Greetings! Today we have an announcement to make. This December February we’ll be releasing TNI 3, a major update featuring the new Software Asset Management (SAM) system that some of you have had the chance to use (and we’re getting a lot of positive feedback, too!).

TNI 3 coming

So, here’s the deal:
  • Get TNI 2 now with a 25% discount.
  • When TNI 3 is out, all our customers get it for free.
  • Get the new SAM with a 50% discount.
  • Full year of free updates. This means superb support and regular new features. Just scroll through this
The new TNI update is here, bringing you some long-awaited Active Directory synchronization features, ubiquitous Unicode support and more. But the first-est thing you’re going to see is:
  • NewNew application icon!
TNI 2 icon After that you’ll inevitably notice other neat things, too. Namely:
  • NewMore Active Directory support: possibility to synchronize users and their data, as well as computers and OU hierarchy, manually or at startup. Users and computers which don’t exist in AD can be optionally removed.
  • NewActive Directory OU structure can be recreated in the storage during domain scan: choose “Duplicate structure” in “Target folder” column.
  • New
Today we’re back with new TNI 2 update. And it’s all about ACTION! Or, rather, actions: things you can now do remotely to computers in your network right from TNI. But before we jump in, as always, here’s the change-list:
  • BIG FEATUREStandard and custom actions.
  • NewDetection of CentOS and SliTaz Linux distributions: SliTaz and CentOS icons
  • FixedFreezing of the scan process in some cases.
  • FixedName resolving for assets with dynamic IPs.

Introducing actions

There are a few Standard actions that TNI performs directly (Reboot, Power-off and Wake-on-LAN) as well as Custom actions, where…
Hello! The theme for our new update is:
Pushing the limits of network discovery
…well, alright, maybe not that epic. Still, check out the changelist:
  • NewNew fast network discovery engine — Asynchronous engine. Discovers online hosts in /24 subnet (254 addresses) in just one second.
  • NewPossibility to choose from three network engines (asynchronous, Nmap and classic) for online status detection and network discovery, and two network engines (Nmap and classic) for port scanning.
  • NewPossibility to run TCP-ping (skip ICMP and ARP ping and scan ports immediately) to discover assets that don’t respond to ping.
Greetings! The change list is short this time, but check it out:
  • BIG FEATUREScan scheduler
The “list” kind of looks like a cigarette, but remember: smoking kills… Yeah, I’d rather tell you all about the new Big Feature.

Creating and scheduling a task list

Yes, the Scheduler operates on saved task lists. To create these, you first add some tasks to the scanner, set them up (i.e. discover nodes within ranges, enter logins and passwords, etc) and then you click Save current tasks button on the sidebar. The result is what you see in the figure here. Each…
Hello! Donald here with a great TNI update for you. So many things to tell you about. First, there’s this:
  • BIG FEATURENew Nmap-powered network discovery and port scan engine
  • NewIndication of open ports for each asset in the Scanner and in the network tree (with the help of new assistant).
  • NewA screenshot of the web-interface is stored and displayed if a device with scan error has port 80 open.
  • NewOS and device type detection for devices with scan errors.
  • ImprovedOnline status detection reliability.
  • ImprovedIP ranges and networks discovery speed.

Then, there’s also this:
  • New