11 Jun, 2014

TNI 3.0.1: DB servers detection and other improvements

Hello! Today there’s a little update with stability fixes and improvements.
  • NewDetection of database servers (see “Databases” section): MS SQL Server (including edition), MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle Database, Firebird.
  • NewPossibility to convert non-scanned assets to custom assets.
  • NewDetection of Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 in the storage assistants and group summary.
  • ImprovedConvenient license upgrade and renewal (in-program license selection and direct forwarding to the order process).
  • ImprovedLinux agent: SMART information, RAID array disks information, CPU clock speed detection.
  • ImprovedMac agent stability.
  • FixedDashes instead of computer names in Software accounting.
    IMPORTANT: to remove existing dashes, use “Update software database” button on the “Manage database” panel in Software accounting.
  • FixedSelf-interruption of the scan process in large networks with slow-scanning computers.
  • FixedDetection of OS X systems as Windows 8 in the storage assistants and group summary.
  • FixedSoftware report templates are now saved in the correct folder.
  • FixedVirtualization type of a non-scanned virtual machine now changes correctly after successful scan.
  • FixedViolations in field editors.
  • FixedDuplication in license reports.
  See you again soon!
2 Responses to “TNI 3.0.1: DB servers detection and other improvements”
  1. R icon-bg

    Hi, Guys

    This seems like an awesome tool and lifesaving application for auditing of computers. However can we integrate this tool with Sharepoint or SQL Server?

    I am looking forward to hear from you soon.