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v. 2.3.0 / 04 January 2017 / All Windows / Free for 60 days
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Network Monitoring Software

Step into the Future

Starting from August 10, 2019 we completely suspend the development and distribution of Total Network Monitor 2. A new product has come to take its place: Network Olympus, which exceeds its predecessor by every measure and also has greater potential for further development.

All users who have purchased a Total Network Monitor 2 license can switch to Network Olympus at any time with a 50% discount! Contact us to receive your discount.

Total Network Monitor 2 is a network monitoring tool that is designed to continuously monitor your local network, individual computers, and services that require careful attention and thorough control. TNM 2 will alert you of any problem encountered in advance and generate a detailed report on the circumstances of the failure.

Monitor is a special type of object that keeps track of a particular aspect of service operation, server health, or a file system. You create monitors, fine-tune them to meet your individual demands and run them, and they display the status of your network in real time.

Server Monitoring

If any parameter deviates from its normal state, the monitor executes the action set that is predefined by the user, e.g. plays a sound, sends a detailed description of the incident via e-mail or IM, reboots the remote computer, or launches an application.

The monitor log shows the full history of the executed actions and readings from all of the monitors. This is very valuable data in everyday network management.


Keeping data organized

Total Network Monitor is linked to the outside world through sensors that provide TNM with all of the data for analysis. There is a variety of sensors for any occasion. Send a request for server monitoring via the network protocol, inspect a service, check the event log or Windows registry key value, find a string in a file on a remote computer, etc.: all of these tasks are a breeze for our network monitoring software.

Available sensors



  • ICMP
  • TCP
  • HTTP
  • FTP
  • SMTP
  • IMAP
  • Telnet




  • Event log
  • Service state
  • Registry state
  • System performance



  • File existence
  • File size
  • File compare
  • File count
  • File CRC32
  • File content
  • Disk space


Notifications and event history

When something goes wrong, actions are executed. These actions alert you so that you can fix everything in time. They can provide first aid (i.e. restart a service or a remote PC, launch an application, or run a script). Then again, they can also simply log the event.

Available actions



  • Message box
  • Popup window
  • Play sound
  • Write to file



  • E-mail
  • Jabber
  • Event log



  • Launch application
  • Run script
  • Reload service
  • Reboot computer


Sensor journalizing

Total Network Monitor 2 tracks all of the working monitors and records the necessary information about the executed sensors into the monitoring log. Any state change of the monitor lands into the monitors log:

Statistics and Activity diagram

Statistics includes the selected monitor's run time and time of the last check, total number of checks, and number of green, red, and black states of the monitor. Activity diagram is a tool that graphically visualizes the results of the selected network monitoring sensor.

Action journalizing

Our network monitoring software records each executed action into the actions log:

Network map

Network mapping software

Generate the visual representation of your monitoring project in the form of a network map: arrange the icons of your devices on the broad white canvas and render the network structure using links. If a device requires your attention, it is highlighted in red directly on the map.

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