03 Mar, 2014

TNI 3 is out! Meet advanced Software Asset Management

We’re delighted to announce that Total Network Inventory 3 is available today. TNI 3 is a major update we’ve been working on for quite some time. It’s packed with great stuff.
  • BIG FEATURESoftware Asset Management module.
  • BIG FEATURENew hardware scanning technology: collected data is now far more detailed and more accurate.
  • + lots of less noticeable improvements and bugfixes

Software Asset Manager (SAM)

You may have heard a word or two from us about this one. Software browser We’ve brought the Software accounting feature in TNI to the whole new level. You won’t find anything like this in other products, and we’re extremely proud of it. Discovering software in your network is now easier than ever. Browsing computers that have an application installed is simple and straightforward. Finding programs, managing them, assigning tags and stars, filtering by various criteria, building reports, etc. — everything is intuitive, fast and accurate. Software installations And if your license includes the advanced SAM features, you get one of the most flexible License managers out there for storing crucial data on each of the licenses you own, their license keys and models. Various licensing models And sure enough, automatic calculation of your licensing status per software, per license or per individual installation. Status You can read more about it on our updated site or find getting started instructions on our user manual page.

Better scanning technology

A new driver is introduced as the TNI means of collecting inventory data. With it, information in the hardware categories will get incredibly detailed and accurate:
  • NewMore information on motherboard (chipset, USB version, RAID possibilities);
  • NewCompletely revised information on CPU (socket, codename, TDP, instruction sets, correct detection of multicore CPUs and multithreaded cores);
  • NewComplete information on memory modules (manufacturer, type, speed, part number);
  • NewNew section in Peripheral devices – USB devices (manufacturer, serial number, USB version supported and current speed, driver manufacturer, version and date).
  • ImprovedMore information on video-adapters (chipset, video memory, video card name, frequencies);
  • ImprovedMore accurate detection of multiple monitors;
  • ImprovedMore informaiton on audio devices (adapter name, HD codec, driver version and date);
  • ImprovedMore information on storage devices (HDD: interface type, device type – HDD or SSD, serial number, firmware revision, rotation rate, form-factor, buffer size, NCQ/TRIM/SMART support, SMART data; CD/DVD-drives: serial number, type, revision, firmware date, read and write support).

Our new licensing and pricing policy

Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with our new policy.
  • TNI 3 Standard license gets cheaper. It includes all scanning and reporting features from TNI 2. It also includes part of the features of the new Software Asset Management unit. Namely: software browser and manager, installations viewer, software merging, software tracking and corresponding reports. It does not include license managing features.
  • To get advanced Software Asset Management features (license manager, license status calculation and detailed licensing reports), you need second tier license. We call it TNI 3 Professional. It costs additional 50% of the original price (depending on the number of nodes).
  • When you purchase your license you get 1 year of free updates. In a year you can renew your license to keep receiving updates. It will cost 20% of the price of your original license. Extending your update period is optional and is not subscription-based. Just a hint: As you can find by scrolling through our blog, a year of updates adds a lot of value to the product.
  • Support remains free and perpetual (not connected to the limited update period).
And now a few points regarding our current customers.
  • We are grateful to all TNI 3 beta testers who provided feedback. This feedback was invaluable to us. Therefore you get TNI 3 Professional license for free. Drop us a letter to claim your license.
  • All our customers who own TNI 2 get TNI 3 Standard license for free (your TNI 2 license will continue working with TNI 3).
  • Customers who purchased TNI 2 before March 3, 2013 will get free updates until 3.0.1. All further updates (3.1 and higher) will require a renewal of the license.
  • Customers who purchased TNI 2 between March 3, 2013 and March 3, 2014 will get free updates until March 3, 2015.
  • All our customers who own TNI 2 get 50% discount for TNI 3 Professional license (this offer is valid until the release of TNI 3.1).
That about covers it. If you have any questions feel free to ask on our support page.

Download TNI 3 and enjoy all the great new features it has to offer. During the trial period you will be able to evaluate all features of the full TNI 3 Professional package. Don’t forget to use the Feedback button. Your feedback made this update possible, so keep it coming and let’s see what’s next!
8 Responses to “TNI 3 is out! Meet advanced Software Asset Management”
  1. L icon-bg

    en 2013, vous m’avez demandé de tester TNI3 Beta que j’ai fait avec plaisir, en contre partie il était possible d’avoir TNI3 + SAM License for free.
    J’ai fait la mise à jour de TNY2 et j’ai donc actuellement la version standard de TNI3.
    Pouvez m’indiquer la démarche à suivre pour obtenir la version TNI3 + SAM License for Free (version pro?)
    Merci par avance

  2. P icon-bg

    Going back to version 2 since the free upgrade to 3 removed the licensing feature. Also migrating to version 3 moved all of our common fields to special fields which really sucked. There will be a lot of man hours needed just to fix that.

    I understand that’s your new pricing model, but still never had apps provide less functionality on upgrades than the original.

    • Z icon-bg

      Hi Paul,
      We are sorry for the inconvenience with the custom fields.
      TNI 3.0 should have been a paid upgrade for all existing customers. But we decided to give TNI 2 users a grace period (free upgrade to TNI 3 Standard). All licenses purchased before March 3, 2013 have received free updates until version 3.0.1 (while 3.1 and higher require a license renewal). While all licenses purchased between March 3, 2013 and March 3, 2014, have received a free upgrade to TNI 3 Standard with maintenance period (same major version updates) prolonged to one year starting from TNI 3.0 release (until March 3, 2015).

  3. J icon-bg

    would like to help me with a program which can help me to manage my LAN!
    for example; if one user deleted one folder from that program i can know that it’s this or that computer which deleted this folder on the network! please help me

  4. R icon-bg

    is there an option to have scheduled scan? If it is not, is there a way to have one in the next version?

    • Z icon-bg

      Yes, there is. Please refer to the user manual. Please note that TNI must be running for the scheduler to work (i.e. leave the user session open) and the Scanner must be empty (use “Clear all” button).