11 Feb, 2019

Make the best choice and help us shape TNI’s future

Greetings to all readers of our blog! Today we want to once again bring your attention to the future of Total Network Inventory.

As you may know, we strive to keep in touch with the users of our products and listen to your feedback. All ideas and suggestions are recorded and sorted by priority and popularity, and then implemented as soon as possible.

The immediate development plans having been formulated, the team is already working on the next update. Meanwhile, we invite you to vote for what features you’re missing the most in TNI. We’ve picked out the following popular options:

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More about each option:

  1. Collect license keys of popular software: includes an ability to automatically collect new product keys, with an option to choose custom software to collect keys for.
  2. Option to install plugins for scanning Windows devices: allows to enable extra scanning options. In the future, we plan to create a number of plugins, such as for collecting information about Windows folder permissions or for scanning Microsoft Exchange servers.
  3. Expand the scanner with new features: scanning of files and folders, registry keys and disk quotas. This implies a gradual inclusion of functionality for each of these three features.
  4. Device Comparison report: greatly simplifies the search for differences in hardware and software between the selected devices.
  5. Barcode support: generate and assign barcodes to devices, search for them and send to print, as well as include barcodes in reports.

If the feature you would like the most is not on the list, please leave us a comment under this post. The most popular requests there will also be taken into account.

Thank you for your vote! Till next time.

5 Responses to “Make the best choice and help us shape TNI’s future”
  1. S icon-bg

    Although I voted for another, I would also like to cast a vote for “Collect license keys of popular software”

    The TNI S/W has been quite useful. I plan to maintain renewal.
    I participated in TNM beta, but the software required too much user input to be of major use (if the user can input the data, then they can tailor the output to be whatever they want it to be!)

  2. M icon-bg

    The one feature I really wanted TNI to have is that once the scan agent is copied to destination asset during the very first scan it remained there (optionally as resident agent) and the most important thing is DO NOT COPY the agent over and over every time a scan is run. Instead the previously copied agent “listens” to kind of “ping” from TNI Console and then just execute the scan avoiding the initial copying of files every time a scan is executed.

    Optionally, this could be implemented as part of “Deploy Resident Agent” option. If the resident agent is already deployed then such agent should be “listening” scan requests from TNI Console avoiding the necesity of “copying files” every time a scan is executed.

    I really, really want TNI has this feature. It would save precious bandwidth to remote locations with poor links.

  3. T icon-bg

    I would be highly interested in seeing some product lifecycle features added, although I realize some of these can be accomplished through custom fields like Purchase Date, Purchase Vendor, etc. HP and Dell have API lookup capability to query a warranty end date based on service tag / serial number.

  4. A icon-bg

    I’d really love the feature of being able to create custom checks for registry values, for example to see if a specific setting is set in the registry and have a warning pop up when not.
    We’re working in a small office without AD and just want to make sure that a few security settings are set correctly (for example)
    It would also be nice to have a possibility to set registry values too but that’s just optional.

    • A icon-bg

      Dear Alexander,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      This request is quite popular. I am pretty sure that we’ll implement such a feature in one of the updates.