28 May, 2020

TNI 4.6.0: Software accounting redesigned (stage 1)

Hello, everyone!

This post is meant to introduce you to the new version of Total Network Inventory and the first stage of improvements to the Software asset management module with the goal of making your work with license and software lists as easy, effective and straightforward as possible. As they say, “See it big, and keep it simple”.

Let’s start:

The first thing you’ll notice is more free space. The License management mode has been moved to a separate tab, and all the filters you usually see on the left panel have been moved to the toolbar above the list of software and licenses. They can be added, combined or hidden as needed:

The full functionality is still at the ready, and the newly available space allows you to display more useful information on the screen.

The Licenses tab has acquired some new features. Licenses now have their own set of filters; you can also hide licenses and assign tags, just like you’re used to doing in the software list:

The second stage of improvements is already in development. In addition to continuing to update the interface, we plan to revise the report builder for the Software accounting and License modes.

Other changes:

One important new setting allows you to keep the agent when scanning a remote Windows asset. However by default, TNI will still delete the agent file after scanning via SMB. The “Do not delete the agent file after scanning” option will be useful for those users who want to reduce the traffic during scanning or speed up the process of rescanning network assets. To opt in, head to the scan settings.

  • NewSoftware accounting and License management split into separate tabs.
  • NewAbility to keep the Windows agent after scanning (to save traffic).
  • NewFilters for the Licenses mode.
  • NewTags for licenses.
  • NewOption on the network map to restore the original size of an image.
  • NewWelcome screen in the Licenses mode.
  • NewError details displayed in case of issues with sending a test email.
  • NewDisplaying relevant license keys when creating a license.
  • ImprovedFilters in the Software accounting mode.
  • ImprovedReworked context menu for the Software accounting and Licenses modes.
  • ImprovedUpdating and rebuilding the software database.
  • ImprovedMerging of assets in networks with duplicated workgroup/domain names.
  • ImprovedNetwork map mode’s memory consumption was optimized.
  • FixedResident agent’s ability to send scan results via SFTP, SMTP, SCP, HTTPS.
  • Fixed“Pirate license” status.
  • FixedLoss of connection when sending scan results via SMB.
  • FixedScanning of specific Telnet devices.
  • FixedNested action lists for assets on the network map.
  • + Other fixes to the network tree interface, Software accounting and Licenses modes.

That’s all for today. Download TNI and try out the new features. Good luck!

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