03 Aug, 2015

Total Network Monitor 2.0 вeta!


As you know, the development of Total Network Monitor was suspended back in 2010. Over the years, the software has received a lot of positive feedback from you, but it still contained some known bugs that kept reminding of themselves.

We hope you enjoy this news, because we’ve found time to breathe new life into the project.


Just look at this changelog, which is far from being exhaustive:

  • BIG FEATUREAll program elements have been updated and modified: engine, UI, documentation.
  • NewHTTP sensor: UTF-8 support added for page content check.
  • NewHTTP sensor: Pages availability check via HTTPS.
  • NewHTTP sensor: Web servers redirection support. Now the sensor redirects in the same way as Internet browsers do.
  • NewFTP sensor: Ability to specify your own port number for an FTP server.
  • NewProtection from entering a random server port number for the TCP sensor.
  • NewAbility to add multiple addresses for the “send email” action.
  • NewAbility to check file availability on a remote server.
  • ImprovedICMP sensor mechanism. Now it has improved logic and allows you to specify timeout in milliseconds.
  • ImprovedOverall stability of the application (several critical errors that caused application to crash fixed).
  • FixedError caused by checking inaccessible files (e.g. pagefile.sys) for several FILE sensors (file existence, file size, file compare).
  • FixedICMP sensor logic (if at least one packet has passed, the monitor will turn green).
  • FixedWindows sensor: Event log error. Now the sensor check behaves correctly when a large number of events is added.
  • FixedInterface error while changing (adding) an HTTP sensor.
  • FixedThe ICMP sensor now works correctly with IP addresses ending with 0 or 255, if the subnet mask defines them as being valid.
  • FixedCount number mismatch for monitors of a certain color (monitor list header).
  • FixedIncorrect behavior of TNM notification balloons in system tray.
  • FixedError when trying to launch TNI.
  • FixedFile format mismatch error in Project Editor.

And that’s not all! The release version of TNM 2 shouldn’t take long. Now we offer you early access to the new version and a chance to take part in its beta testing.

Download the beta now!

Send us your feedback and bug reports so that we can make TNM even better. Everyone who actively participates in testing is guaranteed to receive a gift – a free license for the new version!

Good news, everyone! We have updated the TNM 2 beta on August 14.

The latest build is 2930. You can download it here.

Attention! We have released a new version of TNM 2 (build 2990 RC1) on September 16.

The test period has been extended for 30 days. You can download it here.

We’re looking forward to your feedback.

26 Responses to “Total Network Monitor 2.0 вeta!”
  1. O icon-bg


    after the first start the software crash.
    After this I start again and it works.
    I can scan my network and find the devices.
    The ping to the samples work.
    But then I try to configure a monitor – my firewall.
    After this it has stop to work. No ping or eventless entry was generated.



  2. C icon-bg

    Guys, i’m evaluating this nice app and I want to salute and congratulate them for their efforts and develop good useful for those who work in IT complications.
    The suggestion is:
    1. Why can not lead a harmony interfaces and TNM and TNI? how TNI has the interface it seems more visually tidy. Maybe they can improve it or make it seem to TNI.
    Screenshots are attached in feedback bar option TNM.

    Do not worry I will continue bothering with what I can see, recently I’m starting the evaluation…. XD


    Greetings and congratulations!

    • A icon-bg

      Hi Crisanto,

      Thanks for your feedback. Have a nice day!

  3. s icon-bg

    We tried your beta and loved it look forward to the free license so we can keep this going

  4. R icon-bg


    I really think that it is a good application, I’m using it every day.
    I have one idea:
    Add a New Monitor for a Device group (like ICMP) and not every device one by one.

    Thank You!

  5. A icon-bg

    Hello, we like to test the new version TNM2. But the trialperiod for the betaversion is only 30 days. How can we expand the trialperiod. We like to use this tool for our costumer-networks and needs more time for testing.
    Regards Alex

    • A icon-bg


      The test period of the beta ends in mid-September. We are planning to release the final version of the program by that time. Most likely, that the final version will have its own trial period that can be extended. Anyway, it’s too early to tell for sure. Moreover, don’t forget that you can get a free TNM license if actively participate in testing.

      • J icon-bg

        We have a valid purchased license for TNI and really like it. I’ve used TNM aver the last few years at a couple of companies and at my current company for about 6 months.

        What does actively participate entail for the free license? How do you know I’m actively participating?


        • Z icon-bg

          Hi Jeff,
          If you know that you were participating, drop us an email when the beta testing is finished. We will check your feedbacks (by your email address), and if you have sent at least several bug reports and feature requests, we will provide you with a free license.

  6. A icon-bg

    Holger Rautenberg on 20 August 2015 at 06:35 said:

    Hallo Everybody!

    I’ am very happy about the going on with TNM. I work with the versiion 1.13 now a long time. I have a lot of projects created, to observe the network.

    My first try with the Beta 2.0 wasn’t sucessfull, because the old projects doesn’t work with them.

    I look be curious for the next steps about the going on with TNM and i will try it again.

    I wish You a lot of good luck and success with TNM.

    A lot of Greetings


    • A icon-bg

      Hello Holger,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      Since TNM 1.1.3 is not supported anymore, the correct import of projects that were created in this version may not be implemented in TNM 2. As you can see, the device type, the monitor settings and some other fields should be fixed manually after opening the old project file.

  7. R icon-bg

    I would like to participate in the Beta Eval

    I have run 1.13 for 3 years quite successfully

    I installed v2 on a separate machine – saved v1.13 to an XML file – copied it to the new machine – then did a FILE – OPEN PROJECT – selected my XML file – it opened my original file from v1.13 – then crashed with a “NOT RESPONDING” after 2 minutes – I restarted the program – it opened with the default project – I reopened my v1.13 XML file and it stopped again with Total Network Monitor has stopped working

    since it doesn’t crash with the default.xml – I assume it is something wrong with the v1.13 XML file – any thoughts or do i just rebuild from scratch – i have 300 devices in the v1.13 file

    How do I participate in the Beta


    • Z icon-bg

      Unfortunately TNM 2 beta is not compatible with TNM 1 project files, and most likely TNM 2 release version will not support them as well. We suggest recreating the projects.

  8. D icon-bg

    I downloaded the beta version yesterday. I was able to load the configuration file from the old version. The only issue I had was the change to milliseconds in the timeout. We are monitoring Ubiquity Point-to-point radios which we had set to 1 second in the old program. When loaded into the new program they got set to 30 milliseconds which caused most them to go red. Once I set them back to 1 second, everything was fine.

    Thanks for all your hard work and I don’t mind paying for well written program.


    • Z icon-bg

      Hi Dave,
      Thanks for your feedback!

  9. M icon-bg

    Like the software thus far. A simple but nice feature to add would be adding a group within a group so I could more easily manage multiple sites within the same project.

    • A icon-bg

      It’s already possible. Simply create a custom group in “My Network Place”, right-click it and you’ll see the “add group” button. However, in the current beta3 version, it is only possible to add a device on the lowest level in the group tree and the “add device” button is missing in the context menu. This problem will be fixed.

  10. c icon-bg

    I would like to participate in the beta program to qualify for the free license upgrade. But after installing the program on 9/14, the program tells me that the beta-period will expire in 3 days.

    I can’t install this and use it just for 3 days, especially since I have to recreate all of my projects from v1.

    What are my options here? At the moment, I’ve had to go back to version 1.13.

    • A icon-bg


      We will release a new beta version soon. It will extend the test period. The release of the final version is planned for late September.

  11. C icon-bg

    Very good, I used old version (1.1.3) very long time and see some bug:
    – software auto close after use function scan wizard.
    – can’t use alert send email (may be myself don’t know how to setting)
    – I already save project but this not work, all data lost when I close software. I fixed that issue by way use function “save project as…”
    I hope new version with fixed all issue.

    • A icon-bg

      Thanks for your feedback.

      Please download the latest version available to make sure that these problems have been fixed.

  12. T icon-bg

    The new version works very good.
    I enjoy this and I use it daily.

    Thanks for the upgrade gays!


  13. S icon-bg

    Hi Folks. I’ve just downloaded and installed 2990 RC1 and I’m going to be testing it for a few days. Which email address can I feed back to?



    • S icon-bg

      I should have been clearer with my previous message… whenever I try to use the “Send feedback” button, I get the following message “Error while sending feedback message”.


      • Z icon-bg

        Hi Steven,
        We can only suppose some connectivity problem. The feedback feature on RC1 has been tested and works. Do you use any proxy or VPN for internet connection?