01 Aug, 2022

TSD 3.2: periodic update

Hello everyone!

Yes, the Total Software Deployment update is here. What a surprise!
We don’t update TSD often, and for good reason: the software performs well, quite efficiently, and is stable.

However, time does not stand still, and some things need to be upgraded. They are an updated scanning agent from the Total Network Inventory and a new installer that allows you to install software in one click, synchronization with the Active Directory was also improved.

The complete list of improvements and fixes:

  • ImprovedThe main libraries and the scanning agent were updated and fixed.
  • ImprovedEasier and faster installation of TSD by default.
  • ImprovedThe display of controls in the Scanner mode was improved.
  • ImprovedThe menu for quick switching to other Softinventive Lab apps was updated.
  • ImprovedAD synchronization settings was improved.
  • ImprovedSorting by default in Network Storage was improved.
  • ImprovedSome icons have been updated.
  • ImprovedUkrainian localization.
  • FixedFixed incorrect indents in Software Repositories and Network Repositories groups.
  • FixedFixes in the upgrade window of the license.
  • FixedNo longer used common files are excluded.
  • + Other minor fixes and improvements.

Download the updated version of the Total Software Deployment from our website, or from the updates window of the app. The new version is free for all current users!

Stay tuned and see you soon!