03 May, 2021

TNI 5: New Scheduler

Friends, today we present to you a new milestone in the development of the program that you all love so much. Meet Total Network Inventory 5!

The development of the 5th version was carried out in parallel with the release of TNI 4 updates, so the number of changes and improvements is huge. Thus, it will take 2 posts in our blog to tell you in detail about the main innovations. Ready? … Let’s go!

  • BIG FEATURENew task scheduler

Separate Scheduler for each storage

That’s right, friends. The scheduler is now located not in the program settings, but on a separate tab. This makes accessing to the scheduler more intuitive and the interface more functional and convenient:

Now each TNI storage can have a unique set of Scheduler tasks, which is great for users who manage multiple storages.

What tasks can you schedule?

You can create a schedule for:

  • network scanning;
  • building and sending table reports;
  • synchronization with AD;
  • creating a backup copy of the storage;
  • importing new data into the storage.

We’ve added something new to nearly every task, and we’ll expand on this in the next section.

Now you can schedule various tasks with maximum flexibility at exactly the time and frequency that suits you.

New features

You can find detailed information about all the settings and features of the new scheduler in the updated section of the documentation. Here are some of the most interesting of them:

  • flexible configuration of frequently repetitive tasks, for example, to perform scanning in a loop;
  • scheduled table reports can now be generated based on any groups of your storage and multiple reports can be generated at the same time;
  • you can now specify individual synchronizable objects for scheduled synchronization with AD;
  • skipped tasks can be automatically executed after TNI is started, if the ‘Run skipped tasks’ option is enabled;
  • any scheduled task can be run in ‘Silent mode’ without distracting you or creating entries in the Application events log;
  • any task can be interrupted by the user at any time.

We are sure that you will appreciate the ease and lightness of the new task scheduler. All tasks created in previous versions of the program will be automatically transferred to the new tab along with their settings.

Install Total Network Inventory 5 and try the new Scheduler in action!

In the next post, we will tell you about other new features of the program: the Data transfer tab, password protection of the storage and S.M.A.R.T. alerts. Stay tuned!