Total Network Inventory LAN IP Scanner

Network IP Scanner

The scanner in Total Network Inventory is an essential instrument that makes it easy to identify available devices within a user’s LAN. All data is retrieved automatically and contains detailed information about devices found on the user’s local area network. The IP device scanner lets you handle several crucial tasks at the same time.

The IP scanner is very flexible and has multiple baseline features in addition to an intuitive interface, easily customizable settings and high operation speed.


One of the core features of any IP scanning software is its security-oriented ability. It provides detailed information about all devices connected to user networks and about the open ports on these devices. One can check whether a particular device is harmful or 100% safe for the network. LAN IP scanners let you track all devices and eliminate any suspicious elements that can be harmful for the network and database security.

network client scanner

Network Scanning

Apart from the port numbers and IP addresses, the network IP scanner tool in TNI delivers all possible relevant data out of the box. The scanning process is 100% automated and does not take much time.

Discovering Devices in Your Network

One may notice that some of the network elements may be hard to track manually, and the scanner makes it easy to locate them in a short amount of time. It will give the exact IP address of any device within your local network.

network scan tool

What Details Can the Network IP Scanner Provide?

The Network Scanner can retrieve detailed data on all available network devices with a simple click. This usually includes the following:

  • IP & MAC Address;
  • OS Type & Vendor;
  • Open Ports and their Status;
  • Hardware and Program List, and more.

This is just the basic information that the Advanced TNI scanner can retrieve. Check its capabilities and functionality by simply downloading the free trial version of the software.

How the Scanner Works

Before launching the scanner, a network administrator is supposed to set a scan task. This step is necessary because all scan tools operate within a specific range of IP addresses. In other words, you need to specify the network area you want to scan. This can be an IP range, a list of network names or a specific OU from your domain. The tool will then detect and retrieve all information about the devices found according to the scan task. You can build various reports based on this information and then export them to XLSX, CSV and other formats.

local network scan

How to Use the Scanning Tool

The process is pretty intuitive. Simply install Total Network Inventory: the Windows Setup Wizard will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. After starting the program, you will be automatically forwarded to the Scanner tab where you can set scan tasks and start discovering your network. Benefit from the detailed information about each connected device and manage them individually to ensure smooth and safe network operation. The scanner in Total Network Inventory is an essential asset for both home and corporate users.



27 February 2024

Total Network Inventory 6.2: the beginning of big changes!

TNI has now the ability to work with SQL servers, which will make the program a full-fledged reliable multi-user product.

08 June 2023

TNI 6.1: New interface and functionalities for Data transfer mode

We have significantly redesigned the mechanism and interface of the "Data Transfer" window based on your feedback to the support team.