07 Jul, 2011

We’re rolling!

Greetings, gentlemen! Donald Grizzly at the keyboard, hereby presenting you the new site and blog of Softinventive Lab! This blog, by the way, is totally worth subscribing to. It’s our new dev-log, pro-tips collection and the company herald. Why not subscribe?

You’ve probably noticed the new design of the site. Ah, pretty sea-green gradients. It makes you feel underwater, I guess… whatever. We’ve been making this from scratch, you know. We had some casualties here and there, but all in all we’re through, and we’re happy with it.

But wait, here comes the point.

We’re extremely proud to present


In case you don’t know, TNI stands for Total Network Inventory, and that’s exactly what the software does. The v.2 is brand new and shiny, rebuilt brick by brick from ground up. The only thing that’s left unchanged since v.1.6 is: it still doesn’t play lossless MP3. Everything else has changed. I mean it.

Let me clarify that a little. TNI 2 includes, but is not limited to:

  • New slick user interface. The clear concept of having a separate screen for each task will make your life with TNI 2 much easier.
  • New scanner. “New” as in “new from core to surface”. It now scans Mac OS X and Linux assets (FreeBSD coming soon, too). And it understands you at a glance: if you want something scanned, it will be scanned in no time. Just like that.
  • The network tree. It has never been so informative and vivid. It now acts as an ultimate dashboard that you can fine-tune to your heart’s desire. Display an OS icon next to every node, filter out all offline devices, use domain names, user names, asset tags or whatever you like for node titles, and I can go on forever.
  • New storage format. It’s 40 (forty) times smaller now. About 35 KB per asset. You can imagine traffic saves while scanning and gain of speed in report building. And we also have snapshots now.
  • Table reports are pure pleasure to set up: every last piece of data that is known about an asset can become part of a table report.
  • Instant search in network tree, screen reports, table reports, print previews, software accounting… speaking of which.
  • Software accounting. It’s a story of its own.

But as the song goes, words are meaningless and forgettable. Experience it!

Did you subscribe already? Oh, you did. Great, thanks. Phew. We can move on to the next post now. It’s the very first feature highlight of ours. I’m so nervous…