Total Software Deployment

v. 3.2.1 / 28 August 2023 / All Windows / Free for 60 days
Free for 60-days


Remote and Automated Software Deployment

Total Software Deployment: managed software deployment for your corporate network.

Comprehensive Deployment Solution

Total Software Deployment revolutionizes software deployment across corporate networks. It simplifies network scanning, enhances software list management, and enables concurrent deployment of various installation packages, setting it apart as a leading tool in remote deployment.

Effortless Concurrent Deployment

Total Software Deployment stands out with its advanced concurrent installation capability. This feature allows simultaneous installation of multiple packages on numerous computers. You can easily determine the number of computers and packages per computer for installation at any given time. With just a single click, you can initiate the deployment process.

Remote Software Uninstallation

In addition to deployment, TSD offers the functionality to remotely uninstall programs from one or several computers. This tool is compatible with packages deployed using Total Software Deployment or installed by other means, granting system administrators control over the necessary utility on the network and the removal of unwanted applications.

Integrated Software Inventory Management

Total Software Deployment ensures organization-wide transparency by maintaining an exhaustive list of software installed on all networked computers.

Automatic Inventory Scans

The software automatically scans network computers to create detailed device lists. It can scan computers and servers without the need for permanently installed agents, requiring only the administrator’s password. The scanned data is automatically categorized and organized, providing a comprehensive view of the utility installed on your local area network.

Flexible MSI & EXE Application Deployment

Offering more flexibility than traditional Windows deployment tools, Total Software Deployment supports a wide range of installers, including MSI, EXE, and other popular third-party installers, for convenient, quick, and silent deployment nearly of any program package.

Diverse Deployment Methods

TSD provides up to three different methods for creating automated installation packages, accommodating a variety of software deployment methods. This versatility allows for the remote deployment of utility products not typically designed for automated installation.

Additional Features

Total Software Deployment is equipped with an Assistant for quickly identifying computers with outdated programs. It maintains an installation history and offers various other functionalities to enhance your tool experience. Discover the ease and efficiency of Total Software Deployment, a comprehensive solution for managing and deploying software across your corporate network.


Simplifying software deployment

Total Software Deployment makes network software distribution and maintenance a breeze. It streamlines routine tasks by scanning your web, compiling a list of utilities installed on your computers, and facilitating remote, centralized activation tasks. Discover more about scanning inventory software with Total Software Deployment.

Discovering installed software

Find out what software is installed on your system computers effortlessly. All you need is a modern version of Windows (XP or higher) on your computers and your administrative password. Sit back and let the program reveal the tool landscape of your network without ever leaving your desk.

Intelligent scanning

Define your scanning targets, and Total Software Deployment springs into action. It features full network discovery, swiftly locating all valid nodes within your specified IP range, identifying computers in workgroups, and outlining the domain structure. Opt for scanning with default settings using your administrative password, or tailor the process with specific logins and passwords for individual devices or groups. It's all about getting ready and going!

Efficient and concurrent scanning

Leveraging today's high bandwidth and powerful processors, Total Software Deployment doesn't make you wait for one task to complete before starting another. It adopts a concurrent, multi-threaded approach to network scanning, running multiple tasks simultaneously as your web capacity permits. This efficiency means that even extensive net scans can be completed in just minutes, making it an ideal solution for larger networks.


Streamlined updates and maintenance

"Which version of Software X is installed on my computers, and how can I update it?"
This common query is precisely what Total Software Deployment (TSD) is designed to address. Managing tool updates has never been simpler! TSD scans your network computers and compiles a detailed report showing which program versions are installed on each machine. Updating outdated utilities is a breeze – just select the versions in the list and hit "Update".

Centralized software repository

Total Software Deployment's software repository accommodates both single-file and complex installers. This versatile storage is highly customizable, allowing you to modify basic properties like version numbers, checking files, or supported OS architecture. It also enables the implementation of common and product-specific deployment policies, determining which add-ons, updates, or hotfixes should accompany the main application.

Tailored information display

TSD lets you view exactly what you need. Its flexible configuration options allow you to display various details about your system nodes. Find out if a computer is online, see its network name and IP address, check the Windows version it’s running, and decide how much information you want to display.

Total Software Deployment also offers efficient searching and filtering capabilities. These tools help you swiftly locate installed applications, define your deployment objectives, and set tasks and priorities, streamlining your network management process.

Use cases

Simplifying one-click deployment packages

Effortlessly create silent installation packages with just a few clicks using Total Software Deployment (TSD). The software intuitively identifies the type of installer and applies the appropriate command line string for remote app deployment tools without user intervention. This feature is particularly useful for deploying tools like MS Office® across your local network without any hassle.

Tailored custom deployment

Encountering installers that demand user input? Many products lack native support for automated deployment, but that's not an issue with Total Software Deployment. You can easily construct a macro for such installation packages, pre-recording all necessary interactions. This method allows you to bypass any unwanted steps without the need to re-record the entire process.

Advanced snapshot deployment

For particularly stubborn software packages, TSD offers a system snapshot feature. This is the ultimate solution for deploying products resistant to standard deployment methods.

Snapshot deployment operates by monitoring and recording changes made to files and Windows Registry settings during an application's installation. These changes are then extracted and transformed into a custom package, ready for remote deployment on other computers. As the most in-depth activation method available, it should be used with careful consideration.


Streamlined deployment jobs list

Efficiently create lists of packages for installation and establish your deployment objectives just once. With Total Software Deployment, you can deploy to multiple computers simultaneously with a single click. This tool goes beyond the limitations of built-in tools by supporting a variety of installer types, not just MSI packages, including those with limited or no remote installation support.

Non-disruptive deployment

Initiate the activation and simply observe the process unfold. Total Software Deployment meticulously tracks each step, making it easy to spot any issues that arise during deployment. This software tool ensures that remote installations are non-intrusive, not bothering end-users with pop-up windows or dialogs, and not interrupting their ongoing tasks. With our program deployment tool, your remote software installations will not disturb the end users with windows or dialogs and won’t interrupt their workflow.

Centralized software storage

Centralized Software Storage in Deployment is a key feature for streamlined software management across corporate networks. This versatile repository supports both single-file and complex installers, offering a highly configurable storage solution. Administrators can easily modify properties like version numbers, languages, or OS architectures, and implement both common and product-specific policies for add-ons, updates, or hotfixes.

More than just a repository, Centralized Software Storage is a strategic tool that centralizes all tool packages, simplifying distribution and updates. This approach not only saves time but also ensures consistency and reliability in the installation process, proving invaluable for network administrators. Total Software Deployment's centralized system significantly reduces the complexities of managing various packages, promoting an organized and efficient deployment strategy and enhancing the program experience in corporate settings.


Remote software uninstallation

Total Software Deployment's remote uninstallation tool empowers network administrators to manage network programs efficiently. It can uninstall a program based on a list of detected software packages, giving administrators control over what remains or is removed from the network. The Quick Search function simplifies locating specific packages. Once unwanted software is identified, uninstalling it is just a few clicks away.

Automated remote MSI uninstallation

The newly introduced MSI uninstallation module enables system administrators to remotely uninstall MSI packages. This process is fully automated, eliminating the need for complex scripts or command-line inputs. The MSI packages are automatically identified and can be uninstalled from one or multiple network computers effortlessly. Notably, Total Software Deployment doesn't require the original MSI package for uninstallation. Future updates will expand the range of supported installer types.

Group deployment and uninstallation

Total Software Deployment excels in scanning the local area network to discover software installed on end-user computers, providing detailed information about it. It supports group deployment, maintenance, and uninstallation of utility packages across multiple system computers. Following successful deployment or remote program uninstallation, the tool can automatically rescan computers to keep the list of installed packages current.

Discover the ease and efficiency of Total Software Deployment, a comprehensive solution for managing and deploying software across your corporate network with various deployment tools and features. Explore network monitoring solutions with network Olympus monitoring and gather all network device data with Total Network Inventory.

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