Discover & Inventory my OT Assets

In the rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the ability to discover and inventory operational technology (OT) assets is more critical than ever. As industries become increasingly reliant on OT for their core operations, the need for robust resource management automation and strategic international assets management has surged.

This article delves into the importance of asset management, strategies to mitigate cyber threats, and the benefits of comprehensive visibility and control over OT assets, alongside the pivotal role of specialized software in this domain.

The Importance of Discovering and Inventorying Operational Technology

OT assets — the hardware and software dedicated to monitoring and controlling physical devices — are the backbone of any industry's infrastructure. The discovery and inventory of these assets are not just about keeping a list; it is about understanding what you have, how it operates, and the interdependencies that exist within your systems.

This knowledge is vital for maintaining operational continuity, ensuring safety, and optimizing performance. Furthermore, a well-documented inventory of OT assets is the first step in securing your operational environment, as it provides the necessary information to identify potential vulnerabilities and enhance protective measures.

Reduce the Risk of Cyber Attacks

In the context of increasing digital interconnectivity, OT systems have become more exposed to cyber threats. The lack of visibility and control over these systems can lead to severe consequences, including operational downtime, safety hazards, and financial losses. OT asset management is thus not only a strategic imperative but a security one. Management automation plays a crucial role in this regard, providing the tools required to monitor asset health, detect anomalies, and respond to threats swiftly. By maintaining an updated inventory of assets, organizations can implement more effective security strategies, reducing the risk of cyber-attacks and ensuring the resilience of their operational technologies.

Get Full Visibility and Control Over Your OT

Achieving full visibility and control over OT resources is a complex but essential task. It requires a comprehensive understanding of the assets themselves, their configurations, and their behavior within the network. OT asset management software is designed to provide this level of insight, offering a centralized view of all assets, their status, and their interactions. This visibility is not just about monitoring; it is about empowering decision-makers with the information they need to optimize performance, plan maintenance, and make informed investments. With complete visibility, organizations can ensure that their OT systems are not just secure, but also operating at peak efficiency.

Software for Discovery & Inventory OT Assets

Purpose-built solutions for automated asset management automation deliver essential discovery, inventory management, and process integration exclusively designed for OT environments. Key capabilities include:

  • Auto-discovery of all hardware and software assets across industrial environments
  • Centralized asset repository with relationship mapping
  • Custom taxonomy and attributes aligned to OT
  • Change event detection and configuration monitoring
  • Dashboards showing OT asset compliance, risk, and health
  • Workflow integration with ITSM, SecOps, and other platforms
  • Data and rules-based process automation features

In summary, as industries continue to evolve and the threat landscape changes, the importance of discovering and inventorying OT assets grows as well. By embracing the right strategies and tools, organizations can protect themselves against emerging threats, ensure operational continuity, and maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly digital world. OT asset management is not just a technical necessity, but a strategic imperative for any organization looking to thrive in the modern industrial landscape.

27 February 2024

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