Software License Compliance Audit

Total Network Inventory makes maintaining large software inventories easier and more transparent. Software license audit or software compliance audit is an important sub-set of software asset management, and an important component of corporate risk management. Software audit control with self-audits is a key component to managing software assets.

Software License Compliance

Total Network Inventory scans your entire network to perform a comprehensive software licensing audit. Microsoft Windows and Office licenses can be collected automatically. Total Network Inventory requires no preinstalled agents: just specify the local or domain administrator password to scan your network.

Centralized License Management

Total Network Inventory keeps information on all the software licenses owned by your organization on a central server. The software audit tool stores all available license keys along with the date of purchase, expiration date and price, financial documentation such as invoices and receipts, as well as end-user license agreements.

Comprehensive Network Scanning

With Total Network Inventory, you can perform software license compliance audit of your entire network. Scan single nodes, network address ranges, or Active Directory structure on a single schedule.

Strict Software License Control

Over time, enforcing software license compliance in a large, heterogeneous network becomes time-consuming. Total Network Inventory can save your time by helping perform license audits of all software installed on your network.

Software Audit Tools for Your Organization

Total Network Inventory provides everything you need to perform a complete software license audit. Comprehensive inventory management, full logging and reporting, scheduled license audit and many more are available.

Scheduled Audits

With Total Network Inventory, you can schedule software audits. You can choose the day and time to run a single auditing task or schedule audits to run on a regular basis. By scheduling audits off peak hours, you can ensure that an audit job won’t interfere with the regular workload.

Comprehensive Change Logs

Document all changes in hardware and software. Total Network Inventory records newly installed, updated and removed packages and hardware components, logs the amount of available disk space, and collects other data for the change log.

System Audit Reports

TNI lets you create customizable reports during each system audit job. Build comprehensive reports with hundreds of fields, share, print or export reports with ease!


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