version 2.2.0, build 867
date: Apr 19, 2018
size: 24.2 MB
OS: All Windows
Free for 60 days

MSP/ITSP licensing

If you are an MSP/ITSP (Managed/IT Services Provider), you can use this license to deploy the software to the computers of your clients and customers.

What is a node?

A node is a computer running MS Windows that you can deploy the software to by using Total Software Deployment.


How many nodes do you need to deploy the software to?
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$3.60 per node
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Does the license that you own not cover your expanding computer fleet? Expand your license by only paying the difference in price.

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Purchase locally

Willing to purchase a license but cannot do this online? Refer to this list of our local authorized resellers to find the one closest to you.

EBERTLANG Distribution GmbH sales@ebertlang.com Tel. +49 (0) 6441 67118-844
SFC GmbH info@sfc-software.de Tel. +49 (0) 6021. 58839-0
ISP*D International Software Partners GmbH info@ispd.de Tel. +49 (0) 8121-982-180
United Kingdom
PCS Business Systems info@pcs-systems.com Tel. 0 8452 41 41 55
EBERTLANG Distribution GmbH sales@ebertlang.com Tel. +41 044 5865910
Software ONE, Inc. Tel. +41 (0) 844 44 55 44
EBERTLANG Distribution GmbH sales@ebertlang.com Tel. +43 0820 001036
Netherlands & Belgium
Dekkers Intermediair info@d-i.nl Tel. +31 (0)88 007 93 00
Software Experience srl info@software-exp.com Tel. +39 0187 627222
Comsoft infos@comsoft.fr Tel. 0 825 07 06 07
TSOUNIS LOUKAS & SIA E.E. ltsounis@click-solutions.eu
Moonsoft Oy. sales@moonsoft.fi Tel. 0207 439 500
Softa SuperStore Finland Oy. myynti@softasuperstore.com Tel. 09-3424370
Bilesen Bilisim bilesen@bilesen.net Tel. +90 216 41 400 41
Czech Republic
JIMAZ, spol. s r.o. Tel. 242 498 393
Softnow Regina Kiluk kontakt@softnow.pl Tel. 48 530 339 506
Danysoft Internacional Tel. +34 902 123 146
United States & Canada
ComponentSource sales@componentsource.com Tel: 1 770 250 6100
Softchoice Corp. Tel. 1 800 268 7638
GST, Inc info@gstes.com Tel. 1 800 833 0128
México and Latam
Mayoristas de Tecnología ventas@mayoristasTI.com Tel. +52 (55) 4435-3400
Timeless Technologies sales@timeless-tech.com.au Tel. +61 7 3007 8555
Colombia and Latam
Crucial Solutions - XCIAL info@xcial.com Tel. +57 3165444832
Pro-IT Security comercial@proit-security.cl Tel. +56 22 906 7973
Targetware Informática Ltda. comercial@software.com.br Tel. +55 (11) 3665-8550
SiliconAction info@siliconaction.com.br Tel. (51) 3328.5642
VM Solutions S.A.C. ventas@vmsolutions.pe +51 971432903
Softmy Technology Sdn. Bhd. sales@softmy.com Tel. +60 16-227 5568
ComponentSource sales@componentsource.co.jp +81 3 3237 0281
ComponentSource sales@componentsource.com 10800 481 1661 (China North) 10800 813 1594 (China South) 800 908 581 (Hong Kong) 800 810 2136 (Singapore)
Indonesia & Singapore
Apptools sales@apptools.com.sg Tel. +65 6100 0627
PT Digital Asia Utama Tel. 021-6230 1345
Ignite Vertu support@ignitech.net Tel. 65.6224.3009
Tri Thuc Software Trading Co., Ltd. Tel. +84 8 54464290
TSG Service and Trading Company Limited lan.bui@tsg.net.vn Tel. +84 4 7305 0506
Sintel ventas@sintelgt.net Tel. +502 24455002


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Beneficial terms of licensing:
Lifetime license
Free support
Unlimited number of users
Unlimited number of installations
Immediate electronic delivery
Regular updates and improvements