18 May, 2012

Até que enfim! TNI 2 em Português!

  • New Portuguese locale.
  • NewStatus bar indicators for scanned/failed/custom assets and license usage.
  • NewNew Software installations report in Software accounting.
  • NewNew storage assistants: OS architecture (requires rescan) and Asset kind (scanned, failed or custom).
  • NewOption to switch between relative or absolute dates in reports.
  • NewPossibility to use custom date format in reports.
  • NewXen  virtual type and fixes for Linuxes running under Xen.
  • New64-bit scanner for Linux.
  • NewOnline asset field in table reports.
  • NewName field for keyboards and pointing devices in table reports.
  • NewAdditional time zone details (DST details).
  • ImprovedComputer description is updated automatically if not changed by user.
  • Improved“New template” button in table reports moved to the top of sidebar.
  • ImprovedAssets failed to scan are marked with a small error icon.
  • FixedTime zone field in Operating system details (Windows).
  • FixedExport of user-created date fields.
  • FixedSSH scanners are searched for in the installation directory instead of current path.
  • + minor fixes & improvements

Status bar indicators, new assistants & errors highlight

The network tree just got a little fancier and a little more convenient. Take a look at this screenshot here.

The first figure on the status bar is the number of scanned nodes you have and your license capacity. The progress bar shows how close you are to the license limitation. Note how assets with scanning errors and manually added ones are not taken into account and are shown separately.

The new OS architecture assistant provides “x32” and “x64” labels. You may use filtering by architecture type as well.

Athena and Zeus there have been unfortunate at scantime, which is indicated by the little error icons.

Another new assistant enables you to filter the tree by Asset kind: that is, “scanned”, “failed to scan” and “manually added”. That’s basically what status bar counters stand for. Do you know that feel when you want everything but scanning errors out of the way so you could deal with them? Possible now.

Date format options

Go to Options / General and you’ll find this in Format options section:

Unchecking Use relative dates will help you if you never ever want to see “Today” or “Monday” instead of the actual date.

And the second option speaks for itself allowing you to format your dates to your heart’s desire.

Software installations report

While the next version of our Software accounting tab is still WIP, the current one constantly needs some little tweaks and additions which we try to provide ASAP. A short time ago we discovered that Software accounting tab was actually missing the most basic and useful report. Now it’s in place.

This table features every installation of software items that you select. It can be easily searched, printed or exported to Excel for further processing.    

And here is your download link! As always, more to come!