10 Jun, 2022

TNI 5.5: calculation of the software licenses cost and expenses planning

Hello friends!

The new Total Network Inventory update is here! This time, the Software Accounting Manager received new features and improvements, which has a License Cost Calculator. The new licenses feature “Payments” will allow you to calculate and display a summary of the licenses cost for software installed on the network for certain periods in a few clicks.

  • Big featureThe License Cost Calculator.

Now you can:

Calculate the amount of payment for licenses of a specific publisher for the current month.

Predict the cost of all recurring licenses in the future.

Display payment history for all licenses for past periods.

The new functionality will help you schedule license purchases with recurring payments and help you budget for future periods and upgrades. As always, it is possible to export to Excel for further processing or printing.

We also have added the ability to scan SNMP devices using a custom list of fields as you requested. This will speed up scanning and collecting the necessary information from such devices several times in cases where their full data is not required.

Other additions and improvements

  • AddedSupport for macOS Monterey 12.4 and macOS Ventura
  • ImprovedSAM: database update and import performance increased.
  • ImprovedExtended settings for FTP data transfer protocol.
  • ImprovedApplication loading speed when some network storages are inaccessible.
  • ImprovedExpanded the list of available currencies.
  • ImprovedAdded protection for critical storage files.
  • FixedIncorrect formation of the Change log when the models of drives match completely.
  • FixedExtra line breaks in the summary of RAM in brief printable reports.
  • FixedDrawing interface elements in the resident agent management mode.
  • + Many other fixes and improvements.

Download the new version of TNI 5.5.0 from the link or update directly from the application window. See you next time!