02 Dec, 2014

Beginners’ guide to Software Asset Management module: Filters.

Part 2: “Filters”.

And we are continuing our series of tutorials. As we promised, today we’re going to describe the most popular filters and advise how to apply them best.

All filters are located right under the “Software” and “Licenses” tabs and have the following form:

While filters are not enabled, the main list will display all of the software from all scanned workstations.

Use “Asset filter” to display a list of software on specific workstations. Select a device, several devices (make sure that the “Multiple selection” box is checked) or a group in the network tree to use it.

Another important point is filtering software by publisher or title. It allows for considerably faster tracking of workstations with outdated software versions. Simply enter software title or select a publisher from the list:

If you frequently monitor the same software, try adding it through the “Saved searches” option found in the list of filters instead of typing the software titles every time. It will save you time on each subsequent search.

That’s all for now. We hope our simple tips would prove useful in practice.

See you next time!

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