18 Sep, 2012

TNI 2.0.6 (1378): Windows 8 and OS X 10.8 support

Hello! Today we’ve got another update for you, just to freshen your TNI up with a few small and average-sized improvements while the big stuff is still boiling in our pot.
  • NewSupport for Windows 8 and OS X 10.8.
  • New“Architecture” asset field in the table reports.
  • NewSerbian dinar (RSD) added to the currency list.
  • ImprovedSpeed of custom fields processing improved.
  • ImprovedMobile processors list updated.
  • FixedIssues with custom assets.
  • FixedIP address updates issues.
  • FixedSome issues with MacOS.
  • + minor fixes & improvements
  The download link is right here. Grab it while it’s still hot. Till next time!
4 Responses to “TNI 2.0.6 (1378): Windows 8 and OS X 10.8 support”
  1. R icon-bg

    Tried to rescan a computer that is on the tree list by right clicking on the device and choosing the desired. Clicked on ‘Start Scan’ but got the message “Skipped (already exists). Also entered manually but the same error. The only way I can rescan is if the device is deleted from the tree list. Why is it? I remember in the previous edition, you can rescan any device with out deleting it from the tree list.

    • Z icon-bg

      This happens only if the option “Skip existing assets” is enabled in the scanner options. In the Scanner mode click “Set up scanner” button and disable the option “Skip existing assets”, then you would be able to rescan them without deleting them.

  2. A icon-bg

    Hola, buenos días.

    A quien corresponda.

    Serían tan amables de proporcionarme asistencia para poder configurar o ver la lectura de los clientes dentro de la red local ya que el escáner no ha podido obtener información de los clientes. El icono de los clientes aparecen como iconos tenues. El Software TNI ya tiene licencia activada y actualizaciones.
    Por su atención, muchas gracias, esperando de su información.