26 Jan, 2016

TSD 1.1.0: Microsoft Office deployment


Greetings! We’re releasing the first major update for Total Software Deployment! Gradually, we’re improving our software and making your wishes a reality. The key feature introduced in today’s update is the ability to deploy Microsoft Office products. But first things first. Let’s have a look at the full list of changes:

  • BIG FEATUREFor Silent deployment of Microsoft Office 2013/2016: support for Office installers that use the Click-to-Run technology.
  • NewFor the Silent method: the option to set the installer timeout to kill the process during the deployment or test run if incorrect parameters were specified.
  • NewFor the Macro method: fixed installer timeout for killing the process after the playback of all recorded actions.
  • FixedErrors in deployment log entries and in the deployment history in various scenarios.
  • Some other fixes and improvements.

Now Total Software Deployment can silently deploy recent versions of Microsoft Office that use the Click-to-Run technology. This technology — an alternative to the traditional method of installation/update using MSI files — is used by Microsoft since Office 2013. To deploy a package using the Click-to-Run technology, you’ll need to add the Click-to-Run setup.exe to the Software storage and attach the Office distribution folder after ticking the multi-file option. After, simply follow the instructions on the information panel.


We’re looking forward to your feedback. Thanks to you, TSD can become better and better!

Stay tuned!

2 Responses to “TSD 1.1.0: Microsoft Office deployment”
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    We would like to know more about “Total Software Deployment”.

    1. The Implementation Process.

    2. Help us how to deploy the application in to a target computer.

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      1) The implementation process is simple. You need to install the main unit of the program on a server or a workstation and provide it with administrator credentials for computers in your network. You can find the minimum system requirements here:

      2) Please contact us on support@softinventive.com We’ll answer any questions you have.