15 Mar, 2023

Meet Total Network Inventory 6!

Hello friends! Today we present you a new version of the beloved Total Network Inventory, which has been helping administrators for 16 years already!

TNI 6 introduces two main innovations: collection of hardware sensor statistics and transition to 64-bit architecture.

Gathering information about hardware status

  • Big featureHardware sensors statistics mode

TNI 6 has now the ability to collect data from the hardware components of your equipment without loading the scanned system. This is now possible thanks to the expanded implementation of the resident agents to scan remote devices.

All equipment status data, such as processor temperature, storage usage, motherboard voltage and others are collected in a separate tab. Now you can identify deviations in the operation of computers and servers that have occurred over a particular period: by date range, by elapsed time, or for all time. For the convenience of identifying problems, you can set up alarms that will be triggered when the thresholds you specify are exceeded.

Hardware sensor data is available in three convenient viewing modes: printable, tree or table report. Detailed information on how to use sensors is already available in the User Guide.

The “Sensors” mode is available to owners of the Total Network Inventory Professional version.

Transition to 64-bit architecture

We have previously announced TNI x64 as a beta version, and during these 5 months of active testing, we can confidently say that the software is now much more stable and able to handle large amounts of data in companies with several tens of thousands of devices on the network.

Other improvements and tweaks

Of course, in addition to developing new features, we do not forget to constantly improve TNI. A complete list of all changes and fixes is available in the version history.

Update Total Network Inventory to version 6, and don’t forget to renew your license for regular updates and Improvements.

Stay tuned!