Active Directory User Account Inventory

With Total Network Inventory you can significantly simplify accounting of computer hardware, software, and Active Directory user accounts. The program collects information in various local and remote networks, including those that are based on Active Directory Domain Services.

Manage user account information retrieved from Active Directory

Total Network Inventory can store information about the employees of your company , for example: name, address, photo, description and any other information. This data can be retrieved from AD or entered manually.

Viewing, adding and editing users

TNI has a special tab called "Users". where you can work with and manage user account data.

All network users are separated into three categories:

  • Domain users;
  • Local users;
  • Added manually.

You can delete and rename only manually created users.

Assigning users to devices

Only one user of any type can be assigned to each computer found on the network: a local user of this device, a domain user, or a manually created user.

Any field that contains user data can be added as a column to a table report.

Viewing, managing, editing and adding user information is as easy as using other functionality of Total Network Inventory.

Who will benefit from this program

Total Network Inventory will be useful for system and network administrators of companies of any size and profile. Even if there are only a few computers in the office today, it takes a lot of time to go around them and write down all the information about their hardware and software. In any growing company, the number of pieces of computer equipment is increasing, and some users may need additional devices to optimize their tasks. Having a large number of equipment and employees, it is quite difficult to track all devices and users, therefore, sooner or later, you have to resort to using software that will automate these processes.

Total Network Inventory really makes the administration and accounting of Active Directory users a lot easier.


22 July 2021

TNI 5.1: Automatic recognition of popular software

We love to see good things happens on their own!

9 July 2021

Keep track of MS Windows security updates with TNI

On July 6 and 7, patches were released by Microsoft for all current versions of Windows after a critical vulnerability has been discovered with its Print Spooler service.