Total Network Inventory updates


Fixes and improvements

  • # Accelerated creation of backups for multi-user storages.
  • # UTF-8 support for displaying information in certain system encoding combinations.
  • # Recovery of operation in the primary and secondary TNI modes after disconnects from the network storage.
  • # Display of an information panel about the available updates in the Properties view mode.
  • * Hanging of the process when closing multi-user storages in some cases.
  • * Delay after deleting device snapshots.
  • * Error in displaying Properties of devices and storages in the secondary mode.
  • * Error when calculating incorrect software installation dates in reports.
  • * Issues with moving groups with the same name in the Common fields mode.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Multi-user storages and access management

  • + Ability to create storages using the PostgreSQL database.
  • + TNI Users mode.
  • + Ability to intercept the primary mode of the program.
  • + New Common fields assistant for the network tree.
  • + Support for macOS 14 Sonoma.
  • + New virtualization type for LXC devices.
  • # Resident Agent mode display optimization for a large number of devices.
  • # Import of Common fields from devices and notifications about their updates.
  • # Termination of active connections when updating resident agents.
  • # Low-level scanning driver update.
  • # Use of "Do not move" setting for synchronization operations with Active Directory.
  • * Incorrect filtering of Table reports and SAM reports by certain fields.
  • * Duplication of groups in the network tree when using NAS as a storage destination.
  • * Insertion of an extra "/" character for some data transfer methods.
  • * Error when closing storage while importing new devices.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Encryption and security libraries update

  • + Support for scanning ESXi 8.
  • # OpenSSL libraries update.
  • # Ability to quickly select protocols in data transfer methods.
  • * Error of automatic update of the resident agent when using passwords.
  • * Error when sending scheduled change log reports.
  • * Update of the available data transfers list in the drop-down menus.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

New interface for Data transfer mode

  • + Ability to create and edit existing Data transfers from any part of the program.
  • + Collecting information about Windows devices uptime.
  • + Display of the drive's remaining life values in the General information report.
  • + Ability to assign a dynamic or static IP address type to the devices regardless of scan results.
  • + Ability to use SMB Data transfers for scheduled Data import tasks.
  • # Redesigned and improved user interface for Data transfer mode.
  • # Significantly increased search speed in the Users mode.
  • # Optimized speed of applying the Asset filter in the SAM mode.
  • # Automatic cleanup of damaged hardware sensors inventory files while importing.
  • * The ability of selective synchronization with AD in the Network tree context menu.
  • * Cleaning of outdated information from the Sensors database.
  • * Deployment of the resident agent with the 'Skip existing assets' setting enabled.
  • * Storage backup restoration error.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

New hardware sensors statistics mode

  • + Sensors Mode.
  • + Transition to x64 architecture.
  • + Setting to select the domain controller for AD synchronization objects.
  • + Ability to quickly create a new storage from a backup.
  • + New field "Asset is excluded from SAM" in table report builder.
  • # Significantly accelerated the use of assistants and network tree filtering.
  • # Setting to confirm deletion of Scheduled tasks.
  • # Exclusion of empty categories from brief Printable reports.
  • # Saving user size of the program's side panel.
  • * Error when moving devices between network tree groups via the context menu.
  • * Error obtaining extended information about Windows updates.
  • * Delay when opening TNI without active focus on its window.
  • * Error submitting feedback.
  • * Visual issues in the storage password protection modal window.
  • * Problem highlighting multiple categories in Viewer & reports by default.
  • * Display of Printable reports scaling settings.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Fixes and improvements

  • # Improved display of the mode tab settings window.
  • * The problem of switching to the last mode, if all items of the additional menu are unavailable.
  • * Formation of the context menu on the diagram by Alerts.

Customizing the order of TNI modes

  • + Ability to change the order of tabs to switch program modes.
  • + Quick selection of nodes in the network tree from the context menu in the Group Summary.
  • + New fields with reference information on processors in Viewer & reports.
  • # Various improvements to SNMP device scanning.
  • # Displaying tabs when reducing the size of the main window.
  • # Improving the display order of modal windows when loading the program.
  • * Errors when scanning ESXi devices.
  • * Erroneous cleaning of the program settings files when uninstalling it.
  • * Creating a temporary directory in the root of the system drive when scanning via SNMP.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Hardware end-of-life charts and device import optimization

  • + Obsolescence diagrams of processors and RAM.
  • + Additional info on processors: platform, release year, support for Windows 11.
  • # Faster import of new device snapshots.
  • # Updated low-level scan driver.
  • # New context menu items for quick navigation in the Payments list.
  • # System upgrade readiness report for Windows 11.
  • # Determining the device type in the network tree.
  • * Returned the ability to export printed reports to HTML, RTF, ODT formats.
  • * Error when opening TNI on non-standard monitor resolution settings.
  • * Error when exporting reports to XLSX when launching TNI from a network folder.
  • * Delay when filtering by online status in the network tree.
  • And many other fixes and improvements.

License Cost Accounting

  • + SAM: a new mode for calculating the cost of licenses.
  • + Ability to scan SNMP devices by custom OID list.
  • + Support for macOS Monterey 12.4 and Ventura 13.
  • # SAM: optimized performance of updating and importing into the database.
  • # Updated mechanism for building printable reports.
  • # Extended settings for the FTP data transfer protocol.
  • # Added a new command for manual installation of a resident agent.
  • # Application loading speed when some network storages are inaccessible.
  • # Expanded the list of available currencies.
  • # Added protection for critical storage files.
  • * Incorrect formation of the Change log when the models of drives match completely.
  • * Error when opening a password-protected storage with the SAM module disabled.
  • * Extra line breaks in the summary of RAM in brief printable reports.
  • * Drawing interface elements in the resident agent management mode.
  • * SAM: sidebar hide button operation.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Resident agent profiles

  • + New resident agent management mode in the Scanner tab.
  • + Scan Profiles for Resident Agents.
  • + New Network Tree assistant "Resident agent state".
  • + SAM: the ability to add multiple keys to licenses.
  • + Change log: added analysis of the collected values of the batteries and the remaining resource of the drives.
  • + Support for macOS Monterey 12.3.
  • # The list of fields for auto-generation of inventory numbers and barcodes has been expanded.
  • # Change log: display of network adapter information has been improved.
  • # SAM: update of key usage counters when creating licenses.
  • # SAM: search through the list of unbound license keys.
  • * SAM: error when loading database with large software groups.
  • * SAM: update the list of unidentified keys after import.
  • * SAM: minor graphical issues in the license properties window.
  • * Displaying icons of standard tabular reports in the scheduler settings.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Collection of installed fonts

  • + Collection of installed fonts on Windows and macOS devices.
  • # Convert displayed values to appropriate units in MB, GB and TB in all types of reports.
  • # SAM: installation status sorting mechanism when adding license keys.
  • # SAM: the list of available fields for the "Device information" category in the Report constructor has been expanded.
  • # SAM: counters for the number of computers and installations in the unbound license keys table.
  • * Delay in generating on-screen reports for installed programs.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Extended license key collection

  • + Collection of Adobe, Autodesk and Corel license keys when scanning Windows and Mac devices.
  • + New category "License keys" in viewer and table reports.
  • + SAM: new "Payment frequency" field in licenses section.
  • + SAM: displaying software icons in the License view.
  • + SAM: ability to manually link collected license keys to specific software.
  • + SAM: ability to hide unattached license keys.
  • + SAM: status for licenses when there are new automatically added keys.
  • + Collection of information about RAID arrays.
  • + Collection of information about laptop batteries and connected UPS.
  • + New alert based on the battery residual capasity value.
  • # SAM: detection and automatic binding of Microsoft product keys.
  • # SAM: display of the software name column in the details view panel.
  • # File name substitution when exporting reports.
  • * SAM: error occurred while adding an existing license key.
  • * SAM: error when creating a new report template while importing new devices.
  • * SAM: displaying a panel of newly discovered keys after loading the storage.
  • * Transferring the execution time of scheduled tasks after changing time zones.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Scheduled Change Log Reports

  • + Building Change Log reports on a schedule.
  • + Collecting privileges and local groups for device users.
  • + Support for macOS 12 Monterey.
  • + Ability to check the validity of Data Transfer parameters.
  • + Displaying software icons in Change log.
  • + Collecting a build number for DirectX and UEFI support.
  • + Logging the file path for scheduled reports and backups.
  • + Ability to change the scan interruption timeout.
  • + Ability to disable SMB scanning for WIN-devices.
  • + Buttons for quick creation of scheduled tasks.
  • # Collecting information about USB devices.
  • # Loading and displaying device users.
  • # A change log report import into CSV format.
  • # Displaying change log reports in HTML format.
  • # Work of long-running scheduler tasks.
  • # Low-level scan driver.
  • * Reset of a device type for some SNMP devices.
  • * Definition of Windows Server 2019.
  • * ESXI hosts scanning over SSH.
  • * Synchronization of a large number of users from AD.
  • * AD users removal when synchronizing with multiple domains.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Windows 11 readiness and Pie charts

  • + Pie charts in the Group Summary section.
  • + Support for Windows 11.
  • + Automatic merging of different versions of popular software in the SAM database.
  • + Ability to hide zero installations in the SAM module.
  • + Collecting Windows users connected remotely.
  • + Display of equipment manufacturers in the Viewer and reports tab.
  • + Determining the Windows Boot Mode (UEFI/BIOS).
  • + Determining the Windows Safe Boot status.
  • + Icons of applications installed in the Viewer and reports tab.
  • + Display of storage name in printable reports.
  • + Report on the readiness for updating to Windows 11.
  • # Standard actions (Turning on / Turning off a device).
  • # Determining the DirectX version.
  • # Binding a new storage to the AD structure.
  • # Logging the import operation for the directory structure.
  • * Alerts on a license expiration.
  • * Display the models of some devices.
  • * Export the report to XLSX format when the $ symbol is used.
  • * Usage of available logins when scanning.
  • * Creation of a backup copy when the SAM module is disabled.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Automatic recognition of popular software

  • + Automatic recognition of popular software.
  • + Scanning support for macOS on Apple M1 chip.
  • + Ability to try other available logins when scanning.
  • + Change log can be exported to HTML.
  • + Ability to schedule tasks to run after the storage loads.
  • + SAM: Software icons collected during scanning.
  • + SAM: Software category (new field).
  • + SAM: Automatic database recovery if corrupted.
  • + Several presets for data transfer via SMB.
  • + MAC addresses can now be included in barcodes and inventory numbers.
  • + Detailed logging for synchronization with AD and import operations.
  • # Building of table reports on schedule.
  • # Asset import system.
  • # Layout of Viewer & reports.
  • # Resident agent: Loading agent settings and handling errors.
  • * SAM: Re-assigning licenses and keys when software items are updated.
  • * Ability to use the underscore character in network names.
  • * Issues stopping the resident agent.
  • * Layout of Table report templates.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

New task scheduler

  • + New task scheduler for the main scanner and resident agent.
  • + New "Data transfer" tab that allows you to create any number of data transfer templates for the Scheduler and Resident agent.
  • + Option to protect your storage with a password.
  • + New alerts based on S.M.A.R.T. values.
  • + Option to disable the SAM module.
  • + Ability to interrupt the execution of any Scheduler tasks.
  • + Ability to scan groups from the network tree along with saved lists of assets using a single task.
  • + You can now specify individual synchronizable objects for scheduled synchronization with AD.
  • + Scheduler’s scan task: results of scans are now logged for each individual node.
  • + New types of scheduled tasks for the resident agent: "Agent update" and "Resend data".
  • + Synchronous and asynchronous mode for execution of scheduled scan tasks.
  • + Option to pin frequently used table report templates.
  • + Ability to filter and search the application events, as well as to copy them to the clipboard.
  • + Option to clone licenses.
  • + Special fields can now be displayed in table reports.
  • + Option to disable notifications for scheduled tasks.
  • + Trust verification for the TNI executable files.
  • # Asset import mechanism.
  • # The list of standard templates for table reports and SAM reports has been expanded.
  • # Program settings are now divided into Basic and Advanced.
  • # Display of new application events and their number.
  • # Scheduled tasks and application events are now unique for each storage.
  • # Creating a backup no longer requires closing the storage.
  • # Driver for low-level scanning of Windows systems was updated.
  • * Asset import process used to hang in rare cases.
  • * Freezes during low-level data collection on some Windows systems.
  • * Issues with scanning domain computers when using local account credentials.
  • * Incorrect display of S.M.A.R.T. data in table reports for some assets.
  • * Issues when copying license keys from the "New licensed installations" section.
  • * Error updating the license tag counter after deleting a license.
  • * Errors when saving user information in licenses.
  • * Misidentifying assets when they are added to the Scanner.
  • A huge number of minor improvements to the program's functionality.

Constructor of custom reports for Software accounting and Licenses

  • + Constructor of SAM table reports.
  • + SAM: ability to create, view and print custom table reports.
  • + SAM: ability to exclude an asset from software accounting.
  • + SAM: ability to ignore license expiration.
  • + MacOS 11.1 support.
  • + Custom fields from the Licenses tab can now be displayed in table reports.
  • # SAM: display of incomplete Microsoft product keys.
  • # SAM: new items in the context menu.
  • # SAM: report templates.
  • # Display of the OS version in the "General information" category for Windows 10.
  • * Error detecting and displaying OS icons of assets.
  • * Operation of the "Is blank/Is not blank" condition for multiline fields in table reports.
  • * Resident agent: password encryption error for the SMB data transfer method.
  • * Error that may occur when sending a test message.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Improvements and fixes

  • + Support for macOs Big Sur.
  • + Information about the name of the user and computer that is blocking the Software accounting and Licenses tabs (when multiple users access the same storage).
  • + Ability to add demonstration data when you create a new storage.
  • + Ability to specify the name and password that will be used by the resident agent for saving the scan results using the SMB protocol.
  • + Forms that are used for editing licenses and software properties can now be closed with the Esc key.
  • # Updated driver for low-level scanning of Windows systems.
  • # Detection of the device type for macOS devices.
  • # Collecting of Version and Release IDs for Windows 10 (20H2 supported).
  • # Mechanism for obtaining the latest available version of the program for expired licenses.
  • # Software accounting: the width of the columns on the Details panel is now calculated automatically.
  • * Saving multi-line keys when editing a license.
  • * Detection of the TMP chip manufacturer.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

New interface and features of Software accounting

  • + SAM: ability to include Software and License management information into table reports.
  • + SAM: support for multiline and lowercase keys.
  • + SAM: ability to create custom sets of filters.
  • + SAM: vertical mode for the details panel.
  • + SAM: ability to work with a group of licenses.
  • + SAM: a new window where you can add or edit notes.
  • + Ability to display the "User—Description" fields in the network tree.
  • # SAM: significant UI facelift of the Software and Licenses tabs.
  • # Scanner UI.
  • # More encryption types are now supported for the SFTP, SCP and SSH protocols.
  • # Update mechanism for the resident agent.
  • # Logging for AD synchronization.
  • # SAM: method of entering keys and their display in the "Creating/Editing license" window.
  • * SAM: operations with software that's installed for a particular user.
  • * SAM: incorrect program behavior when unlocking the detected software keys for editing.
  • * SAM: issues that occur when trying to edit keys for "pirated" licenses.
  • * SAM: issues that occur when trying to add a custom key to an expired license.
  • * SAM: error that sometimes occurs during the update of the software database.
  • * SAM: possibility of SAM tabs freezing when devices are merged.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

New data collection features and other improvements

  • + Collecting of information about the installed Microsoft Store apps.
  • + Detection of the TPM chips and BitLocker drive encryption status.
  • + Last successful ping's timestamp displayed.
  • + Ability to limit the number of rows in table reports.
  • + Network map: now you can create links of different types on the same map.
  • + Network map: when you copy a group of assets, the links that connect them will also be copied.
  • + Software accounting: indication of the number of software items in the group.
  • + Software accounting: an option to restore software that is marked for deletion from the group.
  • + Collecting of information about the new versions of Oracle Database.
  • + Export of barcode values when exporting asset data.
  • + New fields in the network tree and table reports: "Short network name" and "Full domain name".
  • + SNMP fields in the Brief version of Printable reports.
  • # Collecting of data from hardware sensors on 64-bit Windows systems.
  • # Interface that allows you to restore the asset properties.
  • * Collecting of information about .NET Framework on new Windows systems.
  • * Asset removal during AD synchronization.
  • * Loss of corresponding values when renaming special fields.
  • * Scanning agent not responding sometimes when scanning for software information on some systems.
  • * Calculation of the "RAM total capacity and modules" value on Windows virtual systems.
  • * Errors when forming the headers of printable table reports with a large number of columns.
  • * Error that may occur if you close the storage during the import process.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Barcode support

  • + Ability to create, edit and view barcodes for assets.
  • + Automatic barcode generation from a custom template.
  • + Export and printing of barcodes.
  • + Barcode filters and alternate search mode.
  • + Ability to delay the resident agent scan at startup.
  • # Mechanism that updates the Windows agent during scanning.
  • # Scanning the version of the updated Microsoft Edge browser.
  • # Status display for licenses that are not assigned to software.
  • * Issues after generating inventory numbers for a group of assets.
  • * Low-level scanning errors that may occur on some Windows assets.
  • * Issues with export of asset data when using multiple selection in the network tree.
  • * Launch of the resident agent scan at startup on outdated OSes.
  • * Synchronization of AD users when using unqualified domain names.
  • * Alerting about the next start time for disabled tasks.
  • * Error that sometimes occurs when collecting information about Windows updates.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Bugfixes and improvements

  • # Applying filters in Software accounting and Licenses at startup.
  • * Software merging when creating licenses.
  • * Creation of backup copies of large storages.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

New interface and features of Software accounting

  • + Software accounting and License management split into separate tabs.
  • + Ability to keep the Windows agent after scanning (to save traffic).
  • + Filters for the Licenses mode.
  • + Tags for licenses.
  • + Option on the network map to restore the original size of an image.
  • + Welcome screen in the Licenses mode.
  • + Error details displayed in case of issues with sending a test email.
  • + Displaying relevant license keys when creating a license.
  • # Filters in the Software accounting mode.
  • # Reworked context menu for the Software accounting and Licenses modes.
  • # Updating and rebuilding the software database.
  • # Merging of assets in networks with duplicated workgroup/domain names.
  • # Network map mode's memory consumption was optimized.
  • * Resident agent's ability to send scan results via SFTP, SMTP, SCP, HTTPS.
  • * "Pirate license" status.
  • * Loss of connection when sending scan results via SMB.
  • * Scanning of specific Telnet devices.
  • * Nested action lists for assets on the network map.
  • Other fixes to the network tree interface, Software accounting and Licenses modes.

Bugfix update

  • * Error with dates when starting the program.

Monitoring of hardware sensors and updated Change log

  • + Monitoring: collecting readings from hardware sensors (temperature, fan speed and others).
  • + Monitoring: new alerts for main hardware sensors.
  • + Monitoring: new network tree assistants corresponding to the main hardware sensors.
  • + Change log: new mode for snapshot comparison in a specified date range.
  • + Change log: new mode for comparing specified snapshots.
  • + Change log: option to hide intermediate results when comparing snapshots in any mode.
  • + Change log: information about the absence of changes and the insufficient number of snapshots for comparison.
  • + Change log: calendar with the ability to specify the first day of the week.
  • + New library necessary for the correct scanning of multiprocessor Windows-based assets.
  • + New alert that allows to find assets that haven't been scanned recently.
  • + New SNMP scanner settings.
  • # Monitoring: table and printable report templates for displaying information about sensors.
  • # Change log: building reports and exporting information.
  • # Scanner: saving of information about scan driver settings.
  • # Scanner: collecting information about system slots.
  • # Asset distinction speed.
  • * Incorrect detection of some types of hard drives.
  • * Issues that may occur when importing a large number of assets.
  • * Duplication of serial numbers in the Change log.
  • * Delays when editing license keys in Software accounting.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Bugfixes and improvements

  • + Option for the resident agent to overwrite the asset file upon rescan.
  • # Logging of the scanning process performed by the Windows agent.
  • * Building and update of the list of computers that have tracked software.
  • * Some errors that may occur in the scanner, task scheduler or during program startup.
  • * Grouping of license keys in the "License details" report.
  • * Display of empty values in brief printable reports.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Localization update and other improvements

  • + SAM: support for software that consists of several modules.
  • + Automatic system for data corruption detection and recovery.
  • + Devices can be added to the scanner or selected in the network tree directly from the table report.
  • + Automatic removal of users disabled in AD from the list.
  • # Interface localization update for supported languages.
  • # Uploaded icons will be immediately bound to all versions of the software.
  • # Mechanism that automatically assigns users to assets.
  • * SAM: licenses are now correctly updated when assets are removed.
  • * Fields that show total disk space now calculate only local drive space.
  • * Collecting information on total video memory from Windows devices.
  • * Group name generation when merging software.
  • * Asset alias was prone to being overwritten during synchronization with AD.
  • * Ability to export reports to a text file.
  • * Installation and uninstallation of TNI with the /silent switch.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

New features in Software Asset Management

  • + SAM: ability to automatically merge different versions of same software.
  • + SAM: new field for Software type (commercial/shareware/freeware).
  • + SAM: option to upload a software icon.
  • + SAM: special tag allowing to hide programs from the list.
  • + SAM: notification about the imminent expiration of the license.
  • + SAM: search by full or partial license key.
  • + Mac agent: support for scanning macOS Catalina.
  • + Network map: welcome screen.
  • + New assistant: asset lists.
  • + Viewer & reports: new field "Scan Method".
  • # User experience when working with the list of users.
  • # SAM: software filtering options.
  • # SAM: context menu and other interface elements.
  • # SAM: user experience with software tags.
  • # Collection of information on the software installation date.
  • # Collection of information about software installed in the per-user context.
  • # Report building and its cancellation.
  • * SAM: software comments being cloned or wiped.
  • * SAM: some issues with the interface and internal logic.
  • * SNMP tree display.
  • * Error scanning some SNMP devices.
  • * Scan task duplication that may occur when loading a saved task.
  • * Minor issues with scanning and AD sync.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

More data collection and management features

  • + New network tree assistants (subnet mask and AD objects).
  • + New conditions in Table reports for fields that contain dates.
  • + Ability to do a resident agent scan at system startup.
  • + Ability to create nested groups in the Actions menu.
  • + Ability to manually execute any scheduled task.
  • + Ability to export full asset information into XML and CSV formats.
  • + Ability to disable the automatic report refresh when changing the category, template or network tree selection.
  • + Ability to send a test email from the SMTP settings menu.
  • + Monitor serial numbers are now displayed in the "General information" category.
  • + More information is now collected when scanning Windows assets.
  • # Simultaneous scanning of assets from multiple TNI copies.
  • # Collecting Active Directory information when scanning Windows systems.
  • # Significantly increased drawing speed for various program elements.
  • # Collection of MS Office license keys.
  • # Scan driver updated.
  • * Interruption of report building when changing the tab or selection in the tree.
  • * Unexpected shutdown of TNI that may occur in some cases when cloning table templates.
  • * Unexpected shutdown of TNI that may occur in some cases when adding saved tasks to the scanner.
  • Some other improvements to the interface and program functionality.

Improved identification for devices in the network

  • + New mechanism for identifying and merging assets.
  • + More information is now collected when scanning and updating the status of Windows devices.
  • + Ability to merge assets manually.
  • + Ability to output SNMP fields to common fields.
  • + Notification when adding or updating assets in the storage.
  • # Asset merging logic and its management.
  • # Work with groups selected for scan tasks.
  • # Calculation of progress percentage for multi-level scan tasks.
  • * Settings for merging assets and storing snapshots were transferred to the storage properties.
  • * Adding tasks to the scanner and the ability to scan devices multiple times.
  • * Synchronization of users with Active Directory.
  • * Interrupting the network discovery process in the scanner.
  • * Determining the MS Office installation date.
  • * Processing and logging of scan errors.
  • * Drawing of scan tasks and categories of common reports.
  • * Drawing of interface elements when deleting assets.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Expanded reports functionality and improvements to the scanner

  • + Scheduled storage backups.
  • + Command line parameter to specify which TNI storage will be opened at startup.
  • + Resident agent now supports all Windows agent's command line parameters.
  • + Current scan tasks are now attached to the storage.
  • + Ability to add devices to the network tree without scanning.
  • + Asset counter on the Scanner tab.
  • + Option to disable scanning via SMB.
  • + Information about device readiness to latest Windows versions.
  • + Change log now tracks changes to the network name and IP address.
  • + New table report templates for Antivirus and Firewall.
  • + Separate network information for each asset snapshot.
  • + Data filtering for Viewer & reports.
  • # Updated report constructor.
  • # Device type detection (for laptops).
  • # Virtual device type detection.
  • # Scanning the local computer.
  • # Updated driver for the low-level hardware scan.
  • # Longer list of SNMP device types that can be specified manually.
  • * Memory consumption when scanning via RPC and obtaining update logs.
  • * Copying and export of table reports with multi-line fields.
  • * Data export in Software accounting.
  • * Synchronization with Active Directory when moving computers between groups.
  • * Processing and logging of errors with synchronization with Active Directory.
  • * Operation of the "Each asset on new page" setting for the Change log reports.
  • * Issues scanning some SSD models.
  • * Operation of the "Low free space" alert.
  • * Incorrect merging of assets in some cases.
  • * Scanning errors under certain conditions.
  • * Custom devices displayed in Group summary.

Windows updates scan and other improvements

  • + Collecting information about Windows updates.
  • + Collecting information from Windows update log.
  • + Report templates for Windows updates.
  • + Collecting MS Office 2019 license keys.
  • + New icon in the "Operating system" assistant: for Windows Server 2019.
  • + Network map autosaved by timer, plus a Manual Save button.
  • + Scanning for machine SIDs
  • + Reporting the last login time and username on Windows.
  • + "Creation date" field for all assets.
  • + Tracking of serial numbers of USB devices in the Change log.
  • + Tracking of anti-spyware version in the Change log.
  • + Tracking of all parameters of memory modules in Change log.
  • + If the scanned device lacks both the network name and IP, a corresponding entry will be added to the scanner log.
  • # Various improvements and tweaks in the network map.
  • # Scanning and tracking software installed only for individual users.
  • # Optimized mechanism for updating MIB files.
  • * Importing folders into the storage using drag and drop onto the network tree and using the context menu.
  • * Error message when scanning Active Directory using incorrect credentials.
  • * Obtaining multiline fields from Active Directory.
  • * Determining the status of antivirus and antispyware software on some server platforms.
  • * Exporting fields with dates and multiline fields into XLSX.
  • * Duplication of filters in Software accounting.
  • * Incorrect display of information in the "RAM total capacity and modules" field in printable reports.
  • * Display of TNI's OS X agent version.
  • * Refresh mechanism for printable reports.
  • * Searching in the network tree.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Improvements and fixes

  • + Ability to move map objects using the keyboard.
  • + Accelerated navigation on the map.
  • # Minor corrections and improvements to the network map.
  • * Inability to build table reports for custom and unscanned assets.
  • * Error when deleting tasks in the scheduler.
  • * Issues with notifications about the scan process.
  • * Memory leaks when working with NetSNMP.dll.

! ATTENTION ! Provided your updates period is still ongoing, you can update to TNI 4 for free by downloading the installer from our website. Network map, synchronization of file operations and much more...

  • + Network Map.
  • + Ability in scan results to quickly rescan the selected devices.
  • + Asynchronous mode of scanning SNMP devices for speeding up the scanning process.
  • + The SNMP community that was used during the last scan is assigned to the device.
  • + Possibility to disable hostname resolution by reverse DNS lookup.
  • + Confirmation prompt when deleting various items.
  • # Mechanism for synchronizing operations with files in the storage.
  • # Algorithm for merging asset snapshots.
  • # Search engine for reports and the network tree.
  • # Import of assets added using the file manager.
  • # Operation of the online status assistant.
  • # Assets added faster when synchronizing with Active Directory.
  • # Default currency for special fields can be set in regional options.
  • # Faster import and deletion of assets in the network tree.
  • * Errors that occur when removing assets from the network tree.
  • * Duplication of assets added to the storage via the file manager is now impossible.
  • * Issues when merging snapshots of assets without a network name.
  • * Issues displaying and merging asset snapshots in the storage after import (when using multiple TNI copies with a shared storage).
  • * Error when adding software to favorites.
  • * Incorrect handling of exceptions in the scanner.
  • * Scanning interruptions during the port scan stage.
  • * Scanner's operation when scanning via SNMPv3 with authorization.
  • * Hostnames consisting of numbers are no longer handled as IPs by the scanner.
  • * Lenovo laptop models detected incorrectly.
  • * Assets converted to custom assets cannot be cloned.
  • * Issues using login when a login of a different type but with the same name exists.
  • * Fields disappearing in custom templates of table reports if their default name wasn't unchanged.
  • * Issues saving data in custom fields during group editing.
  • * Issues when choosing the default login.
  • * Mechanism that generates headers for tabs when the Multiple selection mode is active.
  • * Moving inventory files manually between folders when the storage is closed is now correctly handled.
  • * Modifying the selection in the network tree (in the Multiple selection mode) will now halt the building of a report as expected.
  • Many other minor fixes and improvements.

Improved SNMP scanner

  • + Significantly increased number of fields collected via the SNMP protocol: from printers, UPSes, host resources.
  • + MIB file package containing more than 300 RFC specifications (for decrypting the SNMP tree in the full scan mode), and a mechanism for updating it.
  • + Collecting information about the Microsoft Edge browser version.
  • # Redesigned SNMP scanning engine.
  • # Even more information displayed about SNMP fields after the full scan.
  • * SNMP scanner operation when scanning via the SNMPv3 protocol with authorization.
  • * Text in error messages when invalid SNMPv1 or SNMPv2c credentials were used.
  • * Error in the form for editing the SNMPv3 login.
  • * Mechanism for auto-picking common communities for scanning via SNMP.
  • * Scanner hanging in some cases.
  • * Scheduler: missed scans are now performed as expected after exiting sleep mode.
  • * Changed the algorithm for checking for updates and sending results to the resident agent.
  • * Resident agent: disabled scan tasks are now skipped as expected.
  • * Auto-import: problem saving the import data path.
  • * Error running the resident agent on an OS with Turkish localization.
  • * "Ends with" condition in Table reports now works correctly.
  • * Hints for storage assistants.

Improvements and fixes

  • + Setting that allows to launch a test run of the resident agent after its deployment from the scanner.
  • # Reduced memory consumption when exporting table reports.
  • # Logging of errors during Windows agent scans.
  • # Display of device information on various tabs when the displayed node name contains a dash.
  • # Grouping by type when choosing logins for unscanned devices.
  • # How the scanner handles IP addresses located at subnet boundaries.
  • # Text breaking in multi-line fields in network node properties.
  • * Unexpected program shutdown during the initial detection of workgroups.
  • * Scheduled scans in the resident agent.
  • * Error that causes the Windows agent to use external versions of OpenSSL libraries.
  • * Incorrectly picked logins when scanning devices.
  • * Error when scanning SNMP devices that support more than one version of this protocol.
  • * Problem updating the network tree if the storage is located on a network share.
  • * Error when scanning systems that use Google Drive File Stream with 1EB of space.
  • * Scheduled scans skipped without error logging.
  • * Unexpected program shutdown during scheduled scans.
  • * Error merging multiple snapshots of a single device during import.
  • * Errors that occur when the storage is closed during an import.
  • * Incorrect detection of the auto-updates status and Windows Firewall in the domain.
  • * Errors processing saved scan tasks.

Storage malfunction hotfix

  • * Operations with assets (updating information after a rescan, import, moving assets around).
  • * Incorrect management of thread limits on multicore CPUs.
  • * Some issues when closing the storage while assets are being imported.

New scanner core and Windows agent improvements

  • + Silent installation/uninstallation mode in the resident agent.
  • + Ability to update the resident agent via FTP/FTPS and SFTP/SCP, as well as via SMB with authorization.
  • + Support for file sending via SFTP/SCP after the resident agent performs a scan.
  • + Collection of information from the SystemSKUNumber field.
  • + “Device name” field when exporting the Change log contents in the CSV format.
  • + Telnet and ESXi agent versions displayed on the About screen.
  • # Internal scanning engine was totally reworked, resulting in better scanning stability and increased reliability of network device discovery.
  • # Scan scheduler now runs in the background, independently of the Scanner tab.
  • # Auxiliary modules for working with SSH and SSL/TLS were integrated into the Windows agent.
  • # Sending files via FTP by the resident agent: TLS is always used if supported by the server (explicit mode), and for the implicit mode, specify “ftps: //” in the URL (also applies to updating via FTP).
  • # Ability to create screenshots when scanning various types of devices that have a web interface.
  • # Information refresh when filtering the network tree.
  • # Device type selection lists now have a common look.
  • # Compatibility with the network storage in TSD. Also more information is now collected for the software uninstallation module.
  • # Scanner operation logging system was expanded.
  • * Obtaining information about Windows Firewall and Windows Updates.
  • * Checking for files when the resident agent is auto-updating.
  • * Program operation when the temporary folder is not found.
  • * Missing option to delete logins in Edit – Logins.
  • * Program doesn’t restart after it’s closed when the license key is submitted.
  • * Rounding of the prices in custom fields.
  • * Undefined device status after scanning.
  • * Rendering issues when deleting scan tasks.
  • * Incorrect rendering of the storage selection window on the Windows classic theme.
  • * PCI devices with the 0xFF class not being detected when scanning ESXi systems.
  • Certain unexpected program shutdowns, as well as the issues when working with corrupted files in the storage, were corrected. Overall stability of the program was increased.

Storage malfunction hotfix

  • * Loading and import of devices and groups

ESXi scanner improvements

  • + Obtaining information about services on the ESXi server.
  • + Obtaining firewall information from the ESXi server (ESXi version 5+).
  • + Obtaining software information from the ESXi server (ESXi version 6.5+).
  • + Obtaining information about licenses from the ESXi server.
  • + Grouping ESXi server devices by PCI class.
  • + Obtaining information about the ESXi server's serial number.
  • + ESXi agent version that was used to perfrom the scan can be displayed in a report.
  • + Obtaining information about the manufacturer, model and serial number of routers when scanning via SNMP.
  • # ESXi server scan engine reworked.
  • # Asset pinger operation.
  • # System error logging engine.
  • * Obtaining information about the Network File System type on the ESXi server.
  • * Obtaining information about ESXi server's processors.
  • * Obtaining and updating the Hostname field when scanning the ESXi server.
  • * Obtaining information about the size of repositories on the ESXi server.
  • * Methods of using the PingerLib and ADLib libraries changed.
  • * Pinging methodology when changing the "Handling of dynamic IP addresses" setting.
  • * Display of information about unscanned assets.
  • * Updating of ESXi server hostnames after rescanning.
  • Many small improvements in ESXi and SNMP scanners.

SNMP scanner improved and scan errors fixed

  • + Expanded set of fields that are collected when scanning via SNMP.
  • # Overall program stability.
  • * Program crashes during scanning.
  • * Minor corrections to the program installer.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Improvements and fixes

  • # Overall application performance.
  • # Error detection system (version updated).
  • * Memory not released after closing the storage.
  • * Errors in some cases when deleting snapshots.
  • * Updating of asset information in the network tree.
  • * Error that occurs when updating information in reports.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Storage backup

  • + Backup and restoration of the storage.
  • # Software update/changelog window.
  • # Logging of non-standard situations.
  • # Small improvements to the Windows agent.
  • * Errors associated with the manual entry of data.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Improved look and handling of abnormal behavior

  • + New Welcome screen.
  • + New device and group types.
  • + Splash screen when loading the storage.
  • + New form for handling abnormal program behavior.
  • + Logging of operations at program start.
  • # Program start.
  • # Updated splash screen at startup.
  • # Name refresh when renaming the storage.
  • # Protection from setting an empty storage name.
  • * Synchronization with AD for computers that are not part of the domain.
  • * Synchronization with multiple domains.
  • * Program crash on Windows XP and Windows Server 2008 systems.
  • * Error when reading data via the SNMP protocol.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Improvements in operations logging and AD synchronization

  • + New mode for viewing and managing the synchronization with AD.
  • + Window that lists the latest notifications about operation results.
  • + Settings for more detailed logging.
  • # Moving and renaming of assets during synchronization with AD.
  • # Updating of the computers' Description field during scanning and synchronization with AD.
  • # System logging to help with problem analysis in various program modules.
  • * Connecting to the domain controller in order to perform synchronization with AD.
  • * Ability to link groups with child domains in a hierarchical domain structure.
  • * AD scan if the task was added using Quick Add.
  • * Obtaining domain user groups during synchronization with AD.
  • * Incorrect merging of assets with specific hardware configuration.
  • * Update of resident agent settings via HTTP.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Locale updates

  • # Updated French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish locales.

Active Directory synchronization functionality

  • + Ability to synchronize computers and users with a different domain.
  • + Auto-picking passwords for logging into the domain during AD sync.
  • + A window with preliminary results allowing to view and control the synchronization (when launching manually).
  • + Synchronization results are logged to a text file.
  • + Ability to schedule synchronization with AD.
  • # AD synchronization algorithm.
  • # Synchronization settings were optimized.
  • # Correct handling of renamed devices during synchronization.
  • # Detection of the current and root domains at startup.
  • # The process of automatic synchronization at startup and on a schedule is invisible to the user.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Various improvements

  • + Ability to use logins with blank passwords.
  • + Size of installed software (Windows).
  • + Detection of Windows 10 version ID and minor build numbers.
  • * Hyper-V VMs were detected as Virtual PC (Windows).
  • * PASSWORD template for custom actions.
  • * Display of AD users with UPN suffix.
  • * Display of icons for Windows 8 & 10, Server 2012 & 2016.
  • * Incorrect detection of macOS Sierra 10.12.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Online state monitoring improvements

  • # Monitoring of the online status of assets, Ping command in the network tree.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Online state monitoring improvements

  • # Monitoring of the online status of assets, Ping command in the network tree.
  • # HTTPS support.
  • * Sending over FTP for the report scheduler and resident agent.
  • * Error when switching tabs while building a large on-screen report.
  • * Merging of assets with the same incorrect UUID.
  • * Scanning error on some computers with WLAN adapters.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Scheduled reports and AD sync improvements

  • + Ability to schedule table report generation and export.
  • # AD sync: Support for escaped symbols in LDAP requests.
  • # AD sync: Sync can be started or stopped from the storage root folder dropdown menu.
  • # AD sync: Progress bars for the sync process.
  • # AD sync: Overwriting of users data during sync is optional and disabled by default.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Locale updates and bugfixes

  • # Updated French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish locales.
  • * Merging of assets running VMware Workstation or VirtualBox.
  • * Hostname detection on Windows XP.
  • * Redirects for license upgrades and renewals.
  • * Looped scan functionality.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Bugfixes and improvements

  • # Program behaviour under different licensing conditions.
  • * Some errors here and there.

Customizable synchronization with AD

  • + Synchronization of specific groups in the storage with specific OUs in Active Directory.
  • + Ability to specify a domain controller for AD synchronization.
  • + AD group membership is displayed for each AD account in Edit - Users.
  • + Parent OU is retrieved for each asset and can be displayed in reports (requires AD sync).
  • + Icon of each group becomes animated when it’s being synced.
  • + "Don't move", a new asset property that allows to keep assets in groups that don't correspond to their OUs.
  • + Options to skip empty OUs and disabled PCs during AD synchronization.
  • # Logical disks on Windows PCs are now grouped by type in the Storage details category (tab Viewer & reports).
  • # Dialogs asking how to treat assets and users that were not found in AD during synchronization.
  • # Processing of long computer names from AD.
  • * Retrieval of MS Office license keys in cases when both trial and permanent licenses are present.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Resident agent improvements

  • + User manual page for the resident agent scan.
  • + Ability to run a test scan and data sending when installing the resident agent service manually.
  • # Updated the driver for low-level hardware scan (support for the new hardware).
  • * "Data file not generated" error when scanning remote subnets.
  • * Sometimes program options were reset to defaults when installing the new version.
  • * Windows Server 2016 was incorrectly reported as Windows 10.
  • * SAM: incorrect export of the reports with a large number of columns to XLSX format.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Resident agent

  • + Resident agent.
  • + SAM: Ability to edit saved searches and to quickly save instant search queries.
  • + Proxy server settings in General options.
  • # Scanning via SNMP (improved support for devices with SNMP v3 and v1/v3, particularly for Synology NAS and Cisco routers).
  • # Network tree toolbar updated (Search, Add assistant).
  • # SAM: software tracking (dragging and dropping computers to make them exceptions, list sorting).
  • # SAM: software list sorting when creating a license.
  • # SAM: hint explaining the reason why Software accounting is blocked.
  • # SAM: search in multi-line publisher and software names.
  • # Proxy server password is now encrypted.
  • # Search field algorithms.
  • * Collecting information about configured VMware Workstations.
  • * Adding MIB-files.
  • * Problems with cyrillic storage folder names.
  • * Export to XLSX.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Bugfixes and improvements

  • # All DNS servers specified in the network adapter settings are now used for hostname resolving.
  • # When scanning another domain, its host address is used to resolve hostnames from that domain.
  • # Hint and autocompletion in the "Quick add" field in the Scanner.
  • # Timeout for Nmap device type detection.
  • * Tracking of single and merged software items.
  • * Discovery of saved scan tasks.
  • * Updates of storage assistants after various actions that influence their values.
  • * Various glitches in the table report constructor window.
  • * Overwriting of CSV reports opened in Excel.
  • * Various glitches in the "Viewer & report" screen.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Bugfixes and improvements

  • + Auto-selection of imported assets in the network tree.
  • + Ability to select assets on different levels of the network tree.
  • + Hint and autocompletion in the "Quick add" field in the Scanner.
  • + Menu that allows to run TNM and TSD.
  • # SNMP community matching (ability to scan devices without specifying correct community).
  • # SAM: current filters and filtered software display.
  • # SAM: uniqueness of merged software titles and license titles.
  • # Deletion of assets is now quicker.
  • * Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 365 keys collection.
  • * Microsoft Windows Volume MAK license keys collection.
  • * Incorrect detection of desktop computers as laptops.
  • * Scanning via SNMPv3 with Nmap port scan.
  • * Change log: duplicate records (change of value to another value and back to the first value).
  • * Scanner: discovered networks saved in task lists were skipped.
  • * Deletion of last snapshot did not update the software database.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Bugfixes and improvements

  • + Ability of auto-import of assets from a list of directories.
  • + Condition for custom actions "$IF EXISTS(filename.exe)", used for predefined custom actions for "nmap.exe".
  • + The field "Manufacturer by MAC address" in the network tree display menu.
  • + Context menu for the storage when clicking on an empty area.
  • # Now only the first run copy is able to work with software database when using the same storage in a shared folder. The limitation affects only the "Software accounting" tab.
  • * Hanging on taking web-interface screenshot when scanning various devices.
  • * Detection of antiviruses and antispyware modules on Windows 10.
  • * Adding of the same assets to scanner by short name and FQDN.
  • * Appearing of dashed items that could not be removed in the storage after the network scan.
  • * The message "No open ports" instead of "Cannot resolve network name" when trying to scan an unresolvable hostname.
  • * The message "Unknown error" when scanning SNMP devices with incorrect logins.
  • * Incorrect merge of assets with the same MAC addresses belonging to the Microsoft loopback adapter.
  • * Update of the indicator "Online/offline/unknown assets" in the group summary.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Bugfixes and improvements

  • # OS X 10.11 scan support.
  • # Display of the number of active indicators and filters on the assistants panel when collapsed.
  • # Double-clicking on groups and assets either opens their summary, or adds them to the scanner (in the Scanner mode) instead of renaming.
  • # PNG files support for the company logo (Storage properties).
  • # Feedback form: ability to cancel sending of feedbacks with large attachments.
  • # Handling of Nmap utility.
  • # Updated localizations.
  • # SAM: displaying multiple tags for a single software.
  • # SAM: ability to choose from a list of available keys when an installation has a scanned key.
  • # SAM: currently selected panel is remembered when switching between Software and Licenses screens.
  • * Asset files were rewritted during table report building.
  • * Dashed items appearance in the network tree.
  • * All non-scanned assets were displayed as virtual machines.
  • * All AD synchronization stubs were displayed as physical machines.
  • * Handling of custom assets with the same name.
  • * Handling of logins in the scanner when changing storages.
  • * Export of table reports with large number of columns to XLSX.
  • * Building of large printable reports.
  • * SAM: "Rescan violations" have been displayed when a violation was in exceptions.
  • * SAM: Creating/Editing license screen.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Localization update

  • # Updated French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Ukrainian localizations.

Bugfix update

  • * Scan of devices via SNMPv1 with default community.
  • * Duplication of non-scanned devices during their rescan.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

VMware ESXi 6 support

  • + Support for scanning of VMware ESXi 6 servers.
  • # Compatibility with Total Software Deployment when working with the same network storage. This version of TNI or higher is required to work with the release version of TSD in one network storage.
  • # Options of limiting the number of stored snapshots and assets distinguishing were moved to Storage properties (i.e. they may be different for different storages). Default settings for new storages can still be set in "Options - Scanner".
  • # Display of currently checked IP address during IP ranges and networks discovery.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Bugfix update

  • * Date and time editing in the scan scheduler settings.

SNMPv3 support

  • + Support for scanning of network devices via SNMP v2c and v3.
  • + Ability to switch to Change log via keyboard: Ctrl+5.
  • # Reporting of license usage on the status bar.
  • # Compatibility with Total Software Deployment when working with the same network storage.
  • * SAM: Returned ability to unmerge one software item from a collection.
  • * Standard actions "Reboot" and "Poweroff".
  • * Scan of SNMPv1 devices.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Improved scan engine and direct ESX/ESXi scanning

  • + VMware login type: scanning of VMware ESX/ESXi via HTTPS.
  • + "Attachment" custom field for assets.
  • + Possibility to clear the value of the custom field of "Date" type.
  • + "Used, GB" and "Free, %" fields in logical disks table reports for all supported systems.
  • # Scanner engine (better network device discovery; modified settings; other improvements).
  • # Scanner does not try to detect MAC addresses for hosts in other subnets any more.
  • # Independent selections in the network tree (Up/Down and Alt+Up/Alt+Down).
  • # Updated GUI for Windows 10.
  • * Detection of product keys for Office 2013 Home and Business (Click-To-Run).
  • * Some issues with Linux and Mac scanners.
  • * Some issues with two copies of the program using the same storage at the same time.
  • * Export of table reports with date field to XLSX.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Some fixes and improvements

  • + Context menu for the system tray icon.
  • # Unix agents now warn the user when being run manually with insufficient rights.
  • * Memory leaks.
  • Couple of other fixes.

Feedback attachments and other improvements

  • + Ability to attach files to feedbacks sent from within the program (via open file dialog, drag-n-drop files from Explorer, drag-n-drop assets from network tree, attachment of special files: program settings and software database).
  • # Custom fields of type "Number" now support fractional values.
  • # Custom fields of type "Date" have an initial undefined value (instead of "Today").
  • * Standard action Wake-on-LAN now works correctly (no support for waking of computers in other subnets yet).
  • * SAM: copying of installations via Ctrl+C.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Bug fix

  • * SAM: software installations with empty install date were not displayed.

Various improvements

  • + Support for fractional prices (custom fields, licenses, etc.) with up to 4 decimal digits.
  • + Ability to unassign users from assets in Edit - Users.
  • + Current user account and full name in the network tree display menu (requires a rescan).
  • + Current user information in table reports (requires a rescan).
  • + Number of rows in report is displayed in Table reports.
  • + Ability to rescan assets from Installations and Tracking panels in Software accounting - Software.
  • # Windows agent supports Windows 2000 again.
  • # Output of assigned user and current user in General information.
  • # Sizes of the panels and columns in Software accounting are now remembered.
  • # All Unix agents output their version when executed in the console.
  • # Software tracking assistant now shows more distinguishable icons: green for must-have, red for forbidden, and blue for all.
  • # It's now impossible to accidentally overwrite a custom field with different values for multiple assets (a confirmation is requested).
  • * SAM: access violations in Software and Licenses due to duplicates in the database (asks for database update which needs to be done on the Database management panel).
  • * SAM: when merging a collection that has a license with a new version of this software, collection was losing its license.
  • * Slow online status update after switching to another storage.
  • * Appearance of placeholders in the network tree with dashes instead of names and with no icon.
  • * After renaming an asset in the network tree, the tree was losing its keyboard input focus.
  • * Mac agent: scan of some OS X systems.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Change log improvements

  • + Change log: ability to choose the history depth (number of compared snapshots) and select specific objects for log building (major speed-up).
  • + Software accounting: ability to enter custom license keys instead of automatically scanned keys.
  • + Software accounting: "With tags" filter.
  • # Software accounting: Favorites (Starred) mark is not counted as a tag in the filters "With tags" and "Without tags".
  • # Change log: DB servers and virtual machines are now tracked.
  • # Change log: more informative display of changes in memory modules and slots (capacity is displayed instead of "Memory-module").
  • # Automatic resizing of columns in "Viewer & reports".
  • * Incorrect removal of tniwinagent.exe.
  • * Software accounting: filtering by publisher worked incorrectly if the publisher changed the character case in its name.
  • * Duplication of field "Processor: Thread count" in Table reports.
  • * Updating of asset counters on the status bar when rescanning non-scanned assets.
  • * Detection of Windows 10 in the storage assistant and group summary.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • + Automatic download of unavailable MIB files imported by the files that you open.
  • + "Locations" parameter for tree display settings.
  • # OUI database updated (manufacturers by MAC addresses).
  • # Software accounting: handling of assigned licenses during software merging.
  • * "SMB: Access is denied" warning when scanning the local computer (may require UAC elevation when starting the scan).
  • * Incorrect merging of Windows computers with VMware Workstation or Player installed.
  • * Software accounting: the license of an existing collection was lost when merging a new software with this collection.
  • * Software accounting: frequent error message on the Licenses screen.
  • * Software accounting: some other glitches.
  • * Conditions on asset fields "Memory" and "HDD capacity" in table reports.
  • * Some bugs in Linux agents (more distributives supported).

Improvements in table reports and SNMP scan

  • # Negative conditions in table reports now work with multiline cells (for example, you can run a table report to get computers which don't have specific software).
  • * Row heights in table reports when hiding/showing columns with multiline cells.
  • * SNMP scan stuck on some devices (now you can enable full SNMP scan in "Options - SNMP").
  • * Parsing of some MIB files.
  • * Some bugs in Linux agents.

Saved WiFi networks and some fixes

  • + Collection of WiFi networks (WLANs) that the computer has ever connected to.
  • + Option to enable/disable full SNMP scan (disabled by default due to scan stuck on some devices).

WiFi networks and some fixes

  • + Collection of currently available WiFi networks (WLANs) for Windows PCs, see Network section.
  • * Parsing of some MIB files.
  • * USB devices history on Windows 8.

Full SNMP scan and other improvements

  • + Full SNMP scan with ability to load vendor MIB files.
  • + List of all USB devices that have ever been connected to Windows computers.
  • + Inventory number and serial number in brief printable report for General information.
  • # ESXi and FreeBSD agents updated.
  • * MS Office 2013 product keys detection (KMS and Click-to-Run).
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • + Confirmation for custom fields deletion.
  • # Software database loading time.
  • * Assets online state check periodicity.
  • * Some glitches in Mac and Linux agents.
  • * Problems in Software accounting.

Scanning via Telnet and other improvements

  • + Telnet protocol support (scanning of network devices running BusyBox via Telnet).
  • + Detection of virtual machines running under KVM.
  • + New currencies in the currency list.
  • + MS SQL Server 2014 detection support and 64-bit versions designation.
  • + New fields for MS Windows and MS Office: product name, description, and license status.
  • # Computers with multiple network interfaces are distinguished more correctly (to avoid duplication).
  • # All instant search fields support search by phrase (space-separated words are searched in any order and on any positions).
  • # GUI improvements in the "Edit - Properties" panel (more space for long network names) and "Edit - Users" panel (resizeable user list).
  • # Mobile processors dictionary updated.
  • * MS Office 2013 product keys detection (MAK).
  • * Lags when the "Edit - Users" panel is opened and the list of users is large.
  • * Date format in Spanish locale.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

A new look and ESX/ESXi support

  • + VMware ESXi 5 and ESX/ESXi 4 scan support (via SSH).
  • + Detection of VMware virtual machines on Windows.
  • + New types of physical devices (specific and generic hypervisors) and virtual machines.
  • + "No tags" filter in Software accounting.
  • # Visually redesigned user interface.
  • # Updated low-level hardware scan driver.
  • # New default settings for low-level hardware scan, for both maximum safety and accuracy of collected information.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

DB servers and other improvements

  • + Detection of database servers (see "Databases" section): MS SQL Server (including edition), MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle Database, Firebird.
  • + Ability to convert non-scanned assets to custom assets.
  • + Detection of Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 in the storage assistants and group summary.
  • # Convenient license upgrade and renewal (in-program license selection and direct forwarding to the order process).
  • # Linux agent: SMART information, RAID array disks information, CPU clock speed detection.
  • # Mac agent stability.
  • * Dashes instead of computer names in Software accounting. IMPORTANT: to remove existing dashes, use "Update software database" button on the "Manage database" panel in Software accounting.
  • * Self-interruption of the scan process in large networks with slow-scanning computers.
  • * Detection of OS X systems as Windows 8 in the storage assistants and group summary.
  • * Software report templates are now saved in the correct folder.
  • * Virtualization type of a non-scanned virtual machine now changes correctly after successful scan.
  • * Violations in field editors.
  • * Duplication in license reports.

Languages and some fixes

  • + French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish locales are fully translated.
  • + Additional license information is displayed in About window upon a click on the license name.
  • * Problems of scanning Windows Server systems with an agent.

Improvements and fixes

  • + Global option for enabling and disabling low-level hardware scan.
  • + New asset properties: "Don't scan" and "Disable low-level hardware scan" (per asset).
  • # Low-level hardware scan is disabled by default. If you need it, please enable it manually in the Scanner options.
  • # Tags processing when merging software versions.
  • * Some bugs in Software accounting.
  • * Detection of Windows MAK keys.

Couple of fixes

  • # Windows agent.
  • * License types.
  • * IMPORTANT!!! If your current version is - self-updating in build 1600 is broken, so download and install this update manually (copy link or visit website)! For all other versions - download and install it using the button to the left as usual.

Total Network Inventory 3 final release

  • + Software Asset Management.
  • + Driver for accurate hardware detection.
  • # Updated Linux scan agents.
  • Lots of less noticeable improvements and bugfixes.
  • Fully compatible with TNI 2.
  • New licensing and pricing policy.

Total Network Inventory 3 beta 4

  • + Import of custom software data (licenses, tags, stars, etc.) from TNI 2 database.
  • + Saving/loading of pinned publishers.
  • # Prolonged beta version period.
  • * Several bugs.

Total Network Inventory 3 beta 3

  • # Prolonged beta version period.
  • # "Manufacturer by MAC" dictionary updated.
  • # Mobile processors dictionary updated.
  • * Several bugs.

Total Network Inventory 3 beta 2

  • # Prolonged beta version period.
  • * Version number was added to the collection name on the Merging panel.
  • * The list of software for a collection could not be sorted by software names.
  • * Version numbering for collections.
  • * Bug with Ctrl+A in a filtered software list.
  • * Freezing of tabs after merging selected software from new licensed installations.
  • * Uninstalled software was not removed from the database.

Total Network Inventory 3 beta 1

  • # Software accounting mode rewritten from scratch.

Bug fixes and updates

  • # "Manufacturer by MAC" dictionary updated.
  • # Mobile processors dictionary updated.
  • * Several bugs.

New improvements

  • + Ability to use standard SSH port together with a custom port.
  • + %ALIAS% template for custom actions.
  • + Hints in the Scanner.
  • + Bug-reporting engine.
  • # Displaying of open ports hint.
  • * Various bugs.

Fixes and locales

  • + Turkish locale.
  • * Another occasional bug in the Linux agents.
  • * Uninstallation bug.

Various improvements

  • + Quick scan button (scans default domain or IP range with default parameters).
  • + Hints for non-scanned assets synchronized from AD.
  • # Default settings for network scan engines (FOR EXISTING USERS: if you have any troubles with network scan or online state monitoring, disable Nmap engines in Options).
  • # Reliability of online status monitoring with Classic engine (two ICMP packets sent).
  • # Overall scanner reliability.
  • * Synchronization of AD OUs containing certaing characters.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Linux scan improvement

  • * Occasional bug in the Linux agents.

Scanner improvement

  • # Compatibility with intrusion detection systems like Symantec Endpoint Protection (added safe port scan profile; check out the port scan settings).

Bugfix update

  • * Several small bugs.

Active Directory update

  • + More Active Directory support: ability to synchronize users and their data, as well as computers and OU hierarchy, manually or at startup. Users and computers which don't exist in AD can be optionally removed.
  • + Active Directory OU structure can be recreated during domain scan: choose "Duplicate structure" in "Target folder" column.
  • + "Location" field for all assets. Can be retrieved for AD computers or SNMP devices, changed in Properties. Displayed in General information/Inventory.
  • + Ability to skip assets that were already scanned recently enough.
  • + Ability to loop a scan of a certain scan task.
  • + Ability to add custom assets from file containing a list of IP addresses or hostnames.
  • # Full Unicode support.
  • # Windows computer scan (increase the percent of scanned computers with default settings).
  • # Online state monitoring for assets with dynamic IP addresses became faster.
  • # Only 10 basic ports are scanned by default (more friendly to the security software). It's possible to enable the scan of more ports in the scan settings.
  • # Screen reports and table reports do not show hints for text that is fully visible.
  • # New folder selection dialogs on Vista+.
  • * Menu fonts on Vista+.
  • * Name resolving via DNS in asset pinger.
  • * Hints and some text drawing in Windows 2000.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Small update

  • + Three new substitution templates for custom actions: %DATE%, %TIME%, %TIMES% (includes seconds).
  • + Ability to disable stuck scan threads killing or change timeout (Alt+Options -> Scanner).
  • + Ability to disable ARP ping for all discovery engines (recommended for Proxy ARP).
  • * Background online state monitoring (issues with Proxy ARP and slow ARP table update).

Action-packed update

  • + Standard actions (implemented by the program): reboot and power-off for Windows and UNIX-based systems; Wake-on-LAN.
  • + Custom actions: running of external tools via right-click menu for any asset.
  • + Detection of CentOS and SliTaz Linux distributions.
  • * Freezing of the scan process in some cases.
  • * Name resolving for assets with dynamic IPs.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Small update

  • + Complete localization for Italian language.
  • # Detection of Internet Explorer 10 version.
  • # Detection of Microsoft Office 2013 and its product keys.
  • # Updated SSH protocol library.
  • * Scan process stuck on "Port scanning" when run as non-privileged user.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Bugfix update

  • + Complete localization for German, French, Spanish and Portuguese languages.
  • * Asynchronous engine issues (inconsistent online status check and possible problems with IP ranges discovery).
  • * Duplication of assets that are not available during rescan.
  • * Windows 2000 incompatibility.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Fix update

  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Asynchronous discovery engine

  • + New fast network discovery engine — Asynchronous engine. Discovers online hosts in /24 subnet (254 addresses) in just one second.
  • + Ability to choose from three network engines (asynchronous, Nmap and classic) for online status detection and network discovery, and two network engines (Nmap and classic) for port scanning.
  • + Ability to run TCP-ping (skip ICMP and ARP ping and scan ports immediately) to discover assets that don’t respond to ping.
  • + Ability to use last known IP address for assets with dynamic IP addresses and non-resolvable names (Samba environments and other).
  • + Ability to specify custom SSH port.
  • + Non-scanned assets which are detected to be online or at least exist on the network (i.e. name or IP can be resolved) are added to the inventory database even if MAC address is not known.
  • + DNS-based name resolving in domain environments.
  • # Scanner settings were revised and are now more intuitive and flexible.
  • # Easier scan of SNMP-enabled devices: the program can probe most commonly used SNMP communities besides “public” and run successful scan of such device if one of them is used.
  • # RPC method of scan for Windows computers is disabled by default for new installations, and is recommended to be disabled for existing installations.
  • # All non-Windows agents updated. Improved stability and compatibility.
  • * CPU usage issues with online status detection and Nmap engine.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

Scan scheduler

  • + Scan scheduler (currently works only when the program is running).
  • + Option to disable automatic checks for new versions.
  • + New currencies.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

Fix update

  • + Ability to control Nmap engine directly from the Scanner tab.
  • + Mac mini icon.
  • # Nmap engine disabled by default.
  • * Some bugs in Linux scanners.
  • * Date format in custom report conditions.

Nmap-powered network discovery engine.

  • + New Nmap-powered network discovery and port scan engine.
  • + Indication of open ports for each asset in the Scanner and in the network tree (with the help of new assistant).
  • + A screenshot of the web-interface is stored and displayed if a device with scan error has port 80 opened.
  • + OS and device type detection for devices with scan errors.
  • + Manufacturer by MAC-address in asset summary.
  • + Static IPs are indicated with padlock icon in the network tree.
  • + New custom device types: print-server, tape drive, tape library, IP camera, iPhone, Windows phone, external disk, USB flash disk.
  • + New fields in table reports: general asset type, scan protocol, scan method, scan time, agent version.
  • + Quotes can be used to limit search results in the network tree to exact matches.
  • # Online status detection reliability.
  • # IP ranges and networks discovery speed.
  • # Scanner statuses and errors reporting.
  • # Updated the "Manufacturer by MAC address" database.
  • # Indications of Windows versions on the OS assistant made shorter and clearer.
  • # Partial product key is exctracted if MAK or KMS key was used for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (full key is not stored on the computer).
  • * Windows Server 2012 detection.
  • * Product key extraction algorithm for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
  • * Office Starter 2010 detection support.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

!!! ATTENTION !!! Due to a bug in this version you will need to download and install the next update manually (copy download link or visit web-site), but only if you have this particular build. Our apologies for the inconvenience. "Windows 8 and OS X 10.8 support"

  • + Support for Windows 8 and OS X 10.8.
  • + "Architecture" asset field in the table reports.
  • + Serbian dinar added to the currency list.
  • # Speed of custom fields processing improved.
  • # Mobile processors list updated.
  • * Issues with custom assets.
  • * IP address updates issues.
  • * Some issues with MacOS.
  • Some other minor fixes and improvements.

At last! TNI 2 in Portuguese!

  • + Portuguese locale.
  • + Status bar indicators for scanned/failed/custom assets and license usage.
  • + New storage assistants: OS architecture (requires rescan) and Asset kind (scanned, failed or custom).
  • + Option to switch between relative or absolute dates in reports.
  • + Ability to use custom date format in reports.
  • + Xen virtual type and fixes for Linuxes running under Xen.
  • + 64-bit scanner for Linux.
  • + Online asset field in table reports.
  • + "Name" field for keyboards and pointing devices in table reports.
  • + New "Software installations" report in "Software accounting".
  • + Additional time zone details (DST details).
  • # Computer description is updated automatically if not changed by user.
  • # "New template" button in table reports moved to the top of sidebar.
  • # Assets failed to scan are marked with a small error icon.
  • * Time zone field in Operating system details (Windows).
  • * Export of user-created date fields.
  • * SSH scanners are searched for in the installation directory instead of current path.
  • Some other minor fixes and improvements.

License update 2

  • Fix for the previously purchased MSP licenses.

License update

  • + New licenses (750, 1000, 1500, 2000 nodes). All licenses can now be used worldwide. Nationwide and Worldwide licenses merged into one: Unlimited license.
  • + Scan of Libraries/Internet Plug-Ins for MacOS X.
  • + New custom device types: phone and fax.
  • + "Free" and "Load" fields for System memory.
  • # XLSX export: minimized memory usage, cells are now typed (numbers, dates, etc), table is formatted (border, header, autofilter).
  • # Pinging and rescanning of domain member computers with dynamic IP addresses is now done by FQDN instead of short network name (fixed multiple domains issues).
  • # Mobile processors detection updated.
  • # Computer description is updated unless it was changed by user.
  • * Errors with zero IP addresses for offline assets.
  • Some other minor fixes and improvements.

Spring update

  • + Export of table reports to XLSX format (Excel 2007 and newer).
  • # New design of the "Check for updates" window.
  • * Some issues with HTML export.
  • * Some issues with license accounting.
  • * Some issues with custom fields.
  • * Export of table reports with more than 10 columns.
  • Some other minor fixes and improvements.

Small update

  • # Custom and non-scanned assets are not counted against the license limit anymore.
  • * Encoding issue with non-Latin characters.

The Valentine's Day update

  • + Import of inventory files and whole folders by drag-n-drop from Explorer.
  • + "Fit columns" option for table reports.
  • + "Clone asset" command for custom assets.
  • + Currency selector for custom fields of "Price" format.
  • + New asset types: projector, UPS, cartridge.
  • + "Manufacturer by MAC" field in the asset fields (table reports).
  • # Storage skips SVN folders.
  • * Product keys for Project 2010 and Visio 2010 are now collected.
  • * "Multicore" field in processors.
  • * Linux agent: scan issues on non-English systems.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Holiday update

  • + Manufacturer names and MAC addresses are displayed during the network scan.
  • # Many interface improvements.
  • # The online status monitor now updates dynamic IPs.
  • # Scan tasks are matched to assets considering MAC address (if available).
  • # Destination folder cannot be changed for existing assets during rescan.
  • # "Skip existing assets" option does not skip non-scanned assets anymore.
  • * Some issues with detection of the license limitation exceeding.
  • * Issues with erroneous merging of some assets.
  • * Some errors in the Linux agent.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Some updates

  • + More data gathered when scanning Linuxes (CPU fields, RAID disks).
  • # IP is updated when rescanning an asset with non-static IP.
  • # German and French locales updated.
  • # Updated the lists of MS supply channels, Windows and Office service packs, mobile CPUs.
  • # Improved stability.
  • * Sometimes program hanged when being closed under Windows 7 and Server 2008.
  • * Sometimes pinging of assets stopped when changing the storage.
  • * Some filtering issues in table reports.
  • * Copying and exporting of filtered data in "Viewer & reports" mode.

Minor updates

  • + "Add custom asset" button.
  • + More custom asset types (furniture and mobile devices).
  • # Updated mobile processors database.
  • * Some asset fields types in table reports.
  • * Some minor interface glitches.

Table report conditions

  • + Conditions for table reports.
  • + New standard table report templates.
  • + Paper formats: A3, A2, Legal, Ledger/Tabloid.
  • + Ability to manually add custom assets.
  • + Various new asset types.
  • + Indication of visible assets when the number of assets in groups is displayed and filters or search is applied (M of N).
  • + A link to the last blog post is displayed on the main menu panel.
  • + Links to the corresponding blog posts are added to the change history records.
  • + "Static IP address" field in table reports (asset fields, Other information).
  • + New tree display options: operating systems, processors, system models and system manufacturers.
  • * Sometimes program hanged under Windows 7/2008 after being closed.
  • * "Intel Pentium III" generic CPU name instead of correct Intel Xeon model.
  • * Some fixes in Software accounting (export of copies and moving of software into groups).
  • * Adding of OS to software list.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Scan time fix

  • * The collection of information required to analyze group membership of user accounts caused the time of scan to increase drastically on domain machines. This procedure is temporarily removed until the resolution is found.

Group membership and Office fields

  • + Ability to distinguish computers by name and domain instead of MAC address and serial number.
  • + Group membership field for user accounts.
  • + Microsoft Office name and key fields in table reports.
  • + Computer models summary in group summary view.
  • + Serial number in Windows PC general information view.
  • + Great Britain locale.
  • # Revamped the "User accounts" standard table report.
  • # Regular expressions in software accounting are now case-insensitive by default.
  • # Boosted the time of Linux scanning.
  • * Copying and exporting the software copies and licenses with active filters.
  • * Scanner sometimes freezed under Windows XP.
  • * Network adapters and printers processing.
  • * Processing of user accounts under Windows 2000.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Scanner fixes

  • * Program sometimes freezes when scanning the network.

FreeBSD support and other improvements

  • + FreeBSD support.
  • + Table reports: ability to change title, set sorting and fix columns in the report constructor.
  • + Adding custom assets manually via group context menu (feature preview).
  • + Validity check for serial numbers and asset tags (cleaner asset fields in the table reports and additional info in the network tree).
  • + "Reset serial numbers" command in "Reset properties" menu (Edit-Properties). Recommended to run on the whole storage.
  • + Tree display options menu: sorting by node name and additional field.
  • + Monitor serial number field in the tree display options menu.
  • + Support for encrypted partitions for Mac OS X.
  • + Table reports: asset field "Domain role".
  • + Optional case-insensitive regular expressions for software groups (Options - General).
  • # Network scan reliability under Windows XP and Vista due to detection and working around the limitation for concurrent TCP connect attempts (Event ID 4226).
  • # Table reports: row number field is not mandatory anymore.
  • * Some bugs in Linux and Mac OS X agents.
  • * Updating the alerts for software groups statuses.
  • * Expanding/collapsing the deeply nested groups in the network tree.
  • * Some HDD serial numbers retrieving.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Usability improvements

  • + Scanner mode guide.
  • + Progress bar and last processed IP for discovering of IP ranges.
  • + Many new asset fields for table reports.
  • + Ability to reset device type, virtual type and description for one or more assets (on Edit-Properties).
  • + "Open templates folder" link on the Table reports sidebar.
  • + "Collapse all/Expand all" buttons for the groups in the network tree.
  • + The "license limit exceeded" hint now shows the number of assets that are not displayed.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Options fix

  • Small fix in Options.

Win98 support & memory detection

  • * Windows agent can be run on Windows 98 again.
  • * Memory modules detection on some servers.
  • * Some icons.
  • Other minor fixes.

Logon-script & auto-import

  • + Group summary is now one of the categories. Group summary settings moved to Options.
  • + Reports for multiple computers in "View details" can now be built by clicking a group without enabling "Multiple selection", just as in "Table reports".
  • + Import settings (import folder path, recursive import, folder structure import, import at startup or by timer).
  • + Ability to import all inventory files from a folder and all its subfolders, or import the whole folder structure.
  • + Logon script settings (export agent and generate a command for logon script).
  • + "/overwrite" parameter for the Windows agent (overwrites files instead of creating unique copies).
  • + State of groups (expanded/collapsed) on the right sidebar is kept between sessions.
  • + ESX/vSphere detection and asset type (no scanning yet).
  • + Ability to delete automatically scanned license keys with zero copies in the Software accounting.
  • + Protection of passwords hidden under asterisks.
  • # Text, name and e-mail on the feedback form are now mandatory.
  • # If the license limit is reached or exceeded, a warning icon with a hint is displayed on the storage root group.
  • # Mobile processors detection.
  • # Mac OS X scan details (virtual machines, SCSI HDDs, etc).
  • * It was not possible to import new snapshots to existing assets if the license limit was reached.
  • * SMB errors on some computers and servers.
  • * Alerts settings were not stored.
  • * Printers on Mac OS X.
  • * Rare occasional hangings when closing the program.
  • * Automatic removing of duplicates and nonexisting copies in the Software accounting.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Office 2007 and Server 2003 fix

  • * Retrieving of Microsoft Office 2007 keys.
  • * Workaround for Microsoft bug when scanning Windows Server 2003 domain controllers.
  • * Processing of some Macbook Pro configurations.
  • Couple of other fixes and improvements.

Final release

  • + Welcome screen. Click on the picture to bring up the storage create/open dialog.
  • + "Storage - Close" main menu item returning to welcome screen.
  • + Inventory files import progress is displayed on the status bar. End of import is signalized by tray balloon hint. Import can be stopped by closing the storage or the program and continued from the same point at the next launch.
  • + Ability to import and convert previous version storage when creating a new storage. Also imports custom fields, primary login, IP ranges and alerts settings. Not converted: tabular reports and software accounting database.
  • + Ability to open and convert previous version storage in-place.
  • + Ability to clear invalid paths in the recently opened storages list.
  • + Offline English user manual in CHM file.
  • + Full localization on all available languages.
  • # Settings, log file, history, report templates, and scan tasks are stored in Application Data (either in All users or in current user profile).
  • # Software and hotfixes install dates processing.
  • # Tray icon is always visible, allows to restore the program window upon click.
  • # Scan progress is displayed in tray icon. End of scan is signalized by tray balloon hint.
  • # Passwords are stored in an encrypted way (AES).
  • # Increased the speed of software processing and the program startup speed, and removed freezing when switching from "Software accounting" tab to some other tab.
  • # Processors summary output in general information category.
  • * Program Files folder contents on 64 bit systems.
  • * Various bugs during import of old version XML files.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Beta 6 update

  • + Detection of external hard drives for Mac OS X.
  • * License limitations.

Beta 6

  • + Registered users of TNI 1.6 can use this beta version in production (without beta version limitations).
  • + It is now possible to add custom fields and user fields to the table reports for objects other than asset.
  • + Print preview and printing of table reports.
  • + "Hide empty rows" option added to the "Assets x Software" report to allow cleaner reports.
  • # Forbidden and must-have software renamed to tracking of presence and absence.
  • # Export performance for huge table reports.
  • # "Storage" mode tab merged with "Edit" mode tab.
  • # Software versions are enclosed in parentheses during report export in Software accounting.
  • # Software accounting filters.
  • # Connection method settings for Windows computers.
  • * Some errors and percentage output during SSH scan.
  • * MSVCR90.dll issue.
  • * GUI issues in Windows 7 with increased size of window elements.
  • * Non-english text copying issue.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Beta 5

  • + User information fields in the table reports.
  • + Scanning of Program Files and Program Files (x86) on 64-bit systems.
  • + Settings for the limitation of maximum number of snapshots and maximum snapshot age ("Options - Scanner").
  • + Logins can be edited right from the popup menu in the Scanner.
  • + Main menu items for managing storages.
  • + Network tree popup menu items "Import" (for importing INV and XML files) and "Reload" (for reloading current storage).
  • + Dropdown buttons on "Storage" and "Edit" tabs for quick selection of required submode.
  • + New network tree display options (domains, descriptions, user names, etc).
  • + German, Spanish and Italian localization.
  • # Stability and reliability of the SSH scan (Macs and Linuxes).
  • # Software accounting improved, simplified and fixed; software filters moved to the main toolbar; software properties moved to the sidebar.
  • # Many small things in the Scanner mode.
  • # New look & feel for the main toolbar, print preview, report refresh hint, report progress animation and search.
  • # New look & feel for logins, custom fields, snapshots and users editing.
  • # More detailed scan percentage when scanning Windows computers.
  • # Windows agent saves snapshots of the same computer to different files, while importing of snapshots to one file is fully delegated to the main module.
  • * Logic of assigning logins to scan tasks (one login for single tasks, multiple logins for group tasks). Inheritance of logins is displayed with a tilde.
  • * Reporting of processes memory usage.
  • * Processing of disks with unspecified size on thin clients.
  • * Western European characters display in many places.
  • * "Skip existing devices" option.
  • * "No open ports" error.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Beta 4

  • + Assets can be dragged from the network tree to the scanner for rescan.
  • + Security alerts (antivirus, firewall, auto-updates, Windows Service Pack). Requires rescan.
  • + Table report fields for alerts.
  • + Saving and loading of the scan task lists which keeps the hierarchy, expanded and disabled states, locking of groups.
  • + "Lock" button for the scan task groups (IP ranges/networks/workgroups/OUs/domains). Locking a group prevents it from being discovered again after saving and loading.
  • + "Copy" function in the context menu of the software accounting list.
  • + "Replace" button for the saved scan task lists instead of "Export" button (ability to overwrite existing scan task lists).
  • + Scan setting "Skip existing assets".
  • + Ability to cancel the scan by deleting the latest snapshot. Ability to delete all asset snapshots.
  • + tniwinagent.exe now supports command-line parameters "delay" (delay before starting the scan) and "path" (directory to save the files). For example: tniwinagent.exe /delay:60 /path:"\\servername\sharename"
  • + The storage (i.e. the root group of the network tree) can be renamed using F2 (file system directory name is not changed).
  • + Storage name, company name and company logo properties; options for setup of report header.
  • + Inventory numbers in the network tree display options ("AA" button).
  • + Ability to save the search in the network tree as a separate tree assistant.
  • + Commands for storage control ("Create storage", "Open storage" and the list of recently opened storages) under the main menu "File" item.
  • + Network tree context menu items "Properties" (chooses the currently selected item and opens the "Edit" tab) and "Choose" (converts the Ctrl/Shift/mouse selection to the "choice for output").
  • # Interface for managing the multiple selection and several categories modes (simple and obvious checkboxes above the network tree and the sidebar in the "View details" mode).
  • # Interface for the setup of logins in the Storage and Edit modes (hints and helpers).
  • # The "Rescan" command in the network tree context menu does not start the scan immediately to allow changing login and other settings of the scan task.
  • # Low disk space alert threshold can be set in both absolute (GB) and relative (%) values.
  • # Updated Mac OS X and Linux scanners.
  • # Minor GUI changes.
  • # Many changes in the Software accounting mode. Work in progress.
  • * Resizing of the first two columns in the Software accounting mode.
  • * Closing the program when the scanner or network discovery is in progress should not cause hangs anymore.
  • * Erroneous importing of different assets' snapshots into one asset (improved detection of the assets identity).
  • * Drag-n-drop and reporting with the enabled filtering in the network tree (assets that are filtered out are never included).
  • * Mouse wheel scrolling issues.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Beta 3

  • + Checkboxes in the Scanner mode: ability to uncheck the IP ranges, groups or organizational units that you don't want to scan.
  • + Ability to copy scanner tasks and scanner log messages.
  • + Ability to check and uncheck selected scan tasks (Scanner) and assets (network tree) using Space button, and delete selected items using Delete button.
  • + Letter page format for Print preview; separate settings for page format and orientation.
  • + Program options (General, Scanner, Alerts).
  • + Online status check is now optional.
  • + "Ping" item in the network tree context menu is now functional.
  • + "Move to" item in the network tree context menu is now filled with groups where it's possible to move currently selected nodes to.
  • + Quick-jump to specific subcategory under Storage or Edit tab (to activate, click and hold the left mouse button on the tab for half a second).
  • + Non-scanned assets can be included to the table reports.
  • + Ability to edit network tree assistants without deleting and re-adding them.
  • + Lanczos3 resampling filter for user avatar resizing.
  • # SSH scan stability and reliability (Mac OS X and Linux).
  • # Updated Mac OS X and Linux scanners.
  • # Usability of login dropdown menus in the Scanner mode: selecting specific login for a single task (hostname or IP address) clears logins for other two protocols.
  • # Online status now has three states: online, offline and unknown (if not checked or after 10-minutes timeout).
  • # Logging of the network scan process (records of the scanned and failed items are added to the log file).
  • * Primary asset fields for table reports are retrieved from the asset information instead of snapshot information. This is required to output non-scanned assets. Note: existing table report templates may need to be edited and such fields like "Network name", "IP address", "Last updated" and "User name" need to be added again.
  • * Full support for UTF-8 in the settings file (config.ini).
  • * Mac OS X scan ("sudo -s" is not used anymore).
  • * Memory leaks when stopping the scan.
  • * Memory usage when building table reports for large number of assets.
  • * User accounts scan (long scan times, large number of domain accounts on every domain computer).
  • * The number of copies of software in the Software accounting mode is displayed correctly if "On selected assets" filter is used. However the licenses column always shows the total number of licenses.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Beta 2

  • + Online status check for all assets.
  • + Ability to add avatars/photos for users with a high-quality method used for image resizing.
  • + Asset user is displayed on the sidebar in "View details" mode.
  • + New fields for users.
  • + Update checking system.
  • + Ability to use non-root user for SSH scan (the user must be in the sudoers file).
  • # Scanner control buttons.
  • # Redesigned progress display for scan tasks (three-color scheme).
  • # Local users information is stored in the asset file, domain and custom users are kept in the storage.
  • # SSH scan stability and reliability (Mac OS X and Linux).
  • * Retrieving of mapped network disks and network printers used by the Windows computers.
  • * Retrieving of user profiles, autorun items, environment variables from Windows computers.
  • * Decoding of Windows 7 and Office 2010 product keys.
  • * "Port scan failed" error on many systems.
  • * "Show in Explorer" for groups and assets.
  • * "General information" view and its print preview in full and brief modes.
  • * Feedback sending system (checks if the feedback is sent successfully and offers ways to overcome some issues).
  • * Feedback and update checking systems can use proxy server to upload and download the information.
  • - Checkboxes for scan tasks.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Beta 1

  • + Mac OS X and Linux support.
  • # Completely redesigned interface.
  • # Many internal mechanisms rewritten from scratch.
  • # Improved reporting features.
  • # Advanced network scanner with AD support.
  • # Compressed data storage.
  • # Advanced software accounting.
  • Many other changes, fixes and improvements.
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