19 Dec, 2016

TNI 3.4.1: Scheduled Creation and Export of Reports

As always, greetings to everyone who reads our blog. The first winter update from Softinventive Lab has arrived. This time, the TNI team brings us another oft-requested feature that will make work easier for many of our users. TNI 3 can now not only create reports and export them in a convenient format, but do it automatically according to the schedule you’ve set. A lot of time can be saved if you have both the automatic network scanner and the report builder up and running. Here’s the complete list of changes:
  • BIG FEATUREAbility to schedule table report generation and export.
  • ImprovedAD sync: Support for escaped symbols in LDAP requests.
  • ImprovedAD sync: Sync can be started or stopped from the storage root folder dropdown menu.
  • ImprovedAD sync: Progress bars for the sync process.
  • ImprovedAD sync: Overwriting of users data during sync is optional and disabled by default.
  • + Some other fixes and improvements.
And now onto the main course. Table reports can now be scheduled and built automatically. Simply copy any standard template or create a new custom template, and you’ll see that a new button has appeared when you hover the mouse over the template: custom-template-icon Click the button, and the already familiar Scheduler window will appear. Its functionality was somewhat expanded: scheduler-options You can schedule reports from here along with the scan tasks. Once the report is built, it can be automatically exported in a common format (TXT, XLSX, CSV or HTML) and then either saved to a folder or sent over email or FTP. The level of comfort is off the charts: the network gets scanned, a report containing the fresh data is sent to your email, and you don’t even have to be around to supervise the process! We have to point out that, by default, the scheduled report will be built for the whole network tree. To have one built on specific devices or groups, just activate the “Multiple selection” mode and tick the necessary boxes in the network tree before leaving TNI running. That’s it for this blog post. We’re sure that you’ll make good use of the new feature. Leave a comment or drop us an email, we will be happy to answer your questions.
2 Responses to “TNI 3.4.1: Scheduled Creation and Export of Reports”
  1. J icon-bg


    I have a question regarding to the license purchased. I have bought the license for Total Network Inventory 3.4.1 build 2352 and the free upgrade are valid till 2016. The last upgrade from 2016 is Total Network Inventory 3.4.1 build 2352, so I wanted to update the application to that version, but I’m unable to. Now the application is forcing me to renew my license or I can’t use the application and I can’t even get the Total Network Inventory 3.4.1 build 2352 update.

    Can you advise on this?