04 December 2012
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TNI 2.1.0 (1410): Nmap-powered network discovery engine

Hello! Donald here with a great TNI update for you. So many things to tell you about.

First, there’s this:

  • BIG FEATURENew Nmap-powered network discovery and port scan engine
  • NewIndication of open ports for each asset in the Scanner and in the network tree (with the help of new assistant).
  • NewA screenshot of the web-interface is stored and displayed if a device with scan error has port 80 open.
  • NewOS and device type detection for devices with scan errors.
  • ImprovedOnline status detection reliability.
  • ImprovedIP ranges and networks discovery speed.

Then, there’s also this:

  • NewManufacturer by MAC-address in asset summary.
  • NewStatic IPs are indicated with padlock icon in network tree.
  • NewNew custom device types: print-server, tape drive, tape library, IP camera, iPhone, Windows phone, external disk, USB flash disk.
  • NewNew fields in table reports: general asset type, scan protocol, scan method, scan time, agent version.
  • NewQuotes can be used to limit search results in the network tree to exact matches
  • ImprovedScanner statuses and errors reporting.
  • ImprovedUpdated the “Manufacturer by MAC address” database.
  • ImprovedIndications of Windows versions on the OS assistant made shorter and clearer.
  • ImprovedPartial product key is exctracted if MAK or KMS key was used for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (full key is not stored on the computer).
  • FixedWindows Server 2012 detection.
  • FixedProduct key extraction algorithm for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
  • FixedOffice Starter 2010 detection support.

And this!

  • MiscNew licensing policy for MSP clients.
  • MiscTranslated the site and TNI trailer into several new languages.

And some of all these things demand explanation and colorful illustrations. No time to waste!

New network discovery engine

Nmap logo

Nmap is a very powerful utility, and its name speaks for itself. Incorporating its functions into TNI results in greatly improved performance and reliability of network discovery and online status detection.

Just switch to the Scanner tab, type in an IP range and expand it. It will go BOOM with discovery results. And the red/green online status LEDs in the network tree will light up much faster.

But that’s just gradual improvement, how about something fresh? With this new engine we can do some really cool and useful things, so we didn’t hesitate to implement a few tasty features.

Open ports scanning

In Scanner, you now know which of commonly-used ports are open on all the nodes you added or discovered. Even before the scanning is finished. Let me just show you how it looks:

Open ports in scanner

Most useful information! The great part is, you don’t lose it when you’re done with scanning. The list of ports is saved in the asset’s summary and can be viewed or included in a report. Even better, we now have a new network tree assistant that lets you see open ports on all network assets and even search or filter your devices by open ports!

Open ports in tree: indication and filtering

A side-note for those who underestimate the power of network assistants in TNI 2: Don’t underestimate them! It’s a great tool that lets you find things in your network without resorting to any kind of reports. Things like “all online Windows machines that have SMTP port open” are a few clicks away at any time…

Now, where were we.

Know what wasn’t scanned

So, an asset refused to be scanned. It just doesn’t feel like being scanned. But hey, it has the 80th port open! If only we could benefit from it somehow… Ahh, yes.

Screenshot of web-interface

It’s only a screenshot, but there’s plenty of stuff you can find out from it.

In the meantime, TNI already found out quite a few things. Like OS name and device type. We use magic to do it and it works great. And you also know which ports are open there, remember? So, it’s now much easier to fix the problem and complete the scan… or maybe you already know everything you wanted about this asset, anyway? ;)

So yeah! From now on, a scan can’t fail completely. You will always know something.

This is all I had to say about the new update. Download it and enjoy!

There is another important change I should mention, and it concerns the licensing of TNI 2 for our MSP clients. You can learn about the new policy and prices on this page.

And another thing.

We’ve translated our site into some new languages: Dutch, Swedish, Finnish and Czech. We have quite a choice of languages now:

Also, you can now watch TNI trailer in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese. So, if you haven’t seen the video in your first language yet, you are welcome to do so. :)

Phew. That’s it. Till next post!

01 March 2012
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Softinventive Lab becomes a member of the MSPAlliance


We are extremely proud to announce that Softinventive Lab has completed the MSPAlliance Vendor Accreditation Program. As of today, we are official members of the MSPA.

MSPAlliance is the world’s largest association for the Managed Services and Cloud Computing Industry. Being a part of this community requires years of experience, highest standards of quality of products and service and recognition among MSP clients.

We’ve done a lot of work to achieve this, and now we’re motivated to work even harder. What this means for you? Better service, better TNI and, ultimately, more fun!

04 October 2011
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Update: TNI 2.0.3 (1115). Also, a new TNI 2 demo!

Some long awaited features are delivered by TNI 2.0.3 (1115).

  • NewPossibility to distinguish computers by name and domain instead of MAC address and serial number.
  • NewGroup membership field for user accounts.
  • NewMicrosoft Office name and key fields in table reports.
  • NewComputer models summary in group summary view.
  • NewSerial number in Windows PC general information view.
  • NewGreat Britain locale.
  • ImprovedRevamped the “User accounts” standard table report.
  • ImprovedRegular expressions in software accounting are now case-insensitive by default.
  • ImprovedBoosted the time of Linux scanning.
  • FixedCopying and exporting the software copies and licenses with active filters.
  • FixedScanner sometimes freezed under Windows XP.
  • FixedNetwork adapters and printers processing.
  • FixedProcessing of user accounts under Windows 2000.

Distinguish assets by name

There is now an option to distinguish assets by their network name and domain rather than by hardware (which is the default behavior of TNI 2). We’d like to point out and explain this particular feature, as it’s quite important and should be used properly.

Whenever a new snapshot appears in TNI 2 storage (either as a result of scanning or when an asset file is placed manually into the storage folder), the program first tries to merge duplicates so that a single asset is represented by a single data file. But in order to do that TNI has to know when two assets should be considered identical.

The most common way to tell is to compare MAC-addresses, UUIDs and serial numbers of two shapshots. If these parameters match, it’s safe to say that we’re looking at two snapshots of the same hardware unit and merge them.

In some networks hardware is considered a secondary matter, and computers are distinguished by their domain names. This means that one may change a computer’s motherboard, CPU and chassis and re-install OS, but leave domain name unchanged, and the whole workstation will be considered the same.

If that is the case with your network, you should go to Options / Scanner and change the setting to Distinguish assets by name and domain. Otherwise it would be smart to leave everything as is.


If you visit TNI product page of our site, you’ll find something new and shiny there. That’s TNI 2 demo video! Check it out:

That’s it for now. Don’t forget, the “coming soon” features are coming soon, so be sure to check for updates now and then. Cheers!