Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) are crucial for managing infrastructure and production operations in modern enterprises. Traditionally, OT and IT systems were siloed but integrating them offers significant advantages.

This article delves into the essence of IT and OT integration, underscoring its benefits and the disadvantages of maintaining these domains in isolation. Furthermore, we will explore how Total Network Inventory can play a pivotal role in realizing these benefits.

What is Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology refers to computing infrastructure and systems used for managing data and software applications that support business processes. This includes networks, databases, laptops/desktops, …

IT administrators play an indispensable role in managing the technology basis and digital infrastructure enabling modern enterprises to function smoothly. To excel at meeting the multifaceted responsibilities that come with securing complex corporate IT environments and supporting numerous end users, the staff needs to be equipped with specialized software tools. This article highlights the essential software for network administrators, providing them with the tools necessary to meet the demands of their critical role.

The Importance of IT Administrators in Modern Corporate Structures

In the modern digital world, robust and seamless technology infrastructure is crucial for maintaining business operations. From cloud …

Greetings, you beautiful people! Did you miss the updates? Then download the new version of Total Network Inventory right here, right now!

The main feature of TNI 4.9.0 is a new flexible and versatile constructor of table reports for Software accounting and Licenses.

  • BIG FEATUREConstructor of SAM table reports!

You are no longer limited to a set of standard templates. The new report editor allows you to use all of the familiar features that you have in Table reports. Select the fields you need, enable filtering by adding conditions, and get exactly the information you need …

Educational institutions contain volumes of sensitive personal data making them prime targets for cybercriminals seeking to steal valuable information. Advanced monitoring software for schools and universities can better defend their infrastructure through centralized visibility, rapid threat detection, and automated protections. This article explores escalating risks in educational organizations and how the right tools can enable robust cybersecurity even with limited IT resources.

Cybersecurity Threats in the Educational Sector

The educational sector, with its vast repositories of personal and research data, has become a prime target for cybercriminals. The variety and frequency of these cyber threats have escalated, demanding a robust …

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Do you remember our pre-summer post about the new SAM features? Well, that was just the first stage. Get ready to see the final version of the Software accounting and Licenses tabs!

We admit that the interface of Software accounting used to scare away rather than amaze with its functionality. When you first opened the tab, you experienced something similar to the experience of an airplane passenger who was put in the pilot’s seat and asked to sort out the controls. Now everything looks completely different.

All the data in a single report

One long-requested feature was the …

Hey, Hi, and Hello to all who reads our blog! Without further ado, let’s cover the features we’ve prepared for you this time.

Collecting of information about the installed Microsoft Store apps

We noticed that the popularity of MS Store apps has been growing every month. So we’ve taught TNI to collect this information and display all the apps in a separate category:

Detecting TPM Chips and BitLocker Drive Encryption Status

The TPM Chips and BitLocker Drive Encryption Status can no longer hide from our scanner. You will find the key information about the chip under the “System” category in …