We have not updated Total Network Inventory for a long time, and there were serious reasons for this – we laid the foundation for a complete transition of the architecture to working with databases.

TNI is a product with a long history, dating back to 2006. All this time, we have been tirelessly developing the functionality of the software, making it better and more convenient. This is confirmed by the large number of regular Total Network Inventory users who have been with us for many years.

But, along with the developed functionality for inventorying the hardware and software of …

Hello everyone! Here comes the first update after the release of the 6th version.

We have significantly redesigned the mechanism and interface of the “Data Transfer” window based on your feedback to the support team. We redesigned and moved the creation of the data transfer method to a separate modal window, so there you no longer need to go to the “Data Transfer” section from the Resident Agents setting and other places where it is used, interrupting the workflow.

At the same time, the main window “Data Transfer” was also cleaned up and the ability to use the SMB …

Hello friends! Today we present you a new version of the beloved Total Network Inventory, which has been helping administrators for 16 years already!

TNI 6 introduces two main innovations: collection of hardware sensor statistics and transition to 64-bit architecture.

Gathering information about hardware status

  • Big featureHardware sensors statistics mode

TNI 6 has now the ability to collect data from the hardware components of your equipment without loading the scanned system. This is now possible thanks to the expanded implementation of the resident agents to scan remote devices.

All equipment status data, such as processor temperature, storage usage, …

Hi everyone!

The latest TNI update is out now! This time, a new feature is a personalization of the order of Total Network Inventory modes. Previously, the order of all available modes and tabs was predetermined, and now you can customize their display for your workflow.

Did you configure scheduled scans in the Scheduler and haven’t visited the Scanner tab for a long time? Move it to the extra menu! Starting your working day with a Network Map? Move it or another most frequently used mode to the front. Any combination for your personal needs!

Due to numerous …

Hello everyone!

Today Total Network Inventory has been updated to version 5.6.0 with several new features and major improvements.

Processor and RAM obsolescence charts

Two new summary charts help you quickly assess your legacy processor fleet, your PC’s RAM, and identify devices in need of an upgrade.

TNI is now able to collect additional information on processors:

  • Platform
  • Release year
  • Windows 11 support

This will help you get even more accurate reports on your PCs readiness to upgrade to Windows 11.

Faster import of new device snapshots

Let’s look under the hood: in the new version, updating information about …

Hello friends!

The new Total Network Inventory update is here! This time, the Software Accounting Manager received new features and improvements, which has a License Cost Calculator. The new licenses feature “Payments” will allow you to calculate and display a summary of the licenses cost for software installed on the network for certain periods in a few clicks.

  • Big featureThe License Cost Calculator.

Now you can:

Calculate the amount of payment for licenses of a specific publisher for the current month.

Predict the cost of all recurring licenses in the future.

Display payment history for all