22 Jul, 2021

TNI 5.1: Automatic recognition of popular software

Here comes another update! This time, it’s an improvement to the software accounting module.

  • BIG FEATUREAutomatic recognition of popular software

We love to see good things happens on their own. The new version of Total Network Inventory has one more feature that delivers just that. The in-house database of popular software will make your work with the list of programs installed on network computers even more comfortable. TNI will assign icons to programs and determine software category and type, and that means less manual work. AutoMagical!

The software list is shorter, cleaner, prettier.

Change log export

In this section, we’ve added another export format, HTML. It’s much more visually compelling than TXT or CSV, do you agree?

Here are the rest of the changes:

  • AddedScanning support for macOS on Apple M1 chip.
  • AddedAbility to schedule tasks to run after the storage loads.
  • AddedSAM: Automatic database recovery if corrupted.
  • AddedSeveral presets for data transfer via SMB.
  • AddedMAC addresses can now be included in barcodes and inventory numbers.
  • AddedDetailed logging for synchronization with AD and import operations.
  • ImprovedBuilding of table reports on schedule.
  • ImprovedAsset import system.
  • ImprovedLayout of Viewer & reports.
  • ImprovedResident agent: Loading agent settings and handling errors.
  • FixedSAM: Re-assigning licenses and keys when software items are updated.
  • FixedAbility to use the underscore character in network names.
  • FixedIssues stopping the resident agent.
  • FixedLayout of Table report templates.
  • + Many other fixes and improvements.

That’s all for today. The next update is already in the works, stay tuned!

2 Responses to “TNI 5.1: Automatic recognition of popular software”
  1. H icon-bg

    Hello, my dears,

    thanks for your hard word.
    I have a little criticism. The action “shutdown” doesn’t work anymore. “Wake one LAN” does.

    Best wishes

    • D icon-bg

      Dear Holger,

      Thank you for the feedback.
      Our team has noticed the issue and we will fix it in the future updates.
      However, in the current version of TNI the problem can be worked around by adding new custom actions:
      {$GROUP}Shutdown and Reboot
      {$?}{$MULTI}{$IF WIN,ONLINE}Grant remote access for Shutdown or Reboot=net use \\%HOST%\IPC$ /user:%USERNAME% %PASSWORD%
      {$?}{$MULTI}{$IF WIN,ONLINE}Shutdown=shutdown /s /m \\%HOST%
      {$?}{$MULTI}{$IF WIN,ONLINE}Reboot=shutdown /r /m \\%HOST%
      {$END GROUP}

      If your network is not in Domain or some devices are in a Workgroup or TNI runs without elevation, then you should preliminarily grant the access to remote actions by executing the first command.
      If the TNI runs with Domain administrator privileges, then you need to execute only the last two actions to shutdown or reboot the required devices.
      For more information on how to edit the Actions list please visit this page: