


Convenient search filters enable fast and accurate detail gathering. Whether you need to filter events by the success parameter to discover all failed actions, you want to sort sensors by their type to gather the scanned information, or even check the specific device efficiency – all these tasks are made possible with the powerful filtration functionality. Don’t forget to combine filters for maximum work productivity.

Network map

One Mapping Software – Universal Abilities

Network mapping software interacts with your network tree visualizing the whole system of linked devices. Olympus mapping software is a fully integrated solution for displaying network nodes and efficient interactive device management.

Network Visualization

The network topology is a vital aspect for system administrators. That’s why the Olympus mapping editor is divided into two sections:

Network tree
  • The Network scanner module scans for a connected device and automatically adds it to a tree. This functionality delivers the main supervising opportunities, such as hierarchy display and the implementation of structure groups.
Network map
  • The main section provides the environment both for map editing and visual representation. It allows you to create several independent maps and monitor every single device sensor via color indicators.

These modules enhance your nodes' interaction experience by providing a comprehensive range of visual elements, diagrams, and other helpful graphical system extensions.

Diverse Mapping Possibilities

The networking environment is complex by its nature, and you can’t simplify it. However, Network Olympus creates a convenient infrastructure for network managers to moderate and maintain devices with minimal effort. You can split complicated network maps for several floors into small independent ones, so your employees won’t have to go through all devices to reach the ones they are responsible for. Our mapping applications and widgets make intricate processes simple and clear!

Try out our readymade solution for network monitoring today, and start enjoying your work more than ever before!

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