In an era where digital transformation dictates the pace of business, the significance of robust cybersecurity measures has become supreme. This article will research the crucial role of IT inventory software in bolstering cyber security, providing insights into how organizations can shield their networks from both external and internal threats.

The importance of IT inventory

As companies become more digitized and reliant on complex information technology (IT) systems, having a comprehensive inventory of all hardware and software assets is crucial for security. IT inventory provides visibility into every component on a network: workstations, servers, routers, applications, etc. Therefore, vulnerabilities and …

In the era of technology where computing power is the backbone of everyday efficiency, monitoring your PC hardware has become more important than ever. It is not just about ensuring your computer runs smoothly; it is about maximizing its lifespan and performance. With a plethora of advanced tools available for hardware monitoring software for PCs, the task is of vigilantly track your PC’s health and performance.

This article aims to provide an in-depth exploration of the features of such software and explain why they are indispensable tools for any PC user, whether for personal or professional use. Understanding what computing …

Remote software installation allows IT teams to deploy new applications, updates, and patches to devices across an organization from a central location. While efficient, remote setup comes with challenges around keeping devices secure, avoiding conflicts, and selecting the right tools. Understanding common issues and best practices is key for successful automated software rollout.

Problems with Remote Software Installation

A core benefit of remote deployment is enabling instant software updates across an enterprise. However, a lack of IT control over endpoints can lead to critical problems.

Ensuring Devices are Up-to-Date

One of the main challenges in software installation is keeping all …

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Today we have prepared an update that is especially necessary for those who use Total Network Inventory frequently and with many devices. Regular scanning of computers using pre-installed resident agents has now become much easier, more convenient and efficient.

Advantages of scanning with resident agents

  • Scanning offline. The resident agent scans a computer on a schedule, regardless of whether it is connected to the network or not.
  • Reduced network load. All scanning operations take place locally, and only scan results are transmitted as small files.
  • Reduced load on the main TNI module. Less memory

Understanding what devices and users are connected to your corporate network is critical for maintaining security and compliance. Network scanning provides visibility into everything on your infrastructure to enable better protection and management. This article explores network scanning concepts for businesses along with the key reasons your organization needs regular comprehensive scans.

What is Network Scanning?

Network scanning is a process where a network scan tool is used to identify active devices on a grid. This includes servers, workstations, and other net devices. The primary purpose of this scan is to manage, maintain, and secure a system by identifying what …

Managing inventory efficiently is vital for businesses, yet the manual counting and tracking of all assets can be extremely cumbersome. This article will explore what automated administration applications or services entail together with their key benefits. We’ll also recommend a robust platform for integrating and controlling assets seamlessly across your business.

What is Automated Inventory Management?

Automated resource management refers to using dedicated software solutions to digitize, centralize, and streamline product tracking and control workflows. This includes digitally recording stock items, movement and orders. The software utilizes barcode/RFID scanning, sensors, and digital dashboards to achieve visibility into all inventory processing …