14 Feb, 2014

Spring is ’round the corner

And so is the long-awaited release. We have the new and final date to announce.  

TNI 3 comes March 3

TNI 3   While there’s still some time, don’t miss out on our special offer! A reminder:
  • Get TNI 2 now with a 25% discount.
  • When TNI 3 is out, all our customers get it for free.
  • Get the new SAM with a 50% discount.
  • Full year of free updates.


There, now you have another good reason to wait for spring. Have a nice what’s-left-of-this-winter and we’ll see you in March!
4 Responses to “Spring is ’round the corner”
  1. p icon-bg

    i am waiting….. :P

  2. J icon-bg

    I can’t wait, this is going to be awesome!