14 February 2012
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TNI 2.0.4 (1241): The Valentine’s Day update

A-a-a-a-a-and we’re back!

Today, to celebrate some pure love and true feelings, we’re releasing TNI 2.0.4 (1241).
Take a look:

  • NewImport of inventory files and whole folders by drag-n-drop from Windows Explorer.
  • New“Fit columns” option for printable table reports.
  • New“Clone asset” command for manually added assets.
  • NewPrices are now stored with currency indication; 20+ world currencies to choose from.
  • NewNew custom asset types: Projector, UPS, Printer cartridge.
  • New“Manufacturer by MAC” field in table reports.
  • ImprovedStorage skips SVN folders.
  • Fixed“Multicore” field in processors.
  • FixedProduct keys for Project 2010 and Visio 2010 are now collected.
  • FixedLinux agent: scan issues on non-English systems.
  • P.S.As of today, the trial period for TNI 2 is officially increased from 30 to 60 days. Just to show how much we  you.

Drag-n-drop from Windows Explorer

You can now drag inventory files along with folder structure right into the network tree.

Fit columns in printable table reports

Whenever you build a table report that’s just a little bit too wide for the page, choose Fit columns from the scale menu. The table will be shrunk down to be the exact same width as the currently selected page format.


We want to wish all you IT guys and IT ladies out there to be loved and cared for!

We’ve got a lot of plans for this year. For now, enjoy your updated TNI, and we’ll see you next time.

14 December 2011
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TNI 2.0.4 (1205): The Holiday update

Hi everyone!

We’ve been working on new features, fixing bugs and polishing user experience for quite some time now. And we figured we’d release a fancy something at the end of the year. 

  • NewManufacturer names and MAC addresses are displayed during the network scan.
  • ImprovedMany interface improvements.
  • ImprovedThe online status monitor now updates dynamic IPs.
  • ImprovedScan tasks are matched to assets considering MAC address (if available).
  • ImprovedDestination folder cannot be changed for existing assets during rescan.
  • Improved“Skip existing assets” option does not skip non-scanned assets anymore.
  • FixedSome issues with detection of the license limitation exceeding.
  • FixedIssues with erroneous merging of some assets.
  • FixedSome errors in the Linux agent.
  • And a few more tiny, pretty changes.

Manufacturer names in scanner tasks

This feature’s coolness is difficult to overestimate. You get this as soon as you type the range into Quick Add and expand it. All these devices were never scanned, but you can already tell which of them is a network device, a Mac or a virtual machine. Manufacturer name sure indicates a lot, doesn’t it?

Also check out the Scanner options page. From there you can change the way manufacturers and MAC-addresses are displayed.

Worth a note: the feature only works if ARP ping is enabled in Options (which is true by default) and only for targets from the current subnet.


Best wishes to you from the Softinventive Lab team. May you have an unforgettable holiday season!

We’ll meet again in the year 2012.

15 November 2011
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Stability update: TNI 2.0.4 (1182)

We’ve been fixing some performance and stability issues and analyzing bug-reports.
This one here is a minor update. Click here to download.

  • NewMore data gathered from Linux assets: CPU fields, RAID disks.
  • NewIP is updated when rescanning an asset with non-static IP.
  • UpdatedFrench, German and Spanish locales.
  • UpdatedLists of MS supply channels, Windows and Office service packs, mobile CPUs.
  • FixedSometimes program hanged when being closed under Windows 7 and Server 2008.
  • FixedSometimes pinging of assets stopped when changing the storage.
  • FixedSome filtering issues in table reports.
  • FixedCopying and exporting of filtered data in “Viewer & reports” mode.
  • Overall stability improved.