07 Nov, 2013

TNI 3 is coming!

Greetings! Today we have an announcement to make.

This December February we’ll be releasing TNI 3, a major update featuring the new Software Asset Management (SAM) system that some of you have had the chance to use (and we’re getting a lot of positive feedback, too!).

TNI 3 coming

So, here’s the deal:

  • Get TNI 2 now with a 25% discount.
  • When TNI 3 is out, all our customers get it for free.
  • Get the new SAM with a 50% discount.
  • Full year of free updates.
    This means superb support and regular new features. Just scroll through this blog to see what a year of updates is worth when we do it!


See y’all soon!


Houston, we have a problem!

A few things went wrong here, and then another few. The release is postponed, and right now we’re doing our best to make the delay as brief as possible.

Thank you for your understanding!

25 Responses to “TNI 3 is coming!”
  1. s icon-bg

    Great news, i love this app and now iam lucky and eagerly waiting for TNI 3.
    i thing there are many changes that may help me more.

    thanks again,

  2. K icon-bg

    Postponed? Yeah, now who would have thought…

    BTW, Another update to 2.2.3 is failing to install here again (1570). TNI downloads the update, apparently tries to apply it, then restarts the old version (1567) and finds there is an update. I can keep doing this as long as I like.

    Maybe you should give the person who builds your packages some more training? Not the first time they botch up. Or maybe you could hire some guy to actually test the packages before they go live?

    Having said that, good luck and all the best for a less error-prone version 3.0 (in 2014).

    • Z icon-bg

      Thanks for your feedback. The problem with a looped update was a temporary one and is now fixed. It was caused by the necessity to withdraw the build 1570 from public availability, as we found out it was unstable right after we released it. So 1567 is the latest public build at the moment. The new update should be released soon again though, but with a higher build number I think.

  3. p icon-bg

    agent on station ?
    scanning without office network / internet ? :)
    pusch application ? :)

    nice :)

    • Z icon-bg

      Hi Pawel,
      Predeployed agent is a feature we would like to implement, but it will take some time.
      It’s already possible to scan computers that don’t have network access manually.
      Application deployment is a separate task that will be accomplished by a separate product that we are currently developing.

  4. A icon-bg

    Dear TNI Support, do you have any news about the release date of TNI3 ?

    • Z icon-bg

      We’re going to release TNI 3 in the beginning of February 2014.

  5. B icon-bg

    I just did an update from to Normally, the updates go without a hitch. I’ve done this many times. This time was much different.

    After installing the new version and restarting the program, I found that all of my previous network scans were lost. That’s never happened before when I updated. No problem, I’ll just do them all again. I did, and when checking “Viewer & Reports” everything was blank. I scanned again. Same result. I restarted the program and found that all of the listed scanned computers were gone. I started from scratch again. Rescanned my entire network and I had all of the computers listed but no information under “Viewer & Reports”. (Yes, I did do the F5 or Click here to update the information).

    After closing the program and restarting it, again all the listed scanned computers under Storage were missing.

    Something is very wrong with the program. It has never done this before.

    How can I get back to the previous version?

    • Z icon-bg

      Our apologies for the inconvenience.
      Please try to install one of these versions from scratch: 2.2.3 or 3.0.1, create a new storage and try working with it. Please let us know if this helps.

  6. N icon-bg

    Any news on TNI 3? I’m currently evaluating the software prior to purchase and I’m curious as to whether 3 would be available as a beta?

    • Z icon-bg

      Hi, we are still working on it. In the penultimate post we have announced the beta-testing, so yes, it’s available as a beta. We will send you an invitation via email.

  7. P icon-bg

    Hi, I use the last version of TNI2 and i want to know how to test the version of TNI3 in beta test.


    • Z icon-bg

      Hi, we will send you an invitation via email.

  8. M icon-bg

    Hi, i would like to test TNI 3 in beta before our company makes a decision to buy it. Thank you

  9. M icon-bg

    Hi. Is there any chance to get the TNI 3 beta to test it out? Thanks. Michael

  10. E icon-bg

    Hi, i am a registered member, i want to test tni 3 beta. Could you send to me the beta link?

  11. N icon-bg

    Hi, Do you have a date of release for TNI 3 ? I would like to test the beta before the release of the final version.

  12. Z icon-bg

    Hi everyone,

    Good news: TNI 3 is planned for March 3, 2014. Hopefully everything will be fine this time :)

  13. N icon-bg

    The beta has expired (downloaded the latest) but the release version is not available yet. I know its a daft idea but I was using this in a live environment. Any chance you could extend the beta until release?

    • Z icon-bg

      Hi Niklas,

      Please re-download and install the updated beta version from the same URL.

  14. A icon-bg


    arent we on March 3, 2014?

    anynews of TNI rollout?

    • D icon-bg

      Hello Arcel,
      Any minute now!

  15. J icon-bg

    when the new version will be available?

    • Z icon-bg

      Hello Jose,
      Any minute now! Please stay tuned!