09 Sep, 2020

TNI 4.7.5 Microsoft Store apps scan

Hey, Hi, and Hello to all who reads our blog! Without further ado, let’s cover the features we’ve prepared for you this time.

Collecting of information about the installed Microsoft Store apps

We noticed that the popularity of MS Store apps has been growing every month. So we’ve taught TNI to collect this information and display all the apps in a separate category:

Detecting TPM Chips and BitLocker Drive Encryption Status

The TPM Chips and BitLocker Drive Encryption Status can no longer hide from our scanner. You will find the key information about the chip under the “System” category in reports. And for each local disk, you can now see its encryption status.

Timestamp of the last successful ping

It’s now become much easier to search for outdated assets. No more is there a need to frequently scan your storage to find out which assets have been offline for a long time. There’s a new field that will show you the exact time when the ping has last reached the asset in question:

A few network map upgrades

The Network map update is focused on the connections between objects, saving you time and providing new options. From now on, when you cut or copy and paste assets on the map, the links connecting the selected assets will follow, dispensing with the need to redraw them every time. Secondly, we’ve made it possible for you to customize the type of each link, instead of setting one map-wide:

Most of this update was made possible by your feedback and requests. We are sincerely happy when our products meet the needs and high expectations of our beloved users.

See you later!