17 Dec, 2014

TNI 3.1.3: Full SNMP scan and other improvements

Hello! Another interesting update has been released:

  • BIG FEATUREFull SNMP scan with possibility to load vendor MIB files.
  • NewList of all USB devices that have ever been connected to Windows computers.
  • NewInventory number and serial number in brief printable report for General information.
  • ImprovedESXi and FreeBSD agents updated.
  • FixedMS Office 2013 product keys detection (KMS and Click-to-Run).

Full SNMP scan

Previously Total Network Inventory was able to collect only a small subset of information from devices with SNMP support. Now it’s in the past. Full SNMP scan will provide you with all available information. Moreover, you can load your equipment vendor’s MIB files and all unknown fields will get meaningful names.

You often ask us – is it possible to track the toner level on a network printer? Yes! Now it is possible!

List of all USB devices

Recently we have added the Change log, so that you could track a loss of a memory module or an unauthorized hard drive replacement. However, what can be done to the unallowed use of USB devices between scans? Cause we don’t monitor all computers constantly after all. But we have found a solution! It’s the list of all USB devices that have ever been connected to computers with Microsoft Windows. This list is stored in the registry and it can’t be modified without system rights, and TNI have learned how to read it. Now you will be able to see whether someone used a flash drive or other USB device.

And as always, till next time!

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    por favor preciso fazer teste

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    Estou querendo testar esta ferramenta por isso solicito uma chave de validação

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    Je suis très content de ce logiciel.

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      Merci pour vos commentaires.