11 Nov, 2014

TNI 3.1.2: Scanning via Telnet and other improvements

And here is the update we promised:
  • NewTelnet protocol support (scanning of network devices running BusyBox via Telnet).
  • NewDetection of virtual machines running under KVM.
  • NewNew currencies in the currency list.
  • NewMS SQL Server 2014 detection support and 64-bit versions designation.
  • NewNew fields for MS Windows and MS Office: product name, description, and license status.
  • ImprovedComputers with multiple network interfaces are distinguished more correctly (to avoid duplication).
  • ImprovedAll instant search fields support search by phrase (space-separated words are searched in any order and on any positions).
  • ImprovedGUI improvements in the “Edit – Properties” panel (more space for long network names) and “Edit – Users” panel (resizeable user list).
  • ImprovedMobile processors dictionary updated.
  • FixedMS Office 2013 product keys detection.
  • FixedLags when the “Edit – Users” panel is opened and the list of users is large.
  • FixedDate format in Spanish locale.
A little more info on several items:

Telnet protocol support

New feature that allows TNI to gather previously unavailable information about modems, routers and other devices running embedded Linux OS that implements the BusyBox utilities set.

KVM detection

Detection of virtual machines running under KVM (Kernel Based Virtual Machine) supplements our list of recognizable virtual machines. KVM support

Search by phrase support

Search in TNI has become even easier now. Search by phrase support allows you to find programs, which names you remember only partially. For example, it’s enough to enter “mysql migration” in a search box to find “Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant for MySQL” software. This feature is available not only in Software management, but in any instant search box. We’ve also kept the possibility to perform a strict search by phrase, to do so put your query in single or double quotes. Aside, we would like to thank you for all the emails and feedback you write us. Thanks to you, we choose the most interesting direction of TNI development, we add new features, improve existing ones, and fix bugs. We read all your messages. Thanks to you, TNI becomes better! Stay with us, till next time!
2 Responses to “TNI 3.1.2: Scanning via Telnet and other improvements”
  1. P icon-bg

    With the latest update ‘Software Asset
    Management’ return an error when I click on the licenses button.
    This is the error: ‘Access violation at address 00DC3695 in module tni.exe. Read of address 0000004C.’
    I’ve a Windows 7 Pro x86 PC. I tried to install it on other PC, but it’s the same.
    thanks for a quick solution