version 3.1.1, build 1714
date: July 14, 2014
size: 26 Mb
OS: All Windows
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Total Network Inventory3.1.1

Software provides a set of network administrator tools for PC audit. It is a network inventory management system for use in offices, companies, small and large corporate networks.

Inventory and reports


Software accounting

Table reports

Printable reports

24 October 2014
User manual update for TNI 3

We haven’t been updating our Total Network Inventory 3 user manual for a long time, now it’s...

14 July 2014
TNI 3.1.1: A new look and ESX/ESXi support

Greetings! Today we roll out another significant update: NewVMware ESXi 5 and ESX/ESXi 4 scan...

16 June 2014
TNI 3.1.0: The Change Log

When you rescan an asset that has already been scanned in the past, you probably want to get the...

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