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16 September 2008 - 10:13 AM

ok let me explain more clearly. I dont know if you have ever used something like the Tag Database Tool for labeling your mp3 collection, but what it does is scan all your mp3's and rename the file based on the tags attached to them. It gives you a line to put in all the arguments, like "%artists%_%title%" so lets say you have a file named "ZOMGtehbestsongevar.mp3" and you run this tool and it scans it but its tags are right, and the song is Achilles' Last stand by Led Zeppelin, it would rename the file "Led Zeppelin_Achille's Last Stand.mp3" so if there was something you could edit similar to that, and maybe incorporate a counter as well. So like lets say your company has several locations, and you want to be able to tell where they are based on their inventory number, but also want to see how old they are (relatively) by numbering the oldest computers 1,2,3 and so on, the higher the number, the newer the machine. So you open this file or options and enter in the arguments you want to name the computers, so like %yard% checks say the 3rd octect in the ip address since that is what determines its location, then you want that number separated from the rest by an underscore, then you want the machines' "age" number so you have a counter like you have now set up, and as you add machines in the right order, it makes the second number the next number on the counter. so you'd enter %yard%_%computerNumber% and it would automatically enter te proper inventory number to the next machine you click generate on. does this make sense to you? im not sure if i made this clear.