06 September 2013
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Sneak peek: Software asset management features in TNI 3

Our clients use Software accounting tab in TNI 2 a lot.

In fact, it’s safe to call our current software asset managing tool unique. Users love how it lists all software in your network in one place, and how you can expand any item to see all the installations and license keys at a glance. You can also manually add license keys to specific copies, monitor their compliance, etc. Surprisingly, these features combined are hard to find in other inventory tools.

Still, when we designed the current version of Software accounting for TNI 2 we saw it as a secondary function, a pleasant bonus feature for those who would find it useful. Well, it turned out, almost everyone does. We started receiving feedback about Software accounting since day one with questions and feature requests.

And we hear you. The first thing we did before reinventing the SAM tool was destroying the old one. Then we went to the whiteboard and started brainstorming this thing for real.

From scratch!

The upcoming update is unique and massive. It’s big enough to shift the major version of the product. Frankly, it could be a product of its own.

Just to give you the idea of its scale, here’s a picture worth examining:

Click to see!

So, now you know. Stay tuned for beta-testing and further news, and have a nice weekend!

28 September 2011
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Coming soon: table conditions. A sneak peek.


It’s me, Donald. And I’ve got some intelligence on one of the upcoming TNI features.

Now, the developers team didn’t want this to be made public prematurely. We don’t know the arrival date for the thing yet, it’s not the right time to reveal it, they told me. But I’ve managed to sneak a screenshot while no one was looking. One little screenshot can do no harm, right? I’ll just leave it here for you.

Table conditions! Powerful thing, if you ask me. I love it. Can’t wait for it to be released so you could love it too!

Well, now if you’ll excuse me…. I better run away and hide. They’ll be looking for me.