04 October 2011
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Update: TNI 2.0.3 (1115). Also, a new TNI 2 demo!

Some long awaited features are delivered by TNI 2.0.3 (1115).

  • NewPossibility to distinguish computers by name and domain instead of MAC address and serial number.
  • NewGroup membership field for user accounts.
  • NewMicrosoft Office name and key fields in table reports.
  • NewComputer models summary in group summary view.
  • NewSerial number in Windows PC general information view.
  • NewGreat Britain locale.
  • ImprovedRevamped the “User accounts” standard table report.
  • ImprovedRegular expressions in software accounting are now case-insensitive by default.
  • ImprovedBoosted the time of Linux scanning.
  • FixedCopying and exporting the software copies and licenses with active filters.
  • FixedScanner sometimes freezed under Windows XP.
  • FixedNetwork adapters and printers processing.
  • FixedProcessing of user accounts under Windows 2000.

Distinguish assets by name

There is now an option to distinguish assets by their network name and domain rather than by hardware (which is the default behavior of TNI 2). We’d like to point out and explain this particular feature, as it’s quite important and should be used properly.

Whenever a new snapshot appears in TNI 2 storage (either as a result of scanning or when an asset file is placed manually into the storage folder), the program first tries to merge duplicates so that a single asset is represented by a single data file. But in order to do that TNI has to know when two assets should be considered identical.

The most common way to tell is to compare MAC-addresses, UUIDs and serial numbers of two shapshots. If these parameters match, it’s safe to say that we’re looking at two snapshots of the same hardware unit and merge them.

In some networks hardware is considered a secondary matter, and computers are distinguished by their domain names. This means that one may change a computer’s motherboard, CPU and chassis and re-install OS, but leave domain name unchanged, and the whole workstation will be considered the same.

If that is the case with your network, you should go to Options / Scanner and change the setting to Distinguish assets by name and domain. Otherwise it would be smart to leave everything as is.


If you visit TNI product page of our site, you’ll find something new and shiny there. That’s TNI 2 demo video! Check it out:

That’s it for now. Don’t forget, the “coming soon” features are coming soon, so be sure to check for updates now and then. Cheers!

28 September 2011
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Coming soon: table conditions. A sneak peek.


It’s me, Donald. And I’ve got some intelligence on one of the upcoming TNI features.

Now, the developers team didn’t want this to be made public prematurely. We don’t know the arrival date for the thing yet, it’s not the right time to reveal it, they told me. But I’ve managed to sneak a screenshot while no one was looking. One little screenshot can do no harm, right? I’ll just leave it here for you.

Table conditions! Powerful thing, if you ask me. I love it. Can’t wait for it to be released so you could love it too!

Well, now if you’ll excuse me…. I better run away and hide. They’ll be looking for me.

01 September 2011
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Update: TNI 2.0.2 (1102) – FreeBSD support is here!

Good news, everyone!

With the new update (which you are hereby encouraged to download and install) TNI is now capable of natively scanning FreeBSD-powered machines!

But that’s not all. Check out the full changelist:

  • BIG FEATUREFreeBSD support.
  • NewIn table report constructor: define sorting and custom titles for each column; also, fix columns so they will stay on screen while you scroll your table horizontally.
  • NewValidity check for serial numbers and asset tags (cleaner asset fields in the table reports and additional info in the network tree).
  • NewPossibility to Reset serial numbers via Reset  properties menu (Edit/Properties). Recommended to run on the whole storage.
  • NewSorting the network tree by node names and additional info in direct and reverse order (available in the  menu).
  • NewMonitor serial number field for display in the network tree.
  • NewSupport for encrypted partitions for Mac OS X.
  • NewTable reports: asset field “Domain role”.
  • ImprovedNetwork scan reliability under Windows XP and Vista.
  • ImprovedRow number field is no longer mandatory in table reports.
  • FixedSome bugs in Linux and Mac OS X agents.
  • FixedUpdating the alerts for software groups statuses.
  • FixedExpanding/collapsing deeply nested groups in the network tree.
  • FixedSome HDD s/n retrieving.
  • Also…A lot of minor fixes and improvements.

New features in table reports

Tables got better yet! Using the improved table report constructor, now you can specify which columns you want sorted or fixed and save this choice as part of a template. Also, you may give each column a custom title (default ones are a little bit too long at times). Fixing columns is a handy new feature: these will stay on screen when you scroll the table horizontally — useful for huge tables with lots of data.

Easy sorting in the network tree

Network tree was sortable all the way, but that was kind of an obscure feature. Shame for a feature that important. Now you can easily sort your assets by a dozen of fields in any direction. It’s all there in Display settings menu (which received a more appropriate icon, by the way, so that no one gets lost).


So, there you have it: TNI 2.0.2 (build 1102). We’ve got to go: so much more cool stuff to build for you. Enjoy your updated TNI and have a nice day!