14 Jul, 2014

TNI 3.1.1: A new look and ESX/ESXi support

Greetings! Today we roll out another significant update:
  • NewVMware ESXi 5 and ESX/ESXi 4 scan support (via SSH).
  • NewDetection of VMware virtual machines on Windows.
  • NewNew types of physical devices (specific and generic hypervisors) and virtual machines.
  • NewNo tags filter in Software accounting.
  • ImprovedVisually redesigned user interface.
  • ImprovedUpdated low-level hardware scan driver.
  • ImprovedNew default settings for low-level hardware scan, for both maximum safety and accuracy of collected information.

ESX/ESXi support

We were getting this question a lot, so we implemented the feature: meet the support for scanning of VMware ESX 4 and ESXi versions 4 and 5. You can see the hardware of all your virtualization servers and also get the information on all the virtual machines they run: their location, state, utilized disk space, type of the guest OS, installed virtual equipment (RAM size, number of processors, etc.). Further, this same information is now collected for VMware Workstation machines on Windows.

Making it simple

This is what Google Trends shows for “skeuomorphism”: Namely, no one knew what it was until it started disappearing massively from everywhere. This may have affected you recently enough if you own a certain popular communications device and care to update its firmware once in a while… Anyway, we love the tendency, so we’re in. The new graphical interface of TNI has fewer “life-like” elements; no gloss, no gradients, no shadows and highlights, no unnecessary borders and no clutter. Colors became more vivid, and controls are now easier to read: see how ticked checkboxes stand out at a glance in the “after” frame above.

We believe the redesign will add to your experience with the program. Please tell us what you think about the change. And as always, till next time!
12 Responses to “TNI 3.1.1: A new look and ESX/ESXi support”
  1. D icon-bg

    I have TNI 3.0, and there are some different features in the software inventory from previous versions that have me stumped. Also, I cannot figure out how to get rid of retired PCs from my inventory. They still show up, and are being counted in my license total, as well as non- PC nodes that I do not care about. What can I do?

    • Z icon-bg

      Hi David,
      We will reply to these questions by e-mail.

      • J icon-bg

        we have the same Problem. Also the Sync with AD doesn’t work proper – even after starting with a new database, deleted items from AD will be back.

  2. P icon-bg

    Name can not be resolved, but I can open a cmd prompt and ping no problem.

  3. R icon-bg

    En Masisa tenemos la versión TNI v3, pero no me deja realizar las nuevas actualizaciones y ademas al escanear los equipos me esta dando el error ” fallo de escaner: SMB: An extended error has occurred; RPC: the RPC server is unavailable”

    Me puedes ayudar


  4. R icon-bg

    In Masisa we TNI v3, but it’s making me new updates and also when scanning equipment is giving me the error “scanner failure: SMB: An extended error has occurred; RPC: the RPC server is unavailable ”
    Can you help me

  5. J icon-bg

    I have the demo version, will this software will pick up AutoCad keys yet?

    • Z icon-bg

      The current version of TNI is able to collect the product keys for MS Windows and MS Office only. We plan to add support for other popular software in the future versions.

  6. F icon-bg

    Hi, I’ve written email many times, contact your support using YM!, post question in FAQ about the errors when detecting serial number in Windows 8, Windows 7, Excel 2013, Excel 2010, Office 2013, Office 2010 but no reply till now.
    Awaiting your feedback immediately. Thanks