17 March 2020
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TNI 4.5.0: Hardware sensor monitoring and updated Change log

Dear readers! I’m here to tell you that a significant update to Total Network Inventory is coming your way. This blog post will detail its amazing new features.

The main innovations include the polling of hardware sensors and the Change log getting a major overhaul. The new functionality will allow you to access even more useful information and gain more control over the hardware on the network computers.

Monitoring sensors on assets

Every once in a while, we’ve been asked to add the ability to read various parameters from remote PCs, such as temperatures, fan speeds, voltages and frequencies of hardware components. This is now possible thanks to the updated scanning agent.

Of course, obtaining this data during scanning doesn’t replace proper monitoring because these values will most likely fluctuate constantly. But if your don’t have a monitoring app then TNI will still help to detect hardware overheating, higher than usual fan speed and other deviations on the scanned assets.

To see the new fields in the reports, just install TNI 4.5 and rescan the devices on the network:

New assistants and alerts will help to keep an eye on these vital sensors. Don’t forget to configure them as an important safeguard for expensive equipment from going out of order:

Change log

The Change log first appeared in version 3.1 and was warmly received by our users. The new tab made it possible to quickly compare asset snapshots and to build a report listing all changes that have occurred in the interval between the scans.

The new mode that we’ve released today can hardly be simply called a “change log”. This is a complete report builder that allows you to compare any device parameters in any time period.

We’ve added an asset filter by date range and the ability to compare individual snapshots:

And check out the ability to hide intermediate snapshots for any of the modes:

The new features will let you easily obtain a comprehensive run-down on any changes.

Other improvements

We’ve also had a chance to polish some internal TNI mechanisms. This has positively affected the program speed in many scenarios and made TNI more failproof as a whole.

Thank you for staying with us. Another update is already on the horizon .

We’ll be back soon with the announcement!

25 November 2019
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TNI 4.3.0: New features in Software Asset Management

Dear readers, this is a prosperous time for Softinventive Lab! It has barely been a week since our last Network Olympus update was released, and we’re already ready to unveil another major Total Network Inventory update. New features and improvements to the Software accounting module are the central theme of this update. Changes were also introduced in many other elements of the program.

Automatic merging of different software versions

Every long-term user of SAM must have at least once needed to merge different versions of the same software into one group entity. This not only saves screen space, but also allows you to account licenses for different program versions. The challenge used to be adding each new version to the group manually every time one appeared in the software list. Well, fret no more. From now on, TNI 4.3.0 can handle this routine task!

You can gain the most benefit with programs that are frequently updated, such as Microsoft Office. Update and save oodles of precious time!

Labeling software by distribution model

Many of you have told us that you want to categorize software as freeware, shareware and commercial, so we’ve added a special tag for that. You’ll be able to quickly distinguish programs by distribution type by glancing at their indicators under Type:

New filters, how to replace software icons and other improvements

Up next, we must highlight more additions to the Software and License accounting module, such as the new filters that facilitate working with the software list. For example, you can now filter by the abovementioned software type, by visibility (irrelevant software can now be simply hidden from the list), and by license status. The latter filter will also help you find software licenses that are about to expire.

The refined software list will be easier to work with, most operations now able to be run directly from the context menu.

You can make your own experience in Software accounting more enjoyable by uploading correct software icons. To start changing icons, click any of the default Windows  or Mac  icons in the list. A new window will open where you can create the single collection of icons to serve all your storages. Any icon can then be applied to any software.

Other improvements merit a mention: the updated design of the Users list, support for scanning of macOS Catalina systems, and a new assistant called Asset lists that allows to filter the network tree using saved lists.

  • BIG FEATURESAM: ability to automatically merge different versions of same software.
  • BIG FEATURESAM: new field for Software type (commercial/shareware/freeware).
  • BIG FEATURESAM: option to upload a software icon.
  • NewSAM: special tag allowing to hide programs from the list.
  • NewSAM: notification about the imminent expiration of the license.
  • NewSAM: search by full or partial license key.
  • NewMac agent: support for scanning macOS Catalina.
  • NewNetwork map: welcome screen.
  • NewNew assistant: asset lists.
  • NewViewer & reports: new field “Scan Method”.
  • ImprovedUser experience when working with the list of users.
  • ImprovedSAM: software filtering options.
  • ImprovedSAM: context menu and other interface elements.
  • ImprovedSAM: user experience with software tags.
  • ImprovedCollection of information on the software installation date.
  • ImprovedCollection of information about software installed in the per-user context.
  • ImprovedReport building and its cancellation.
  • FixedSAM: software comments being cloned or wiped.
  • FixedSAM: some issues with the interface and internal logic.
  • FixedSNMP tree display.
  • FixedError scanning some SNMP devices.
  • FixedScan task duplication that may occur when loading a saved task.
  • FixedMinor issues with scanning and AD sync.

These are all the news we have for today. Have a successful scan and low ping. Later!

15 November 2019
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Network Olympus 1.5.0: Scanning and monitoring of SSH devices

Hello, friends. Only a short post this time, but one that will surely please those of you who use our monitoring software.

Network Olympus received another update and now allows scanning and monitoring a variety of devices that support the SSH protocol. We’ve added new sensors that perform performance and file monitoring on such widely-used systems as macOS, Linux and FreeBSD. Now you can check if certain files and folders exist, monitor the CPU load, memory consumption, state of services, and many other parameters of Unix-based systems.

You will notice improvements on the visual side, but user-friendliness was not forgotten either. A new tutorial widget on the Home dashboard allows the new users to quickly get an understanding of the core features, with new hints available in other parts. A fully functional wizard for adding scan tasks was added to the Scanner dasboard. Quick transition links on various objects will greatly speed up and ease your work with the program.

You can learn more about all the new features in the full version of the post available on the Network Olympus website. To try the new version right now, download it from here.