23 Mar, 2012

TNI 2.0.5 (1280): Licensing update

Donald here.

Another TNI 2 update is out. This time we’ve got some changes to our licensing scheme as well as additions and improvements to the software itself.

  • NewNew licenses (750, 1000, 1500, 2000 nodes). All licenses can now be used worldwide and for MSPs. Nationwide and Worldwide licenses merged into one: Unlimited license.
  • NewRetrieving Libraries/Internet Plug-Ins for MacOS X.
  • NewNew custom device types:  Phone and  Fax.
  • NewFree and Load fields for System memory are back.
  • ImprovedXLSX export: minimized memory usage, cells are now typed (numbers, dates, etc), table is formatted (border, header, autofilter).
  • ImprovedPinging and rescanning of domain member computers with dynamic IP addresses is now done by FQDN instead of short network name (fixed multiple domains issues).
  • ImprovedMobile processors detection updated.
  • ImprovedComputer description is updated unless it was changed by user.
  • FixedErrors with zero IP addresses for offline assets.
  • Also…Some minor fixes and improvements

New TNI licensing policy

We used to have a somewhat complex licensing scheme where licenses had geographical and usage restrictions. Now everything is as simple as it can be.

First, you have Limited licenses. The limitation concerns the number of nodes you can inventory (starting at the minimum of 25 nodes and going up to 2000 nodes). This does not include non-scanned and manually created assets: you can have as many of them as you need. And then, there’s an Unlimited license. It’s virtually the same, but (obviously enough) the number of allowed nodes is unlimited.

You can use any license to scan computers anywhere in the world. Besides, all licenses can now be used by MSP/ITSP (Managed Service Providers / IT Service Providers) to inventory computers of their clients. The only restriction is that the licenses can be used only by the person or the staff of the organisation that they are registered to.

Again, all licenses are now worldwide and can be used by MSPs. We hope this new licensing policy proves to be more simple and convenient for our dear customers.

Visit TNI 2 purchase page to learn about pricing.

Scanning MacOS X libraries

If you have any MacOS X assets in your storage, go ahead and rescan them after installing this update. You’ll discover a brand new category, the Libraries.

At the moment we only scan Internet Plugins group of libraries, as these turned out to be the most useful and demanded information. If you happen to need another library group scanned, don’t hesitate to tell us about it. Our development process is driven by the feedback we get from you!

Improved export to Excel

From now on after exporting a table report to Excel document you get a nicely formatted table with properly typed cells. This gives you the full power of Excel to play with.

Just in case you didn’t know: inside Excel, click on those gray arrows in table header to get access to some advanced sorting, filtering and searching options. Further, you may use conditional formatting and built-in functions of Excel to get the most vivid reports and summaries.

Let your tools cooperate!   

And that was TNI 2.0.5 (1280) for you. Hope you like it!

Donald Grizzly out.

4 Responses to “TNI 2.0.5 (1280): Licensing update”
  1. S icon-bg

    Thank you for adding back in the load and free system memory fields!! I’ve been running both the new and old TNI scans for my assessments and now I can finally let the old one go. If this information could be added to the Brief reports instead of the Full only, that would be super. Thanks again! I love this software!

    • D icon-bg

      Thanks for all the love, Scott! Happy customers make us happy. :)
      Also, we’ll consider adding the fields to the Brief reports.

  2. S icon-bg

    I’m not exactly glad about the license changes. As a MSP we bought a “unlimited” license a few weeks ago and are now reduced to 500 devices. Rethink that please. We are not having customers that exceed that limit at the moment but are getting close there, as we like to keep the information of subsidiaries, etc. in one storage per customer.

    • Z icon-bg

      Hi Stefan,
      All previously purchased MSP licenses remain unlimited. They have became limited to 500 nodes for a short period of time, but then we’ve understood that it was incorrect in respect to our customers who had purchased the MSP licenses under the unlimited conditions. Thus we have corrected this mistake in the latest 1281 build. Please update your copy of the program to the latest available version and the limitation will be removed.