08 September 2015
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TNI 3.2.0: Improved scan engine and direct ESX/ESXi scanning

Dear friends! Over the past 3 months we have spent a lot of time making significant improvements to our network scanner. We improved its stability, reliability and scanning speed. In addition, TNI now supports scanning VMware assets via HTTPS protocol.

Thus, at the moment TNI can scan virtually anything, with a single click:


Now we can confidently say how a typical Softinventive product looks like smile


And as always, we have many other improvements in the new version:

  • NewVMware login type: scanning of VMware ESX/ESXi via HTTPS.
  • New“Attachment” custom field for assets.
  • NewPossibility to clear the value of the custom field of “Date” type.
  • New“Used, GB” and “Free, %” fields in logical disks table reports for all supported systems.
  • ImprovedScanner engine (better network device discovery; modified settings; other improvements).
  • ImprovedScanner does not try to detect MAC addresses for hosts in other subnets any more.
  • ImprovedIndependent selections in the network tree (Up/Down and Alt+Up/Alt+Down).
  • ImprovedUpdated GUI for Windows 10.
  • FixedDetection of product keys for Office 2013 Home and Business (ClickToRun).
  • FixedSome issues with Linux and Mac scanners.
  • FixedSome issues with two copies of the program using the same storage at the same time.
  • FixedExport of table reports with date field to XLSX.


A little more info on several items:

In this release we’ve added a new login type: VMware. Now VMware ESX/ESXi servers can be scanned via the HTTPS protocol, because the SSH protocol is disabled by default. However, less data is gathered via HTTPS, so we still recommend enabling SSH for these servers and scanning them via this protocol.

The scanner engine has been improved. We removed the unnecessary online-status check settings and updated the scanner settings (port scan and network discovery). Please note, when “Safe profile” of the classic engine port scanned is enabled (by default), then no more than 4 ports are scanned for a single device. This allows avoiding a possible trigger of intrusion detection systems, like Symantec Endpoint Protection. At the same time, if you have logins specified for SSH, Telnet, and VMware protocols, then there can be “not enough space” for the last two of them and you won’t be able to scan assets via these protocols (the scanner will notify you). In this case, “Light profile” should be selected, which allows scanning 10 most frequently used ports, including 23 (Telnet) and 443 (HTTPS).

Moreover, we paid some time to update the automatic key detection for various versions of Office 2013—Home and Student, and Home and Business in particular. They install under the Click-To-Run scheme and store their data in the registry in a special way. This required a further scanner improvement.

By the way, we’ve already started working on adding support for SNMPv3 device scanning.

See you next time!

22 July 2015
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System Administrator Appreciation Day 2015!

Another year, another SAAD! System administrators and all IT people, you are awesome, and we salute you!

And let this become a good tradition of ours: if you visit our Purchase page, you’ll find that the prices are lower than usual!


Offer ended on August 14th

TNI 3 Professional 25 nodes license

was FREE


on July 31st, the SAAD’15!

18 May 2015
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TNI 3.1.6 and the announcement of new products!


Long time no see! From the side it might even seem that we lounged for the past 4 months. But of course not, in fact, everything was much more interesting. We paid a huge amount of time to optimize and improve the stability of Total Network Inventory. During these 4 months, we have released seven builds, and as you may have noticed, the latest version is already 3.1.6.

Let’s see what changes we’ve made during this time:

  • NewChange log: ability to choose the history depth and select specific objects for log building (major speed-up).
  • NewSoftware accounting: ability to enter custom license keys instead of automatically scanned keys.
  • NewAbility to attach files to feedbacks sent from within the program (via open file dialog, drag-n-drop files from Explorer, drag-n-drop assets from network tree, attachment of special files: program settings and software database).
  • NewSupport for fractional prices (custom fields, licenses, etc.) with up to 4 decimal digits.
  • NewAbility to unassign users from assets in Edit – Users.
  • NewCurrent user account and full name in the network tree display menu (requires a rescan).
  • NewCurrent user information in table reports (requires a rescan).
  • NewNumber of rows in report is displayed in Table reports.
  • NewCollection of WiFi networks (WLANs) that the computer has ever connected to.
  • NewCollection of currently available WiFi networks (WLANs) for Windows PCs.
  • NewOption to enable/disable full SNMP scan.
  • NewAutomatic download of unavailable MIB files imported by the files that you open.
  • NewSoftware accounting: “With tags” filter.
  • ImprovedIt’s now impossible to accidentally overwrite a custom field with different values for multiple assets (a confirmation is requested).
  • ImprovedWindows agent supports Windows 2000 again.
  • ImprovedOutput of assigned user and current user in General information.
  • ImprovedSoftware tracking assistant now shows more distinguishable icons: green for must-have, red for forbidden, and blue for all.
  • ImprovedChange log: DB servers and virtual machines are now tracked.
  • ImprovedOUI database updated (manufacturers by MAC addresses).
  • ImprovedSoftware accounting: handling of assigned licenses during software merging.
  • ImprovedNegative conditions in table reports now work with multiline cells.
  • FixedMultiple fixes and improvements in SAM.
  • FixedMultiple fixes and improvements in scanning via SNMP.
  • FixedUSB devices history on Windows 8.
  • FixedStandard action Wake-on-LAN now works correctly (no support for waking of computers in other subnets yet).
  • FixedIncorrect merging of Windows computers with VMware Workstation or Player installed.
  • FixedIncorrect removal of tniwinagent.exe.
  • FixedConditions on asset fields “Memory” and “HDD capacity” in table reports.


In addition, soon we are planning to reveal two other very interesting projects we’ve been working on.

The first one is well known – Total Network Monitor. The development of this program was suspended in 2010, but we finally decided to bring it back to life.

The second project has been in development for a long time and this is something new! It will be a surprise aimed to make your work easier and more enjoyable.
Soon we will fill you with more details and start the public beta testing of both these tools.

Hope you enjoy these news, stay tuned!