08 Jun, 2023

TNI 6.1: New interface and functionalities for Data transfer mode

Hello everyone! Here comes the first update after the release of the 6th version.

We have significantly redesigned the mechanism and interface of the “Data Transfer” window based on your feedback to the support team. We redesigned and moved the creation of the data transfer method to a separate modal window, so there you no longer need to go to the “Data Transfer” section from the Resident Agents setting and other places where it is used, interrupting the workflow.

At the same time, the main window “Data Transfer” was also cleaned up and the ability to use the SMB transfer method in scheduled import tasks was added.

The complete list of new features and improvements in this version of TNI:

  • AddedAbility to create and edit existing Data transfers from any part of the program.
  • AddedCollecting information about Windows devices uptime.
  • AddedDisplay of the drive’s remaining life values in the General information report.
  • AddedAbility to assign a dynamic or static IP address type to the devices regardless of scan results.
  • AddedAbility to use SMB Data transfers for scheduled Data import tasks.
  • ImprovedRedesigned and improved user interface for Data transfer mode.
  • ImprovedSignificantly increased search speed in the Users mode.
  • ImprovedOptimized speed of applying the Asset filter in the SAM mode.
  • ImprovedAutomatic cleanup of damaged hardware sensors inventory files while importing.
  • FixedThe ability of selective synchronization with AD in the Network tree context menu.
  • FixedCleaning of outdated information from the Sensors database.
  • FixedDeployment of the resident agent with the ‘Skip existing assets’ setting enabled.
  • FixedStorage backup restoration error.
  • + Some other fixes and improvements.

By the way, this is far from everything that the Softinventive Lab team is currently working on. Some big and long-awaited changes are underway. For example, these 😊

However, everything has its time. In the meantime, update to 6.1.0, there are many useful features that you asked for.

See you soon!

2 Responses to “TNI 6.1: New interface and functionalities for Data transfer mode”
  1. j icon-bg

    Hola Buenas tardes. –
    ¿Podremos ver la versión en la Nube?
    sería una buena opción ya que hay varios softwares que ya manejan estas opciones.

    • D icon-bg

      Buenas dias,
      Lamentamos que esta función no esté disponible al menos en un futuro próximo. No consideramos el uso de servicios en la nube en el programa.