Documenting the IT enterprise infrastructure

IT infrastructure documentation is a valuable resource for any organization, but it becomes a "soft spot" due to poor control and lack of systematization. It takes a lot of effort and time to create an orderly documentary report. If there is a lack of staff responsible for document management then numerous unpleasant problems for a company are just merely a matter of time.

When there is a need to audit the IT infrastructure, it is recommended to use special software, much like Total Network Inventory (TNI) – an effective software tool solution for high-quality accounting of software and licenses in the network.

How to arrange corporate documentation

IT documentation can roughly be divided into:

  • Documents for the software product
  • For the automated system
  • For the service of the solutions
  • For the hardware
  • Other maintenance documentation

It does not matter whether you are a software developer, purchased a software license or updated your hardware equipment, you should make sure that all important information is stored in one place. Certain technical documentation (licenses, agreements, contracts, datasheet, manuals, instructions, etc.) will be essential during the renewal of contracts and licenses, as well as while training new employees who provide support for the company's IT infrastructure.

Storing information digitally is the first step to getting your corporate records in order. In addition to convenience and a quick search of what you need, digital data can be easily audited and has a high degree of safety. For most people, printing a document and putting it in a folder has become a routine action, a kind of proof and confirmation of the work done. However, once the company faces the task of doing an inventory, the necessary papers are lost.

The second and final step is content indexing and document storage standardization. This can be achieved by utilizing specialized software, which is responsible for the proper registration of the received data.

Benefits of IT asset documentation

Carrying out IT documentation will be applicable for any business owner, as well as for all organizations that have a large technical park, use various software and modern communication channels. A multipurpose audit should be conducted in the case of:

  • The acquisition of a company or the merger of several organizations into one holding or corporation and to examine the current state of business, assess the state of IT systems.
  • Upgrade of the existing IT infrastructure: updating programs, equipment.
  • Detection, control and elimination of systems' "soft points". An efficient inventory helps to reduce the workload of technical support, saves funds on training employees, significantly optimizes the company's work processes, and reduces the risk of audit-related difficulties.

Utilization a unique software solution in IT documentation

TNI is a flexible software that meets the needs of any user. It is a perfect fit for companies that value their time and know that IT infrastructure inventory is not only just a formality but also an important step for improving control and generating accurate reporting. The main advantages of the software are:

  • Acquisition of a company or a merger of multiple organizations into one holding, corporation: to examine the current state of business, assess the state of IT systems.
  • Built-in database of programs: store data about each license that an organization possesses, along with framework, keys, expiration date, accompanying documents.
  • Licensed status: the keys of the installed software will be automatically detected on all devices, so you can get an up-to-date information about licenses.
  • Automation of computer equipment (office appliances) documentation: create a detailed report on each equipment in just a few clicks. You can group devices, add comments, get information about the OS, installed software and much more.
  • The ability to create various barcodes is available for auditing and marking equipment.
  • Generating flexible reports for different data categories and much more.

Together with TNI, network documentation is a pleasant experience and not a monotonous, exhausting routine.


08 June 2023

TNI 6.1: New interface and functionalities for Data transfer mode

We have significantly redesigned the mechanism and interface of the "Data Transfer" window based on your feedback to the support team.

15 March 2023

Meet Total Network Inventory 6!

TNI 6 introduces two main innovations: collection of hardware sensor statistics and transition to 64-bit architecture.