27 July 2012
Softinventive Lab, Total Network Inventory | 5 Comments

System Administrator Appreciation Day 2012!

The Softinventive Lab team sincerely congratulates all admins and IT-pros!

Ok, let’s face it. System administrators are heroes. And heroes need hero tools!

Only today, on this remarkable occasion, we present you a 20% discount for any Total Network Inventory 2 license, except 25 nodes.

Use this coupon for purchase:



Why is there no discount for 25 nodes? Because only today the 25 nodes license is FREE!

Drop us a message to (in your native language) with the subject “SYSDAY-2012” and we will send you a license for free!

UPD: The party is over, but system administrators are still heroes: 365/24/7. Give them all your love! And if you are one of them, we love you. We believe our little present will turn some of your hard work into fun.

Rock on!