27 March 2019
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TNI 4.1.0: Windows updates scan

Today, Total Network Inventory takes another step forward. Version 4.1 gives you the opportunity to obtain maximum information on Windows updates. Neither did we stop refining and updating the already familiar functionality. The full rundown is available below.

The information about updates can be collected in two different ways:

  • From the Windows Update log. Just rescan any Windows computer and gain access to new information in the reports. You’ll find complete information about the update installation operations and their results on the scanned system.
  • From the Windows Update service. Unlike the previous method, this option provides information not only about already installed updates, but also those that can be installed on the scanned system (exactly as it appears on the Windows Update page). By default, this method is disabled, since its scans can take a long time. If this doesn’t bother you, you can activate it in the program settings.

You can make use of both these methods to have better control of the updates status on Windows-based computers in your network.

Version 4.1 also includes over 30 other fixes and improvements, including network map autosave. Just look at the full list of changes:

  • NewCollecting information about Windows updates.
  • NewCollecting information from Windows update log.
  • NewReport templates for Windows updates.
  • NewCollecting MS Office 2019 license keys.
  • NewNew icon in the “Operating system” assistant: for Windows Server 2019.
  • NewNetwork map autosaved by timer, plus a Manual Save button.
  • NewScanning for machine SIDs
  • NewReporting the last login time and username on Windows.
  • New“Creation date” field for all assets.
  • NewTracking of serial numbers of USB devices in the Change log.
  • NewTracking of anti-spyware version in the Change log.
  • NewTracking of all parameters of memory modules in Change log.
  • NewIf the scanned device lacks both the network name and IP, a corresponding entry will be added to the scanner log.
  • ImprovedVarious improvements and tweaks in the network map.
  • ImprovedScanning and tracking software installed only for individual users.
  • ImprovedOptimized mechanism for updating MIB files.
  • FixedImporting folders into the storage using drag and drop onto the network tree and using the context menu.
  • FixedError message when scanning Active Directory using incorrect credentials.
  • FixedObtaining multiline fields from Active Directory.
  • FixedDetermining the status of antivirus and antispyware software on some server platforms.
  • FixedExporting fields with dates and multiline fields into XLSX.
  • FixedDuplication of filters in Software accounting.
  • FixedIncorrect display of information in the “RAM total capacity and modules” field in printable reports.
  • FixedDisplay of TNI’s OS X agent version.
  • FixedRefresh mechanism for printable reports.
  • FixedSearching in the network tree.
  • + Many other fixes and improvements.

Additionally, we want to bring your attention to our poll that’s still being held in the next post. Please vote if you haven’t already done so.

That’s all the news for the day. Later!

11 February 2019
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Make the best choice and help us shape TNI’s future

Greetings to all readers of our blog! Today we want to once again bring your attention to the future of Total Network Inventory.

As you may know, we strive to keep in touch with the users of our products and listen to your feedback. All ideas and suggestions are recorded and sorted by priority and popularity, and then implemented as soon as possible.

The immediate development plans having been formulated, the team is already working on the next update. Meanwhile, we invite you to vote for what features you’re missing the most in TNI. We’ve picked out the following popular options:

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More about each option:

  • Collect license keys of popular software: includes an ability to automatically collect new product keys, with an option to choose custom software to collect keys for.
  • Option to install plugins for scanning Windows devices: allows to enable extra scanning options. In the future, we plan to create a number of plugins, such as for collecting information about Windows folder permissions or for scanning Microsoft Exchange servers.
  • Expand the scanner with new features: scanning of files and folders, registry keys and disk quotas. This implies a gradual inclusion of functionality for each of these three features.
  • Device Comparison report: greatly simplifies the search for differences in hardware and software between the selected devices.
  • Barcode support: generate and assign barcodes to devices, search for them and send to print, as well as include barcodes in reports.

If the feature you would like the most is not on the list, please leave us a comment under this post. The most popular requests there will also be taken into account.

Thank you for your vote! Till next time.

27 December 2018
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Total Network Inventory 4 is ready for action!

Hello! Today is the day we unveil the long-awaited Total Network Inventory 4, featuring the new module that allows to create network maps!

The update is truly massive. While part of the TNI team was working to implement the most convenient and versatile network map editor, their colleagues continued to make improvements to the existing features. To be honest, the result exceeds even our own expectations.

  • BIG FEATURENetwork Map!
  • NewAsynchronous mode of scanning SNMP devices and other useful new features.
  • ImprovedMany improvements.
  • FixedHuge number of fixes!


This time, the full list of changes is so huge that it doesn’t fit on the screen. As always, you can find it in the TNI main menu (Help – Check for updates).

Universal tool for mapping your network

Starting today, a new section will become available to all users of the TNI Professional license: Network Map. This is a fully fledged editor that allows you to visualize the structure of network devices the way it’s convenient for you.

  • Create as many maps as you need: a separate map for every office floor, the layout of the server room equipment, or a map showing all the company branches in various corners of the world. Every one of an unlimited number of maps can be configured individually.
  • Add a multitude of objects: in addition to assets and groups, you can make use of all sorts of geometric primitives and images. Simply drag & drop assets from the network tree and add all the shapes you want. And by changing the color, style, and opacity of these shapes, you can get an infinite variety.
  • Use the map to your best advantage: its size is not limited, so it will easily accommodate all of your devices and groups. By the way, you can place the same object on the map again and again (as shown on the screenshot).
  • Feel free to experiment: create multilayered combinations of objects, shapes and images. You can rearrange the order of overlapping objects, choose their transparency, enable automatic alignment of objects, add labels to them, and much more.
  • Don’t waste any time: while in the map mode, you can do a quick search for network devices or initiate their rescan or anything else you’d like.
  • Use links to connect devices and groups: there are 6 types to choose from. You can choose a color and add a label for any link. Take a look:

Patched up and enhanced

We believe that TNI 4 is the most stable and reliable version of Total Network Inventory so far. Many vital program components were overhauled and improved, such as the way assets are imported, matched and merged, and the way that the data is stored, while a safeguard was implemented to make sure that a number of critical operations are correctly synchronized. Many more hours were dedicated to making improvements to the scanner, settings, AD sync, searching and filtering, software accounting module, and to the scanning of SNMP-enabled devices. This should significantly decrease the likelihood of encountering an error during your work with the program.

To conclude, we must allay any concerns that switching to the 4th version could require extra expenses. Every user will be able to receive this major version as a regular update, provided their maintenance period is still active.

Go ahead and test the new TNI features now. If your current license doesn’t allow to update to this version or access the new tab, you should contact us, and we’ll provide you with a temporary key for the TNI 4 Professional license.

Keep on keeping on, Merry Christmas and Happy new year!
Til next time.