06 Sep, 2016

Vote for new features of TNI

Hello again from the Total Network Inventory team! This time, we’d like to put another brick into building a firm relationship of trust with TNI users. So we’ve decided to conduct an experiment and let out clients themselves make a choice as to which features should be added first. It’s simple: vote for whichever appeals to you the most, and we’ll do our best to implement your favorites as soon as possible. We’ve shortlisted only the most requested features and created a poll. Please note that only one option can be selected.

What should we improve first?

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If you think that an important feature is missing from the list, be sure to suggest it by writing a comment. Popular requests from the comment section will be added to the poll. We hope you’ll find such an interactive format to your liking. Thank you for your attention and for your choice!
10 Responses to “Vote for new features of TNI”
  1. D icon-bg

    Please add feature “https” check the same as http..
    i can not check my sites with https
    Please test https://www.12-travel.ch/

    i want check the html source for this text

    Copyright © www.12-travel.de 2016 Alle Rechte vorbehalten

    • A icon-bg

      Thanks for the feedback. Your question relates to TNM, and support for HTTPS links has been added in version 2.1.0. It’s possible to check HTTP pages on the website you mentioned, but not HTTPS. We’ll research if this can be fixed in the next update coming later this year.

  2. J icon-bg

    Ya que se trata de un software de inventarios de equipos seria bueno hacer una programación para los mantenimientos de hardware por medio de calendario y historial. Como una hoja de vida de equipo

    • A icon-bg

      Gracias por su comentario.

      Esto se puede hacer en la versión actual de TNI. Puede grabar el mantenimiento de hardware por medio la adición de campos personalizados para cada activo (en la pestaña Editar). Puede agregar una cadena de información simple o una fecha.

      Por favor, háganos saber si usted quiere decir otra funcionalidad.

  3. A icon-bg

    PLEASE make this multiuser with a SQL backend. Please!!!

    • A icon-bg

      Thanks for your feedback.

      Most likely that such functionality will be added in the future as part of another project of ours.

  4. V icon-bg

    Please add more support for printers, I need the ability to find by serial number, model, location, and more. If possible, the ability to change all printers’ settings at once, or in groups. Might not be possible, but printing defaults? Like pushing printing defaults to all computers.

  5. S icon-bg

    – IN Asset Types, “user” can be add ?
    – A device can “check in” or “check out” any user.
    – A user can have many device, such as a laptop, a printer, a phone.