version 3.0.0, build 1627
date: April 22, 2014
size: 26 Mb
OS: All Windows
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Total Network Inventory3.0.0

Software provides a set of network administrator tools for PC audit. It is a network inventory management system for use in offices, companies, small and large corporate networks.

Inventory and reports


Software accounting

Table reports

Printable reports

3 March 2014
TNI 3 is out! Meet advanced Software Asset Management

We're delighted to announce that Total Network Inventory 3 is available today. TNI 3 is a major...

14 February 2014
Spring is 'round the corner

And so is the long-awaited release. We have the new and final date to announce.   TNI 3...

7 November 2013
TNI 3 is coming!

Greetings! Today we have an announcement to make. This December February we’ll be releasing...

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