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IT Asset Management Software

In the realm of IT, managing assets efficiently is crucial for maintaining operational integrity and compliance. Total Network Inventory 6 Professional stands at the forefront of this domain, offering unparalleled tools for conducting thorough audits of software inventories and ensuring strict adherence to licensing regulations. This comprehensive suite introduces the innovative Software Asset Management (SAM) component, designed to streamline the complex processes involved in IT asset management inventory.


Software asset inventory platform

The platform provides a centralized hub for all applications running on Windows, Unix, and macOS systems within an organization. It comes equipped with advanced search and filtering tools that allow IT professionals to efficiently navigate, categorize, and explore the vast array of software and devices deployed across the network. Users can highlight key assets for quick access, label and annotate programs for better organization, and utilize a variety of features to manage their IT asset inventory effectively.

Integrated application catalog

One of the standout features of Total Network Inventory is its integrated, refreshable application catalog. This feature eliminates the tedious setup process associated with SAM modules by automatically classifying applications into commercial, freeware, or trial versions. It further simplifies asset management by categorizing software and assigning appropriate icons for easy identification in the inventory asset management system, saving valuable time and resources.

Management of license inventory

The software offers robust tools for managing a comprehensive license inventory. It allows for the detailed recording of all licenses, including their attributes, activation codes, validity periods, and associated costs. Furthermore, it facilitates the organization of all related documents, such as receipts and end-user license agreements (EULAs), ensuring that all licensing information is readily accessible and well-documented in the asset inventory management system.

Real-time license monitoring

A critical aspect of IT asset management is maintaining an up-to-date overview of software distribution and license status across the network. Total Network Inventory Professional excels in this area by providing real-time insights into which applications are licensed and which are not. It features automatic operation with activation codes for widely used programs, offering a comprehensive view of licensing discrepancies and enabling prompt resolution of compliance issues.

Reporting capabilities

The software boasts advanced reporting capabilities, allowing users to generate detailed reports on various aspects of the platforms used and licenses. These reports can cover the installations used, license overviews, and in-depth analyses of licensing issues, among other topics. The reporting process is further enhanced by the ability to schedule tasks, automate report generation, and share reports in multiple formats, ensuring that critical information is always at hand in the assets inventory management software.

Additional features

Total Network Inventory Professional includes a range of additional features designed to optimize IT asset management. These include tools for monitoring the presence of software on specific hardware, manually or automatically consolidating various versions of identical applications, and refining search outcomes with regular expressions. The platform also provides quick access to information about any application through direct links to Google or the developer's site, facilitating a deeper understanding of the program in use.

Software inventory

A unified software view

Recognizing the importance of a cohesive approach to software management, TNI processes applications from both Windows and macOS platforms, presenting a complete software catalog in an optimally organized manner. This allows for immediate searches by name and version, and the application of filters to view programs by a specific publisher or installed on selected devices. The ability to mix and match search and filter options as needed provides a flexible and powerful tool for managing software assets in the inventory asset tracking system.

Preloaded software database

The embedded database in TNI significantly enhances the efficiency of software inventory tasks. By automatically categorizing detected applications, assigning distribution models, and showcasing icons, the database streamlines the process. This leaves users free to focus on linking the platform with its corresponding licenses, further simplifying asset management.

Distribution overview

Total Network Inventory Professional offers instant insights into all installations for selected software assets. This feature is invaluable for IT professionals who need to maintain a clear overview of program distribution across the network, enabling them to manage assets more effectively and ensure compliance with licensing agreements.


Reports for every need

The platform provides access to detailed reports from the SAM module, featuring numerous pre-designed templates that enable data retrieval in table format with just a couple of clicks. Whether users need a list of unauthorized software, discovered activation keys, or any other data, the appropriate report is always within reach.

Customizable reports

For situations where pre-designed templates do not meet specific needs, Total Network Inventory offers a dedicated report builder. This tool allows users to create personalized reports by selecting required conditions according to specific criteria, ensuring that the final report provides a consolidated view of the required information. Additionally, frequently used reports can be pinned to the top of the template list for quick access.

Automated report production

The platform simplifies the report production process by allowing users to effortlessly duplicate, print, or export reports in popular formats. Moreover, the option to fully automate report distribution through task scheduling ensures that critical reports are generated and shared on time, without the need for manual intervention.

License management

Beyond activation counts

Understanding that software licenses encompass more than just activation counts, TNI adopts a comprehensive SAM approach. It lets the recording of each license purchase in the asset management inventory system, linking it to the corresponding application, and detailing its cost, acquisition date, and expiry. Users can define bespoke licensing models, manage activation keys and their permitted uses, and attach relevant documents or images, creating a thorough and manageable license inventory.

Does it provide an activation key? Perhaps several keys? How many activations does each key allow for?

Add further important information, including documents, images, or any other files.

Create as many as you need and manage app licenses effectively. After it is created and set up, you'll automatically see your licensing status.

Licensing status

See what all that data really means

The platform uses detailed software distribution and license data from the network to assess license compliance status intuitively. It displays the licensing status for each program or license, using distinct colors to highlight issues for easy identification. A click-through feature provides detailed problem analysis, ensuring that any licensing discrepancies are quickly understood and addressed.

The system also identifies activation keys for certain applications, flagging any installations that possess a key but lack a corresponding license. This feature is crucial for maintaining compliance and avoiding potential legal and financial consequences associated with unlicensed software use.

Once calculated, the status is kept up to date and reflects the changes to your storage.

Other features

Software installation tracking

Total Network Inventory Professional allows IT administrators to control effectively other applications across the network with the Total Software Deployment. The tool can be designated as essential or prohibited on specific machines, ensuring that only authorized applications are installed and reducing the risk of security vulnerabilities associated with unauthorized software.

Consolidating versions

The platform simplifies software management by enabling the merging of various versions of the same application. This can be done manually or through automation, depending on the user's preference. The ability to consolidate versions helps maintain a clear and current platform list, making it easier to manage licenses and ensure compliance. If needed, the process is reversible, allowing users to unmerge versions at any time.

Advanced software search

Total Network Inventory Professional enhances platform management with its advanced search capabilities. The Software accounting feature provides rapid access to developer information or Google searches, helping users quickly understand the purpose and function of any application. Additionally, the platform supports complex searches with regular expressions, allowing for more refined search outcomes and the ability to save search parameters for future reference.

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